Friday, June 22, 2012

She was the girl who sat by the window.

She sat by the window,

perched on the edge of the sofa;

she'd whisper sounds, as if talking to the birds
She'd stare out into the open and send a message.
Unresponsive to the world, in a universe of her own
Fragments of signals transmitting to the aliens,
smiling to herself, yet unbelievably friendly
She'd say hello to all, but settle into a trance
In the end, the world beyond the curtains was her home;
where her heart was

Curved a frown on her face when she had to walk away,
waving a sad goodbye to her friends she pulled herself apart
But the distance between their hearts,
was liked not by the friends
Sent a demon to slay other people, 
possessive of their special friend they were
Everyone was afraid, for the demons were ferocious
But she feared not, for she explained the reason
Her friends were sad, but they nodded with melancholic sounds

I will return, worry not: she said
For She was the girl who sat by the window.


P.S: The poem was written in like 12 minutes. I was sitting in my grandpa's house when the window instantly gave me inspiration to write something like this. Instantly I took out a paper and jotted everything down. As I always say: Anything and everything is inspiring. Even a sofa, and the curtains. Its the perspective that matters.

Would love to know what you thought?


  1. That is a really well written poem. Specially if it's written in 12 minutes <3 And we too believe inspiration can be taken from anything and anywhere!

  2. this is a sweet poem.i cannot in my wildest dreams think of writing so beautifully...

  3. U are amazing and so are your poems .. what a creativity..kudos girl :)

  4. u r amazing and so are your poems..what a creativity..kudos girl :)

  5. Sonshu,

    May you have many more 12 minutes like this. Beautiful. Please do write more.

    Take care

  6. You are so talented sonshu!
    everything is written beautifully!

  7. It's so interesting how something as simple as a window can give such inspiration. They do say eyes are the windows to the soul.

  8. Amazing poem, you are so talented! :)

    Kisses ♥

  9. .... Sonshu ,,, as always u r really creative and good with words .... True can get inspired by anything .. Lovely poem ..


    New post up , do visit

  10. This is absolutely beautiful.

  11. 12 stars for this 12 minute poem...loved every bit of it :-)

  12. I think that was totally abstract, but made lot of sense..
    You're creative and that shows in your writing.. well done Sonshu :)

  13. wow.. beautiful poem dear.. evokes fond memories.. looking forward to reading more such :)

    my new post - The_10_Acne_Commandments

  14. i remember i was very fond of writing poems in school.and hated reading i read them more often than writing them..there is a certain melancholic tune to your words..keep it up :)