Monday, September 10, 2012

Her story

Disclaimer: This work is pure fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

She stood there, frozen. Looking around at the people moving, the things undeterred, everything was the same and yet it was all so different. So much had changed in those fifteen minutes. She fell to the ground, almost as if her body was so much heavier. Tears wouldn't roll out of her eyes, it was beyond that. Like someone had stabbed her heart and it was all over. In fact it was worse, because it wasn't over. She'd have to walk these streets tomorrow and act like nothing happened, act like it was okay.

She wanted to scream, and wail and cry. But nothing happened, she opened her mouth but her voice was stuck. Nothing happened. Except for the eerie silence that formed an envelope around her. 

She lay there for hours in silence. Agonized and tormented, she writhed with discomfort.

It was unforgettable, the way he had pulled her to the dark corner of this once aloof street. He ripped her clothes like it was a piece of paper and scratched her arms if she tried to protest. She tried kicking him, but he was like steel. The first time that he did it she screamed, hoping someone would hear. She cried with pain and pushed against him with hope, and then he did it again. This time she pushed harder, trying to run for her life, but in vain. He caught up with her and beat her with his shoes, and punished her with another time. He forced her to kiss him and she moved her face away from that ugly monster like face of his but he grabbed it in his hands and bit her. She'd given up, it was late and no one would hear her anymore. He had won. 

She remembered vaguely how he walked away and threw her near that trash can. She couldn't speak or stop him. She couldn't move, she remained there the entire night, looking at the sky with a hope that she would vanish into the ground and never return. 

Looking at those shoe marks on her body made her clinch with pain and his troll like face flashed in her head. She shook the image away. She couldn't touch her own body any more, it felt alien. She lay there without a slight movement though every body part hurt, she just lay there looking at the trash. She was among it now, waste and worthless. He'd overpowered her and she was nothing but ashes. 

'Take me away' she muttered as the tears refused to flow out of her lids. Blue black marks all over her body made her feel disgusted, she picked up a knife and scratched them. She couldn't see it, it pained. Pulling the skin out didn't hurt, she'd gone through the worst, this was nothing. Blood oozed out of her skin and she ignored it torturing herself even more, blaming herself. 

She began slitting her skin and screaming. Finally the voice came out of her, she screamed like a wolf in pain. 

'Kill me' she hurled looking at the skies as if in a plea. All the blood drained out of her face and body, she was pale and blue all over. And then the darkness closed in on her. 


He walked through the busy streets of the shopping complex at the peak hour and headed towards his favourite shop for rental movies, located at a narrow street down the complex which was rather empty usually. Just as he turned for the lane he saw that the store was closed and suddenly remembered that the owner had said he was going on a tour for a week. 

He cursed his poor memory and was about to walk away when he noticed something. It looked like a person from a distance but he went closer to see what it was. 

'Shit' he cussed when he saw the gory sight. Blood all over, he saw this girl lying there with slits and cuts all over her body. She had a piece of torn cloth around her, and he saw the blue black marks on her body. The sight was painful and he ran towards her, hoping she was not dead. 

'I need to save her' he mumbled incoherently. 

Lifting her weightless body her rushed out of the street. 

'Bitch face, let her bleed' he yelled at her still body. He could see the blood and painful expression on her face but he walked away. 

Laughing aloud as a gleeful smile curved upon his face, he strode along the empty streets. She was so boring, need to find more interesting girls next time. Oh, I think I will. 

He skipped along with a conspiracy in mind. Fifteen down. Many more to go he mentally calculated as a sadistic laugh went unheard in the crowd. 



The title: Her story is reference to many girls out there who are victims of a similar violence. Its unbelievable, but there are people out there, sadistic and inhumane.

 We're with you and please ask for help. Don't let him get away, don't let him win. 
A shout out to the rape victims, please bring it to someone's notice. 
If you are unheard, remember that he's still out there moving for his next victim. 

So #SpeakOut!



  1. I'll say here, what I've already said to you.

    This story makes you sympathise with her,
    it lifts you up with hope when the random guy sees her,
    most of all, it makes you burn inside when the bastard roams away scot-free.
    Does everthing it was supposed to.
    Good stuff. :)

  2. Sonshu, your writing has grown since I last read you years ago, but it retains much of you, still. This is a moving piece, and I agree with the previous comment: It makes you sympathize with her. It's quite a chilling read, too. You did a great job with it. :)

  3. The person who is innocent is left feeling abashed inside, and the guilty one ends up living their life as if nothing had ever happened.

    I hate that..

    But the post was awesome, so true.

  4. Oww :(
    As I read, I could imagine this happening in my head. I could imagine how he was cruel, and how she felt broken, helpless, lifeless :/

    I agree. There are people who are horrible sadistic monsters!

    I think it was a touching, beautiful story and I really liked reading it! :] Honestly.

    Much love. <3

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  5. Even though it's fi1ction, it's sooo close to reality. Things like this happen to some girls and it's very sad that even at his day and age, it is not completely done away with. The worst part of it all is the victim is left to feel like the villian each time while the real villian is excused on grounds of lack of self-control.
    This is a sad story but it hits home.
    Beautifully written
    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  6. Sonshu,

    I agree with you that such a barbarian should never be let go free.

    Take care

  7. women need to be empowered to be able to speak up and fight against this. We've changed, grown, developed,,, yet some things have stayed the same.

  8. Wow
    breathtakingly beautifully written!
    I could feel my goosebumps.
    Great post girl and an amazing way to portray some of their pain!
    hats off :)

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  9. Hey,
    You have been awarded "The Versatile Blogger Award".
    Click on the link for more details.

    Take Care. :)

  10. Great narration of an abuse victim's agony! Hats off. Women need to speak up more and know their worth!

  11. Dear Sonshu,

    As a follower of your blog, it is clear to me that you are a tremendously versatile writer, whether it is in writing a poem, a story, or even the fashion posts, so you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award, click the link for more details.


  12. Very sad :/
    Loved the way you narrated it....Very gripping!!