Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Awesome and I know it.

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Hello cool people!

Today I have decided to talk less and you'll figure the look from the pictures more. Because I often end up eating the whole post with all my chatter. Yeeehaw.

Also, lately have been contributing a lot to @_InFB on twitter and all. Because it is so much fun. Made so many new friends. Lovely people. Also finally started pinteresting a lot more again. Just making use of this free time.


P.S: Ignore the fact that my left hand has been cut out in most pictures. Arrrgh. 


Outfit details:
Top: Only
Jeans: Comm street
Flat wedges: Ed Hardy
Necklace: DIY
Earrings: Accessorize 
Bag: c/o American Apparel 
Lip Gloss: c/o American Apparel (HERE)


Gotcha? You thought I would stop talking? Really? Me? I would never reduce my chatter for anything. So here I am, blabbering again. 

Also, I was quite skeptical about 4th picture, I wasn't posing. Was laughing at a joke mom cracked. 

Today Im not going to tell you how to wear tangerine or styling denims or all that style advice. Just a little about the look: 

Was heading to the mall, grabbed my brightest blouse from Only (which is awesome btw. The material is dream like. Colour is so lovely) , paired with comfortable jeans and some flat wedges. Added the earrings because people complain that they hardly see me in earrings and was in love with this pair today morning. Went crazy with the eye make up, winged look. The lip gloss is a nude-ish shade from American Apparel that I LOVE. 

The bag, oh how I love this beauty. It is of such a unique colour: Hunter and I own not one bag in this wonderful colour. It is pure bliss in terms of texture and stuff. Also I can fit almost everything into it, that makes it so freaking cool. You people should totally check out American Apparel because they have the most brilliant bags, leather, cotton, carry alls, and stuff. Also, the lip glosses are amazing. They not only shine but are very yummy and smooth. 

Oh and lately I've been obsessed with the bun again. It is just so awesome when your hair isn't in constant contact with your neck. Just saying. 


Apart from outfit and all. 

Something to think about: Can't people on the healthier side be fashion bloggers? I've addressed similar issues many times but some companies think otherwise. If they have sizes only XS and S they should mention it before approaching people right? And I think there need to be more brands in India catering to healthier people. I've gotten so many mails asking me where I shop, where I get clothes which fit but are also fashionable. 

I hope some stores are hearing me. 

I am freaking proud of my figure! 

The title is for this very thing. Not narcissism. Just trying to get a message across to people. (No one in particular)

and you all are awesome. <3

What do you think of this post? The photos, the outfit etc? Leave a comment. 


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P.S: Going to be back in a short time with next post :P Just saying. 


  1. You are awesome and all fingers are not alike but they all are beautiful, so are you :)
    I recently came to know about you and love your cuteness..You luk super awesome here :)

    1. Exactly. Completely agree with what you said there.

      And thank you so much Shilpi, means a lot!

  2. you are awesome!i am a fatshionista..fatstylista?
    whatever..i have grown a couple of sizes in the past 3 years and i can see a massive differences in bottoms options i won't wear your maternity pants(actually happened 2 days back) or sack like thingies!!!get more sizes..specially online shopping gets your orange bright top..the winged liner looks awesome..aye i understand the bun issue!
    i have been trying to get my name up in the InFB index page.i already applied twice:(

    1. Ahhhh. I like the term.

      Anyhow, true. Thanks! :) Glad you liked it.

      And its done now.

    2. haha thanks:)
      i saw my name under hyderabad..i am from kolkata:P

  3. Awesome post...wish more ppl were comfortable with their figure..ppl have forgotten that being healthy is more imp than being thin
    Pooja K.
    Chic Accessorizer

  4. Aww..cuteness! The colour really suits you :)

  5. You are such a cutie. Thank you for all the wonderful stuff you have been doing for InFB, you are such a star, and such a fireball of energy, absolutely awesome. Also, tangerine is your colour, just saying.

    And of course you gotta be proud of your figure. You've got a pretty face, a sparkling personality, and the serious sexiness going on in the curves department. Too much love, girl. <3

    Love, Miffalicious. []

    1. Oh any more adjectives? That's so sweet Arathi! :)

      Thank you so much. You are absolutely brilliant.

      <3 LOTS OF LOVE.

  6. You compiled this outfit so well Sonshu !! Loving you from head to toe :) 'Size' and 'Skin color' are the issues which will pertain in India.

    Win $50 from LittleBlackDress Giveaway

    1. Thankyouuu Shalini Di :)
      Yes indeed :(

  7. I love your blog and you..great great post.
    I love each and every word you've written in this post and is so true and the best part is the TITLE of this post.
    awesome :)
    following you babes on facebook too :D


    1. Wow. Thankyou so much Surabhi! Glad! :)

  8. I love that tangerine suits everyone and so it looks great on you. That's a perfect outfit to wear when going out shopping - comfortable and yet stylish (because who would want to go out without at least making an effort at looking at the very least - decent!?).

    Your poses are super cute and I love the eye make-up!

    It's refreshing to see you using your blog to the fullest potential and not being afraid to use it as a platform to speak up and out about issues that are dear to you and to a lot of other people out there.

    1. Ah! :P Like that first para, yesyes :P
      And how sweet, thankyouuuus.
      Yes indeed.

  9. Am i allowed to make some raunchy comments? ;)
    YOu look juicy in tangerine :D
    Don't censor me for this!!!

    You are looking very cute :)

    1. LOL. Not censoring. And hahahah thanks anyway. Juicy? :P

  10. Awesome? Oh yes, you are! :]
    I love your top, it's adorable and I really like the color of the bag!
    I agree with Ila here :p, you do look juicy and all ;)

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings


    1. Hhehehe thanks you :P
      And thankyou so much for everything love!

  11. You are totally awesome...I second your opinion because once I was XS and couldn't find clothes that had proper fit always loose...I love the way you have added yellow pops in hair bun and earrings, in this outfit....:)


    1. Thanks a ton girl! :) Means a lot!

  12. I saw this on Facebook and really love the bright color you're wearing. Great bag too!. Btw, following you on Pinterest now. :)

    1. Awww, thanks a lot Cheryl! :) Glad you like it!

  13. here and loving this post!! I totally agree..India should make more healthier options in terms of clothing..I find it totally difficult to get clothes that fit me and are in good top it, sometimes you are looked down by other people!! I am what I am and I don't want to change..

  14. Girl I Think we share the same thought process in this direction... embrace your Awesomeness!!!

  15. Girl I think we share the same thought process in this direction.... Embrace your Awesomeness!!!