Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crop away.

I am back with yet another post. These days Sundays are my favourite because I finally get to relax, pamper myself with a long shower, and do my favourite thing in the world: blog. Its amazing to see how much you love something especially when you're deprived of it so much. In my case, I hardly ever get time on weekdays anymore hence I have to schedule posts over the weekend for the week. But I try visiting all your blogs and catching up when I can squeeze in some time.

[Happy August to you'll! And a happier friendship day!]

How to style your crop top?

1. First of all don't get the wrong idea, crop tops are not only for people with toned midriffs. Everyone can wear a crop top. 
2. Choose a length for your crop top. Some of them are really short while others will reach your jeans. If you're in for some belly showing, go bold and get shorter ones, but always remember the location as you definitely cannot wear it to work etc. 
3. If you are on the heavier side, don't worry because we can still rock our crop tops. Wear them with high waist pants or maybe even layer with a crop top and you'll definitely rock the trend. 
4. Layering in a crop top can be really simple. You can wear it with funky coloured tanks, or maybe even tees with cool quotes. 
5. Crop tops are casual attire and hence go for an arm party or studded bracelets to work the look. Add a long necklace or chunky ones to add some pop depending on the pattern of your crop top. 
6. When you're wearing a crop top you have endless varieties to pair it with. You can wear them with jeans or skirts, shorts or bikinis, depending on your location again. 
7. Another way of working an oversized crop top is to tie it up and give it an edgy effect. 

Where to get your crop tops? 
Frankly here are some of the places I've spotted best crop tops. 
American Apparel (variety in colour and type), Zara, Tibetean market (Bangalore- funky patterns). 
These days crop tops are in fashion and you might even get them at places like Westside, Lifestyle and Pantaloons. Try your hand at it!

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Outfit details: 

Crop top: c/o American Apparel (HERE) in Asphalt
Tank top: Random shop in Bangalore
Pants: Boutique, Bangalore
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelets: Blue: Flea market Transparent squares: Gifted 
Necklace: Flea market
Ring: Fab India
Extensions: Made with earrings (DIY)

That's it for today, as usual I love to hear what you'll have to say, so leave a comment and tell me what you thought, also add your own ways of wearing crop tops.

See you soon!



  1. Hot is the only word that's coming to our mind after seeing this post! You've rocked the crop top really well :D

  2. You surely know how to be on trend!
    And those diy extension thing make the whole hairdo look fun. Kudos!

  3. i love crop tops..i remember somewhere early last year i chopped off a pink t-shirt which was just a big block of nothing exciting..i still have it..i love how you wore it!

  4. Those DIY'ed extensions look so goood. Loved it :)
    Thnx for the comment (white shirts are a must)

  5. Great tips and great styling when it comes to crop top :)


  6. Gr8 Outfit !
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. I have been planning to invest in some crop tops, and now you have given me the perfect ideas to try on. ;) Awesome post girl <3


  8. Nice outfit! Love the accessories too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  9. Oooh I love the way you've got it all together. :D
    I feel like raiding your wardrobe now :P ..
    hehhe..great tips and awesome post Sonshu :)

  10. I don't have many crop tops, but love it here. Your necklace is also very nice. Have a great week!


    Why u no live here? I'd prolly take you everywhere to help me shop and whatnot.
    I love the way you've accessorized the look, amazing you be lookin.
    Stay fabulous Sonshu. <3 :*

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  12. I simply love American Apparel and your neck accessory is such a exclusive piece.You look simply beautiful girl :)

  13. I simply love American Apparel and your neck piece is such a exclusive piece. You look simply beautiful girl :)

  14. great post!! loving your style too.. thanks so much for sharing the tips ;)


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  15. oh btw, thanks for visiting my blog the other day :)
    i'm wondering if u wanna be friends, maybe? let me know.. i'll definitely follow u back ;)


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  16. As always, looking gorgeous Sonshu ☺

  17. Sonshu,

    Have all the fun on Sundays, why only that on each day.

    Take care

  18. Layering a crop top is definitely the way to go. That's how I like to wear them. Hope you had a very relaxing Sunday.

  19. So you have put in some great ideas to wear a crop top. Awesome

    Colorific India

  20. I love your necklace!!! It is soooooooooper cool!
    crop top is super cool, I wear it all the time :)

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  21. i like the accessories most!!!!!...

    on the article writing front...been super busy!! will get to it soon!!!!

    sushmita from my unfinished life

  22. Loved the crop top and how you styled it! But what more attractive is your DIY hair extension! You rock girl!!


    Bong's Belleza