Monday, August 20, 2012

Rhythm of Life

If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you'd know my love for dance. If you haven't, it isn't too late. I've been dancing ever since I learnt to walk and its something that I'm extremely passionate about. Play a song and I won't stop grooving, dance is something that I connect with extensively and I'm so glad that I have been told that I do it well. Being a dancer myself, I love watching people perform and grab every opportunity to watch a dance show. 

International Music and Arts Society in association with Fastrack presents Brigham Young University Contemporary Dance Theatre in Rhythm of Life

It so happened that Brigham Young University's Contemporary Dance Theatre troupe was in the city for a performance at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall. I was lucky enough to be invited to watch the event by Fastrack and was more than happy to see many happy faces and heart touching dances on stage. Let me tell you a little about the group. So as I went inside I received a couple of brochures to read through. I must say that the event was well organized, we received these brochures which told us about the group and what we must know about them, and best of all about the dances that they were putting up on stage. Not only did they enlighten us about the theme behind each dance but also told us who choreographed it, what songs were used etc. I was instantly impressed, as I can be an organizational freak. 

CDT is collaborating with IMAS for the second time (previous being August 2001). The group is not only extremely talented but also very versatile. They literally give you a visual treat through a variety of dances, from contemporary to hip hop. They not only dance to the rhythm and beat but also tell you a story through the dance.

Some of my favourite dances were: FlingFlangFlung: The dance was fast, quirky, groovy, and insanely amazing. People were being thrown around in the air and it was a surreal experience to witness the entire thing; Dance of Remembrance was my absolute favourite where in they danced to a Robert Cundick number and the women of the troupe portrayed a beautiful message of power to women and the performance was dedicated to women. The dance spoke about the troubles of a mother who has lost her child and how she keeps her faith and power in tact and finishes her tasks as always dedicated. 

I also loved how they showed an audio visual clip before each dance. The Chakra and Life's a Bench dance were particularly stand out performances as they literally took the audience's breath away. The Chakra dance was symbolic of Hindu and Buddhism traditions and displayed energy and the concept of imbalances in modern society. The Steppin dance was another hit with the masses as the dancers moved in a synchronized pattern stomping their shoes and celebrating life. The dancers evidently displayed their passion and love for dance. 

They put up a brilliant show and it was breathtakingly beautiful and I can completely understand the months of hardwork that would have gone behind this and the end result was definitely a hit because the audience gave them a standing ovation. I'd definitely like to raise a hat and salute the dancers for their extravagantly amazing show!

Things I loved: The simplistic yet amazingly thought out costumes, the dance sequences, the music, the expressions, the story.

A huge thanks to Fastrack for the invite! :)

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