Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bind(i) the fusion

Hi there homo-sapiens, 

Yes, I've been meaning to post on the blog for a while now but everytime something comes up. Whether its college work, headaches or what not. Sometimes I wonder there will come a time again where I'll just go into hibernation, but of course I won't let that happen now because I've grown extremely attached to this world, to my website and its literally a part of me. 

Can you believe how cool it is when people recognize me through the blog in college? Oh and how you all write such adorable mails to me? Makes me go awwww okay? So keep doing so, and bring that smile on my face. You people are the awesomest. 

Today, I will talk to you about the bindi. The bindi is considered a decoration, it is usually worn on the forehead in South Asian regions. We all have heard of the variety of myths that surround the bindi. There are somethings however you didn't know about bindis and why they're worn. 

While it is also called the third eye in some cases, it is also worn to enhance concentration which is found in the centre, that is between the eyebrows. Not to forget basically beautifying a person. In the Vedic times it was considered a symbol of intellect, did you know? Ultimately wearing a bindi was considered divine and things like that. 

I've always been a fan of bindis from school days, would wear them on and off. And in Junior College when we had traditional attire as our dres code, definitely wore a bindi many times to go with the kurtas and patialas. In University now we don't have a dress code but of course I missed my bindi, so one fine day it waved to me from the box and I instantly picked it up and wore it. 

As soon as I did, Mom literally gave me the weirdest look and said: 'You are going to college like this?' and I happily nodded and zoomed off. In college too, everyone was stunned and flabbergasted. But I'd worn the bindi many times before, why the stares and shocks you might ask? 

I won't tell you that, I'd let you see for yourself. 

Ah! There goes, now you sure know why everyone looked at me? Yes, I wore red jeans, crop top, tank and a bindi. Also the fact that I went all bun (konde) with the bindi added to the Indian-ness and Western mix. I like experimenting and no one shall stop me. One fine day I wake up and feel like wearing a certain something, I will. 

So that's how this outfit came about and after my explanation, everyone nodded in unison. 

Outfit details:
Crop top: Chemistry
Jeans: Jean boutique in Bangalore
Scarf: Don't remember
Flats: Leather store, Pondicherry
Bangles on right hand: Assorted
Bangles on left hand: Comm Street
Bindi: Box in my room

Till next time

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  1. aww the bindi looks just so cute on you ^_^

    Keep in touch


  2. sooo agree with u! btw I love all ur crop tops!

  3. Love your top ^__^

  4. You r definitely look pretty in Bindi..I am a great fan of Bindi and all the time try it with Indian looks.Pretty red and u:)
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  5. You know I just read a recent article on bindi with western dresses, you in corporated it really well.

  6. OOOO...I love red jeans but am yet to get one for mine, am outta money these days :(
    you are looking pweetyyy :')

  7. I liked your fusion look with bindi...Keep experimenting :)


  8. great inspiration! love the pictures!

    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  9. I love the top and the red pants! I've been wearing a lot of bindis too lately! :)

  10. I wear my bindi with western attires too and I must say, the bindi actually changed your face...

  11. oh wow, your rocking the bindi well! I might try the bindi thing just for fun :P. Yes, blogging is super fun ^_^.

  12. Loved the bindi with the putfit ! Superb fusion :)

    Bong's Belleza

  13. I would have never imagined an outfit like this, It is so daring and you pull it off gorgeously! PS: The crop top is adorbs!

  14. Sonshu,

    Don't you ever think of absconding from here. Thanks for informative post.

    Take care

  15. I definitely like the Bindi look. And it must be really cool when people from college recognize you from the blog. That's great, Sonshu!

  16. this wouldn't be looked upon as that odd over the fusion look!

  17. Bindi really suits on your face..and I really really love the typical sonshu pose ..just like the one in second pic fromt the top!

    Coming to the outfit..Red and black makes a fantastic combo and cropped top look makes it visually more interesting!!

  18. You look so pretty with bindi! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  19. D bindi sure suits u... And I love the d wid black n white combo. It's always a delight.

  20. its good to experiment and try things out!
    kudos for that...

  21. Hi Sonshu,
    The bindi suits you so well :). I want to try out the bindi look too! (I am tempted :D)


  22. You r definitely look pretty in bindi