Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello there again, 

A lot of you have been asking me why I haven't said anything about how college is yet. Yes, I tweeted and fbed a lot about how vacations were coming to an end, and yes college has begun. I've actually been absorbing the whole new scene and its very overwhelming, the events and people, but I can already sense that its going to be an experience I'll remember for a lifetime or more. 

How I look at it: Every new day is another chance for me to dress up and go to college and have some fun, study, have fun etc. So the part about you'll that comes into place, is that you get to see a lot of outfits. While we have the fresher's week this week end, I'm excited, so will tell you more as and when it comes into focus. 

A question I often get asked is: How do you manage to wear neons? While it might seem very difficult, and not wearable, it actually is pretty statement making and wonderful. So today, I'll be telling you, how to wear neons. 

How to wear neons in style?

1. Neons are not only in fashion, but are also excellent to wear to fun places, or major events. When wearing neon to a party, always mix it with classy and subtle pieces to rock the look. 
2. Wearing neons to carnivals, flea markets and such events is a great idea, as a lot of people will actually appreciate it. Wear them with chunky necklaces and dont be afraid to experiment.
3. If you're a starter to neon, go with lighter neon shades, but if you want to take a dive, then go ahead and plunge into the depths of the colour and mix and match your way into it. 
4. A great way to wear neons is through accessories, sport neon chains(available at Zara), bracelets (available at Zara and Accessorize), shoes, hair clips etc. 

Now, for the pictures:

Tube top: Nuon
Pants: Allen Solly
Neon Button up: c/o American Apparel (HERE)
Make up pouch used as Purse: c/o American Apparel (HERE)
Collar necklace: DIY (Need to get sturdy chains: note to self)
On my lips: Nyx: Addis Ababa 

The tube top is a favourite and you should always stock up on such coloured pieces in different patterns as they can always work any outfit, the neon button up was sent by American Apparel and I instantly loved it. The colour might be weird to some, but I loved it. It can be worn in other ways, will definitely show you'll other ways I wore it soon. The make up purse by them again, is so soft and actually good enough to work as a clutch, and since it was purple I took advantage and matched it with my shoes. The collar necklace is a DIY, need to re do the chain part of it! 

Actually had a lot of fun shooting for this outfit, wore it here and there. I mean, neon does attract weird glances in India, but then again, who cares? Give people a reason to stare, as they say.

And with that, I sign off for today. Off to prepare for class tomorrow. 

What did you think of this outfit? Any tips you use while wearing neon?



  1. Hey. You rock this neon shirt! Love it on you. Love the necklace! Do a DIY post, please! :)

  2. Great styling with neon color Sonshu..Great tips .. I will definitely try one with those tips. U look amazing dear:)


  3. gorgeous!!i love spalshes of neon..and that shirt is fabulous!enjoy college girl!and the necklace is diy?!awesome!
    love the new blog layout by the way, forgot to tell you the other day.

  4. I love love neon...I used to wear neon/fluorescent colors 3-4 years back and all I used to get were stares and mocking...now things have changed and if anyone even dare to make fun of me this time around I can always retaliate by saying" Ooh you are so fashion-outdated". Love your take on the neon trend and the collar necklace is not properly visible....:(

  5. Love this neon shirt, looks great on you!

  6. I love that colour! So bright and bold, makes you stand out ☺

    And also, your blog's looking good. Always nice to see changes =]

  7. Great neon button up and makeup bag used as a purse--clever. And I know I've said this before, but I really do love the new look of your blog.

  8. I love the shirttt and the NYX cream (which i havent got my hands on yet :D)
    How do you order from AA, Shonshu? i mean which region do you choose!

  9. Loved this oversize neon shirt:)
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  10. love the look!
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  11. thats a fab look Sonshu, love the neon. And I always envy ure bags,,, this is another head turner :)


  12. We loved the way you have styled this look..it totally works! Simple yet chic.
    Have a great day!
    the Fashion Co