Sunday, July 15, 2012

When life takes over.

 Sometimes, doing what your heart says might just be the right thing, because the brain can be a bit of an over-thinker you know? I know many of you have been eagerly waiting to know how college is going and all the spicy and juicy details, but behold, you shall get them when the time is right, and until then more sneak peaks of details like this now and then. 

When you want to do something, you should totally go ahead and do it no matter what anyone says or who stops you from doing it, because you are your only hero. And I should totally stop shooting random lines like this in the air, before one of you shoots me. 

I know I haven't been visiting blogs often, but that's because I come online only during the weekends, so I will catch up with whatever is happening on all your blogs during this period, please forgive me? 

Coming to the outfit post, this week I played around with one colour and its different shades. As you can see the basic shade I played around with was pink, and used other overlapping colours to create this outfit. 

How to play with colours?

1. The best part about colours is that most colours are cordial with each other, so unless you think of something really crazy, you will get it right most of the times. 
2. You can keep a base colour like I did and play around with different shades of the colour. In my case, pink and its shades: baby pink, hot pink, burgundy, just pink, magenta etc. 
3. In order to add some funk to your outfit, avoid sticking to one colour alone and try mixing other pops of colours too, unless you are looking for mono chrome. 
4. When playing with colours, you can go crazy with your hairdos. I've used a slight puff and bun hairdo, you can try braids, sleek ponytails, styled hair, curls and what not. Experiment is the key word!
5. If playing with colours through outfits is not your thing, you can definitely try it with nails. Some crazy nail art if your best colour playing game. Go ahead already! 

Top: Boutique, Bangalore
Necklace: Flea Market
Arm party: Assorted 
Clutch: Accessorize
Watch: Orient (c/o American Apparel) similar: HERE
A line Maxi worn as skirt: c/o American Apparel HERE
Flip Flops: Westside

Leaving you with a little something:

Waving frantically across the lawn,
he finally turns and glances
She smiles her heart out and it becomes dawn, 
he thinks of the times he gave her chances

They walk towards each other and are lost in a gaze,
The world seems ablaze
Love is a feeling, 
a fire in reeling
And all was back again...

And until next time, 
Don't forget to tell me what you thought of the post. 



  1. Sonshu you should totally wear maxis more often! And that poem is beautiful!

  2. Love the maxi worn as a skirt! You always wear the funkiest of accessories! :D

  3. Thanks for the comment! I love the skirt, you're really pretty :)

  4. That necklace is from a flea market :O
    what a steal!
    Im loving the maxi with the shirt look!
    Wearing it as a skirt is such a great idea.

    Much Love,

  5. you write really well, love.
    i own the same clutch! same pich! haha

  6. You can so well play with words ..interesting read sweetie..I love this skirt and clutch :) Do I have to say u r supercute ? Yes u are !!

  7. You look so pretty! Love the poem at the end! And that watch is adorable, so vintage!

  8. Hey Honey, i´m your new reader to your blog :) Nice Photos and very good Blog!
    maybe we can follow each other if you like? I follow you now. Big Kisses from Germany ;-***

  9. Thankyou everyone! :D The comments are really sweet.

    Glad you all liked the look. :D

  10. Loved your long skirt <3...and lovely poem :)

  11. I'm really digging ure bag!!!

  12. Aww! Such amazing poses and the ultra cute you....
    I have started loving your posts and your style of writing, incredibly interesting and fun...
    Your new follower here... :)
    Come on, you can atleast welcome me with a standing ovation... :P "Kidding"
    Loves lot.

  13. I loved the poem :) And I love the different shades you showed in this ourrfit!


    New post up- Street Fashion from Hong Kong

  14. I love the skirt! <3
    You're so cute!
    Thanks for follwing me, following you now! :)
    Love! :*
    Trippin' on Fashion.

  15. OMG ! i want that top !
    m a sucker for floral prints !
    awesome blog !
    Hope to hear from you soon..

  16. Love the necklace and the florals Sonshu! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Style-Delights on Bloglovin

  17. floral all the way! thats a nice combo!