Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Imran Connection- Denizen India

A few weeks back we saw the launch party pictures which took place in Mumbai in a lot of fellow blogger's posts. Today, I''m going to tell you a lot more about the Special Denizen collection in association with Imran Khan. 

Firstly, I was really lucky to be able to get my questions answered by the designer himself. I put across some questions lingering at the back of my head about this collection. Before we head to the question section, I'd like to share with you a collage of a few pictures from the launch of the collection in Mumbai, which I was unable to attend as you all know I am in Bangalore. 

Some of my favourite pieces from the collection: 

Chit-Chat with Imran Khan

1. What according to you makes your clothing line different from all the other celebrity turned designer clothing lines?

There is often a disconnect between the people who make clothes and the people who wear them. Whatever I own or buy, the idea is to make it unique and individual and make it what I am. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a difference. For example, with the shirts, if you feel the material or wear them you’ll see they are very light and comfortable where most other brands the material tends to be thick and heavier. Also, I carry two mobile phones and put one in each pocket, so they tend to leave a distinct marking on the material of the jeans. So we’ve done that as a design on the pockets of a pair of dENiZEN jeans so it looks like you’re carrying two phones. 

2. While summer is coming to an end, do you think this line of clothes you've introduced can move on to be a rage during monsoon..?

Yes, I think this collection can be worn during the monsoons too as the material used is very light and comfortable.

3. Things you had most fun with while coming up with this line?

There are small things that are unique to the collection. For example, that canvas patch on the back pocket of the jeans. Do you remember the canvas shoes we used to wear for physical training in school? I bought a pair of those recently. That rough texture on them that looks unique after being worn down, that’s what I liked. So I used that.

I also love the color red and tried incorporating it in the collection in varied ways like, the red rivet on the coin pocket, the inner stitching of the jeans and the last button of all the shirts are red.
My friends call me Wikipedia, because I know a lot of things and when my friends need to know about something they ask me. And then I say, ‘Did you know…?” which is a catchphrase of sorts for me. So we put that on a t-shirt.

4. Any muses behind the clothing line? Where do you seek inspiration from?

I’m a big denim geek myself in terms of the type of denim, the cut, the types of washes. We actually worked in great depth in selecting what type of denim we used. We used a slightly premium type of denim, which is the highest quality denim in the world. For the summer collection the idea was to use lighter denims, lighter washes and lighter colours.

All the jeans have the signature red zipper ribbon; they have a canvas label instead of the leather one you find on most jeans. That’s because it has a unique look and feel, which is handmade. The jeans have my signature on the inside. A lot of the stuff won’t be visible on the outside but you’ll feel happy when you wear them; it feels good to you. It’s not to show someone else.

5. Have you always wanted to be a designer?

I’ve always dreamt of having a pair of jeans with my name on it.

6. When will you release a woman's clothing line, we are eagerly looking forward to it?

We’re already working on a women’s line. That will be for the Fall-Winter collection. And in the meantime, you can always wear one of the shirts –guys love seeing girls in men shirts

7. Who is your style icon?

My style icon have always been guys who have had a very strong personal sense of their own style. Guys like Steve McQueen, Robert Redford, Paul Newman. These are the guys I’ve really admired.

And that, was Imran Khan, the designer of the collection for you. Now you know a lot more about his collection and I am pretty sure you definitely want to go and grab one. While this one might be the men's collection, there's no doubt that a girl can walk away in the shirts with just as much oomph and style. 

To show you more on that, I will be doing an outfit post on a piece from the collection. Make sure you stay tuned to the blog. Here's a special preview for you'll! 

Till next time

Information provided by PR, but all opinions are mine.