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One stop for fashion and all things fabulous- Pret Amoda

Pret-Amoda- A Luxury Fashion Website

Pret-Amoda has always been on the top of my list if I want something luxury and amazing. They are and online store and probably one of the most famous Indian ones and they house wonderful collections when it comes to Indian designers and upcoming fashion. 

From Kunst to Malini Ramani, Rahul Reddy to Veruschka, Pret-Amoda is your go to place if you want an exquisite collection which spells luxury. But the best part is it is affordable luxury, which makes it all the more desirable. 

What they say:

Fashion should be effortless and so should your online buying experience. Pret-Amoda strives very hard to bring you established and up-coming designers from across India and showcase their best ware for you to browse and purchase.
Our online boutique covers shopping across categories – Jackets, tunics, tops, sarees, jewellery, shoes, bags and home decor. We understand the urban mindset and individualistic tastes and hence carry a broad range of items from traditional to pop and glamorous to bohemian to suit every fashion explorer.

Click on the image to check out their website.

Why you should shop at Pret-Amoda? 

Of course, one can come up with countless reasons to shop at Pret-Amoda, but here are some of the reasons I present to you. 

Five reasons why you should shop at Pret-Amoda.

1. The Re-Birth. 

Pre-Amoda recently went through a huge change, re-vamped their website, got in new collections and have even more creative ideas for the future. This has been like a re-birth and this definitely gives you reason to check out their trendy collection, with some pieces you've never seen anywhere else. 

2. The Designers. 

As I've spoken before they house a large number of Indian designers that one often doesn't find this easily. You can get these designer's collections be it clothes or shoes to your door step. With designers like Malini Ramani, who've made a name for themselves to new budding designers, they have it all. Pret-Amoda claim to be fearless, flawless, fabulous and fashionable and that is exactly what you'll find when you browse through the designers on their site. 

3. The Trends. 

We all love trends. Yes we love to have some of them in our closets and what better place to gather some eye smacking trends, than Pret- Amoda. They are known for their trendy line and the best part is, every penny you pay is actually worth it. You'll definitely be grabbing those eye balls when you walk in to that dinner party. Trendy and stylish! 

4. The Service. 

Something that shines above all when it comes to their website is the service. You write a customer care mail and instantly get a response, you order and quick delivery. Impeccable packing and first class service. Pret-Amoda has been repeatedly commended for their service and items by various leading fashion magazines in our country. 

5. The Extras. 

Along with being a wonderful place to shop and grab some exquisite pieces, Pret Amoda is one of those websites that doesn't stick only to selling their things. They cater to all your needs. They have a magazine (which is super vibrant and digitally wonderful), they even have a blog with some one of a kind articles and you can definitely find some wonderful tips out there. Also, don't miss out their facebook and twitter pages where they host contests and share amazing quotes and pictures. 

For whom to shop?

With many online retail stores out there these days, you will ask me: Why should we shop here? What's so special? And for whom can we shop?

Your girlfriend will love the wonderful pieces and they will definitely make her feel special. Tell your wife how much she means to you on your anniversary and gift her with something from Pret Amoda and she's sure to smile and cook some delicious food. Gift your mother with a Pret Amoda piece and she'll literally cry in happiness. Tell your sister that you don't take her for granted and that she means the world to you and she'll definitely give you the hug of a lifetime.Show your daughter that she's a gem and give her a unique designer piece, she'll always be the apple of your eye.

Women matter. Pret Amoda is your go to place for every occasion and their constantly being updated collections gives you a wide variety to choose from.

Tell your woman, how much she means to you via Pret Amoda. 

What to shop?

When I was writing this and I came to a point where I had to talk about what to shop, I realized that if I started I could never finish. That definitely talks a lot about their extensive range of everything one needs. From clothing to bags, shoes to accessories, you name it and they have it. The most amazing part is that they tell you a little about each designer when you click on them. This makes it very easy to navigate through the website and get yourself exactly what you want. 

Some of my favourite pieces from the Pret-Amoda website. Will be telling you about them, why I love it and how I think you can style it. So fasten your seat belts, time to go for a colourful tempting ride in the world of Pret-Amoda. 


They have a wide range when it comes to clothing. From tops to dresses, to cardigans and jumpsuits. They have funky and classy and that's what sets them apart. 

1. Lime Green Sleeves by Retarded Velvet.

Retarded Velvet is a designer duo who are known for their quirky and funky designs. From Amul butter, to lightening in the sky, everything is an inspiration to them. Their designs literally left me speechless and I would definitely wear some of their pieces because they not only make a statement but are very wearable too. 

This piece is perfect for the season with asymmetry and neon being incorporated. Wear it with some plain coloured leggings and show off your toned body and carry it with a nude clutch like this Goldilocks Clutch by Cupidity (HERE) and you are good to go. 

To buy this go HERE.

2. Hollywood Drape Gown by Malini Ramani

This gown is a Malini Ramini creation and that makes it all the more special. First of all I was caught when I saw the name, so dramatic and filmy and the lemonesque colours made it very appealing. Malini Ramani is known for her individualistic approach to design, she explores all fashion, edgy or comfy, rockstar or princess, she is the queen of the fashion world. 

This dress is definitely a stand alone piece and one can wear it and look mind blowing without adding on accessories too, that's how much depth it has. If you have your birthday coming soon, or a huge event to attend then you must grab this as soon as possible. 

To buy this head HERE

Some of my other favourites include the Prashant Verma Amber Dress on the left and the Rahul Reddy Peacock on Black Distress dress on the right. Both of them are one of a kind classy pieces that you can wear to dinner parties or birthday parties. 

To buy them, go HERE and HERE.


Shoes are every girl's favourite.  Usually all websites pay a lot of attention only to high heels but the best part about Pret-Amoda is that have a wide range of flats which are extremely practical for daily use. And wedges are something they love too because they are not only stylish but also very comfortable. They have sizes from 5 till 9, so you all can get your feet troubles answered.

1. Purple and Pink Jodhabais by Bash

You've heard of kolhpuris but now listen up, here are the jodhabais. A traditional sandal with a colourful twist, this will add the perfect feel to your traditional or western outfit. Be it college kids or mummies, everyone can wear them and look amazing. The sharp and edgy design in a watch out for. Wear them with your dhoti pants or coloured denims and they are sure to look just as eye grabbing. 

To buy this go HERE.

 2. Mudra Yellow Wedge by Veruschka

When I saw this I was instantly head over heels. This 4 inch heel wedge is a perfect for a summer brunch. The hand embroidered pink and yellow beads add to its neon feel and it is sure to make you feel happy! With a great support at the bottom, this pair of yellow wedges will make you fall in love in no time. 

Pair it with a white tunic or a floral dress and you are good to step out of the house and look fabulous. Wear it to add a pop of colour to a dull outfit or jazz up any outfit. 

To buy this go HERE


Pret-Amoda has a lovely collection when it comes to bags. With trendy clutches and bags that can hold your entire world, they have everything you will ask for. 

1. Tribal Pop Yellow by Toshe

This yellow bag is going to be your go to bag because it is the right size, is the perfect design and the must have colour. You will turn to this creation for a walk on the beach or on your first date. 

Tribal prints have made a comeback this year and this is definitely something every girl must own because it is so adorable. 

To buy this go HERE.

2. Rainbow Clutch- Cupidity

This clutch was inspired by -Teenage Dream and that makes it all the more special to me. The designer duo Karishma and Mausami are young and bubbling with creativity. They started off designing bags as a hobby but now they've become full time designers. 

With the glitter and glamour being a plus point, the metallic frame adds to its awesomeness. You are sure to shimmer with this beauty in your hand. Pair it with a Prashant Verma Peachgum dress (HERE) for a girls night out or a James Ferrira Iris Gown (HERE) for a movie premiere, you will definitely hit the best dressed list with this beauty. 

To grab it, head HERE.

3. Circle Burst Box Clutch by Anusha Lalwani

Anusha's creations are special because they are hand painted. Can you believe the work that goes behind them. Owning her pieces is like a dream for every girl. She has a bachelors degree in Fine Arts and her hand must definitely have some magic in it, for her creations are masterpieces. 

This piece stands out for me because of the colour and circular patterns. Hold it and you are sure to get many 'Where's that from?' questions. This can be worn with your casual tee and denims or even with this T-Republic Lace Back Orange top (HERE) This burst of colour in this piece is just ought to leave you mind dazzled! 

To buy this beauty, head HERE.


Accessories are something one cannot live without. You wear a plain outfit and accessorize it perfectly and you surely can win Ms Fashionable. That is exactly how important accessorizing an outfit is. Here are some favourites from Pret-Amoda. Extremely pretty and very much affordable. 

1. Elf Green Hair Pins by Glam It Up

These pretty hair pins are not only a subtle and serene colour but they also spell dainty and beautiful. Add this to an outfit and instantly achieve the girl next door look. You ought to have this in your closet because it is reasonable and oh-so-amazing. 

You can wear it with this Malini Ramani floral tube top dress (HERE) to a beach party or even with a classic LBD for a night out with your loved one. 

To buy this go HERE.

2. Audrey Hepburn Brooch by Glam It Up

I am definitely buying this myself, because a) Audrey Hepburn b) It is so dainty and pretty and lovable. This brooch is definitely going to be a classic in your wardrobe and something that you can wear all the time. Of course pair it with almost anything and it will look just as stunning as ever. 

You can buy this HERE.


To top that huge list of amazing things, they have some to-die-for jewelry. Here's some of my favourite picks and must haves in a quick glance. Their prices start from as low as Rs 250 and you can even find things for as much as Rs 16000 only. But something I swear by is that every piece is a classic and timeless, you must have it. 



That was an insight into the world of Pret-Amoda. And I am sure you loved every bit of it and are drooling now, just like I was. 

Now what you have to do is go and shop at as soon as possible and show me what you got. Because they have something for everyone. 

Don't forget to tell me what you loved the most about the website!

Question: What would you want as a gift from the above things?

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