Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Versatile Sash.

What do you look at when you buy something? Its beauty? How it looks on you? Worth the price? We all look at those things, but when you're a college student something you indefinitely learn is to look at how versatile things can be. When I head to the store, I'm always looking at how many ways I can use one piece and that's when I go ahead and make a huge buy. 

The Versatility Series

Today, I'm going to show you four ways to wear one sash. While you might say its easy and tried before, I'm show you how to turn one outfit into 4 different looks for various events, locations with spicing up of accessories and experimenting with the sash. 

1. The Waistband/Belt

The first way I wore the sash is as a waistband commonly known as a belt. I just went for a simple look and tied it around like you would with another cloth belt. The belt adds definition to an otherwise plain teeshirt and accentuates your figure.

This look was completed with red pleated loafers from American Apparel and a band to add colour. You can wear this look for a day out at the mall or shopping with your friends. Very casual yet stylish. You can play with the belt and work a bow structure too.  I kept the accessories minimal and added a butterfly necklace. 

2. The Scarf

After a belt the second thing I did with this look is use the sash as a scarf. When worn long and dangly scarfs look extremely elegant and graceful. The sash used as a scarf is longer than the tee shirt and adds a feminine touch to it. Kept the accessories same and added some desi chappals to go with the look. You can definitely wear this look to a reunion party or maybe a luncheon. Sometimes scarfs work really well formally too, you can work a similar look to work if you wear it with a kurta and leggings rather than a tee shirt. 

3. Bow Tie

I have always wanted to wear a bow-tie and that is the first thing I did with the sash. The bow tie-esque look can be worn out to many places and this makes the bow tie another versatile item. While I did get some glances on the streets, I enjoyed thoroughly. Wear your bow tie to an evening party or get together and turn heads for sure. I wore the bow tie with my black Bata flats but you can wear them with wedges or heels to add some spice. 

4. Hairband

One of my favourite looks. The sash is my favourite when I use it as a hairband every now and then. You just take it around your head and place it where you want then just do a simple knot. The hairband with a wider cloth was used or rather seen more often during older times hence it is considered very retro in nature. Wear the hairband to college, to school and for any outing. The best part is that you can dress it up or down, the hairband is that awesome. I used bangles to jazz the look. 

Outfit details: 
Top: Quicksilver
Pants: Chemistry
Shoes: White slippers: Comm Street, Red Loafers: c/o American Apparel
Headband: Mumbai
Bangles: Flea market and chain as bangle.

You can find this Sash at American Apparel. Available in about 28 colours and patterns for $8 only. Click HERE to shop this sash. 

While I wore this sash in about 8 different ways, I've shared the first four with you this time. I'll surely share the rest of them soon enough. Keep a look out for the versatility series as there's lot in store for you on this series and you can revamp your closet and make it all new without spending a single penny. Just some reuse techniques.

Also, this is one of last few posts with not so amazing pictures, got a better camera thanks to grandfather. So you'll see good pictures soon. :)

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  1. SONSHU! That bow tie. And your expression. You're such a cutie, it's almost sinful. I adore. What a lovely series; looking forward to more from you!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Such innovation and extreme cuteness!


  3. i love it as a headband.. Super cute!

  4. wow! So cute! Love the way you've styled it each time!

  5. Wow now that's creativity!!Loved all your expressions so much!

  6. Bow tie and HairBand looks really good and they are well within my comfort zone!
    But the waist belt can be quite a fun...

  7. I love the way to wore the head scarf. So cute! And suits you so well! :)

  8. I am not a fashionist but they seem cool. :)

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  9. Wow! Who would have ever thought of a bow tie??
    Love it!

  10. You have a great style. I like your hairbands :) I'm your new follower :)

  11. Cool! My fave is the head scarf...i must try it :)

  12. Love it as the head band. And personally,I think you look the cutest in the last pic. (Tho its diff 2 chose)


  13. very creative. I do complain that I am short of tops or dresses everytime we are ready to go out. With this series I expect to pick up a few ways to use the same stuff, but differently.

  14. the first look, under the tee to give a layering effect! So creative..You look great in all the looks here! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  15. I like it the first way as a waist band the best because I never would have thought of wearing it that way. Very creative, Sonshu!

  16. versatile !Love all the four look <3


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  17. Sonshu,

    I visit your space daily and enjoy the practical tips which you give. Keep it up.

    Take care

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  19. Absolutely love your veratalitiy. You are one creative girl ;)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and I am glad you liked my post. ^_^

    Keep in touch <3

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  20. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  21. interesting,,, such different unique ways for the scarf.. the bow is my fav

  22. love this!!o gosh so fav is the bandana look..rock it!

  23. You're so creative, love how you styled the sash! Especially when you made it into a bow :) Let me know if you'd like us to follow each other <3