Friday, June 8, 2012

Somethings are bound to happen.

Hello dear awesome readers,

I know its been a while since I did an outfit post, the holiday laziness been creeping on me or what? June's here, I'm feeling happy. Looking forward to rains and lovely weather. Also some not so lazy days, when I actually do some work. The last week has been rather weird, things have come and gone but then that's what happens in life. 

Lately I've been in love with loafers a lot, I don't know why. My heels just rot under my bed, crying: 'Please wear me' but I can't because I love my flats a little too much these days and especially loafers. Also, I've been trying new colours. 

And writing poetry, whatever I call poetry that is. 

Today I need to tell you about a little something you'd have noticed. Firstly, new header. Second, new blog name. Why I changed the name? I felt 'The Sonshu' was better describing of the blog because all of us are only one, when it comes to characteristics and behaviour and writing style. So the sonshu pretty much defines the blog and its unique touch and taste. Hence the new blog name, also the domain goes with it. And I felt it was time for a change. So yes, I did go ahead and change it. 

I am not going to ask what you'll think because many of you loved the old header, however, I wasn't feeling it much lately. So I think the blog should represent the writing and me and things in it, hence the change. 

But I'd love to know what you thought of the header. 



So today's outfit is all about classy colour mixing. Red and black are colours everyone loves, and not only loves but loves paired together. That is what makes it all the more special, they are body flattering, look good on almost everyone and come in varieties. 

Today's outfit was a random pick and I dug out pieces from the closet that I felt go together. The cape is longer than my LBD and I love wearing it like that, kind of adds a lovely touch to the outfit. 

Also, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. When wearing an outfit don't go completely berserk with colours, even if colour blocking. Always match a piece from your dress with a handbag or shoe. 
2. Adding a neckpiece to a plain outfit definitely adds the jazz that it requires. 
3. If walking long distance, definitely opt for loafers, ballet shoes, slippers according to your outfit.
4. Never be afraid to wear the same colour combination a lot, just try and experiment with the pattern and the style of accessorizing. 
5. Always remember that anything can be carried off, if you have the confidence needed.  

Cape: Vintage (Last seen HERE)
LBD: Boutique (Last seen HERE)
Necklace: Promod
Loafers: c/o American Apparel (HERE)
Bangles: Assorted

Also, the loafers I must mention are so freaking comfortable. Something I dig about American Apparel is their brilliance when it comes to a variety and a large range of sizes. The loafers were not only available in my size but were also super comfortable and their delivery speed is out of the world, express like I must say.  American Apparel has everything from clothes to shoes, they even have performance wear and a whole lot of vintage. Men's clothing is also pretty awesome on their store. 

I would also like to mention how I love the packaging, one need not worry about how their item will reach. Because the packing is delightful and smart. There's nothing you can complain about. Also they keep getting new stock as and when things get popular. 

Click on the link to visit their store, which I suggest that you should because I recommend it personally. :)

Will tell you more in the next few posts. Stay tuned. 


Also, I realize that this is the first time I've done a close up. Also, a lot of friends don't know that I blog and suddenly are discovering it because of newspaper features etc, but thanks a ton you guys for the constant support. It is super motivating! 

Also, loads of posts lined up. Leaving you with a poem that I scribbled at one am after watching some creepy TV sitcom. :P 

You see. 

I am the person you see, 
You dig in deep and unleash
Rip my soul and tatter me, 
You were a friend
Now, nothing but a foe, 
How things change within
A matter of time, 
We held hands and laughed times off
Breathing and frolicking smiles, 
But it was bound to come to an end
Good things last, 
It was not. 


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Sonshu! You look like a doll! <3 This has to be our fav outfit post till date! :)
    Also the small poem at the end is amazing. So much said in such few lines.

    1. Awwwwie, thankyou girls. Means alot.

      GLAD You'll liked everything!! <3

  2. Love the loafers Sonshu.. Also the make over of the blog. Your signature pic is too cute :)

    1. Hehehe, thankyou so much Honey. Glad you liked the loafers, i love em too.

  3. Lovely poem at the end :)

    And you're looking absolutely lovely in that dress! ☺

  4. Lovely article Sonshu...and yes i agree confidence is all what one needs to carry any style.

    1. Thanks a ton Jasmine!

      And glad you agree with me! :)

  5. Heyyyyy, pretty lady! Loving the fierceness and the femininity in your outfit, go girl! Also. I prefer this whole new blog outlook; congrats on the name/domain change, and the new header is fab!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

    1. Thanks A :) Oohh, I like ze adjectives youve used. Also glad you like it.

  6. love the combo..1 of my all time favs..i have a similar cape in purple!
    we are cape buddies :D!

    1. Cape buddy hi5! :) Yes a fav too :P

  7. I love your header
    so classy :D
    Also i love the red combined with black, classic and elegant

    1. Awww, thanks a ton Suniti, good to know :)

  8. Red and black is the perfect classy combo and i looooveee it!! :D :D ... I love the cape and the shoessss!!! :D :D ...

    1. I love the shoes too. So happy you liked it!

  9. Sonshu,

    Yes, you are one and only one SONSHU.

    Take care

  10. Red- Black combo..Nothing like it! :D
    And you my delilah look gorgeous ;)

    The loafers are a fun wear.. most comfy really..
    Did I tell you I LOVE the Cape & statement neck piece :)

  11. Oh I am absolutely in love with ure pumps,,, they're fab.

    And your new header looks cool, the grey colour detailing reminds me of beautiful clouds and ure pic fits perfectly with the whole detailing.

  12. I live in flats when I go to work so I totally get that. Loving the red flats with the red accents in your outfit! And I think the blog name change and the header were both great choices! <3

  13. Hello AWESOME Sonshu! You look AWESOME in this outfit.

    Love the new name and look for the blog!

    ∞ © ∞

  14. Such a cool cape! And nice loafers! You look radiant! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
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  15. I am in love with the loafers and the cape!!! :)


  16. You have a very good blog! Loved the out fit post you did! We should totally meet up sometime ^_^. And thanks for subscribing and commenting!

    ♥ Crazy Pop Lock ♥

  17. You are too adorable! I love the color combination!

    Please check out my blog - It'll make my day! :)