Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bangalore Fashion and Style Bloggers Meet.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that the past two weeks have been crazy planning the Blogger's meet (Fashion and style bloggers)! We gathered up people and I sent them an email and with the help of InFB we gathered or tried to get together all the Bangalore Indian Fashion Bloggers. While some of them reside in Bangalore, some of them were here on work trips. Nonetheless meeting everyone was indeed a pleasure.

Venue: Orion Mall, Dr Rajkumar Road (Kobe Sizzlers)

It started off with Jahn and me sitting in Kobe, getting to know one another, waiting for the others to arrive, and then in no time we were the noisiest table in Kobe. With the manager giving us the dirtiest of looks, we ignored it as usual and went ahead chattering about food and what not. Started with the intros, which were quite awkward with everyone's shy-ness coming into play. 

Through the course of the meeting, everyone realized that majority of them were from the north. And then they began chattering about Delhi and food spots, but in no time it was like we had been friends for life. All of us bonded so well, ordered some yummy food and went on chattering. Hours passed and we realized that we hadn't clicked pictures? Isn't that what we do? 

Shalini's husband, an absolute gem, began clicking pictures and donned the photographer's cap. Soon we were done eating and moved outside to continue the photo session. With awkward stares and uneasy glances from the on lookers, we went on posing, being the photo friendly naturals that we are. There were people who literally stood still at their spot and gaped at us. While we continued posing for an hour. Some pictures might tell you how crazy we are, while the others are naturals. 

After a while, people started leaving and it was Shalini, Nikita, Tanusha, Shalini's hubby and me left. We went window shopping to Zara, Vero Moda, Debenhams. While Nikita and me were quite exhausted, we enjoyed making Tanusha try on clothes. With Shalini's phone hiding trick played on Tanusha, and her 'so called betrayal' to us and trust in Shalini's hubby, it was indeed a huge blast! We literally had fun like 10 year olds!

The Bangalore Fashion and Style Bloggers Meet was indeed a great turn out with a lot of smiles, and style. 
We ended on a note to meet again and some hugs and goodbyes. 

A meet to remember if I must say?

Now hope on and look at the pictures!

Left to right in the picture below: Ila, Jahn, Shalini, Sonshu (ME), Nikita, Tanusha, Sayanti, Purushu 

Chilli Cheese Toast (My favourite) and Heart shaped aawwwwww Vegetable cutlets with chips. 

Image sources:, Shalini, Jahnobi
All editing done by

What did you think of our fun meet? 

Would you like to help us organize the next meet in Bangalore? Want to be a part of it?
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  1. wow...seems you guys have enjoyed a lot :)
    all you are looking fab...wish I was there to be part of it !

  2. Ha ha. I remember the post where Shalini almost wanted to kiss you! h aha. lol.

    Was fun meeting you all here in Banglaore!

    1. Definitely. :D Lol. I remember too. :)

      Same here Purushu!

  3. Ah! Seems like you guys had so much fun! Wish I could be there too! All the ladies look fab!

  4. That meet will be etched in my memories for long !! My hubby sent a special thanx to Sonshu for ''Gem of a person' compliment :)

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    1. Yes, same here. And aawww, he indeed was. :D

  5. wow, soo much fun! all looking lovely. Next meet I am IN! <3

  6. Love,Love,Love the post.
    Wish i could go window shopping with you guys !!!
    But glad i met you all.
    You are all such sweethearts!

    Loads of love,

    1. Thankyouuu Ila. Glad you love it.

  7. Photos, friends, food and window shopping--sounds like a relaxing and fun time at the Bangalore meetup.

  8. Yes I saw the buildup of the meet via is so good to see the meet in pix!! You guys had a blast!! :)


  9. WOW seems like you guys had a blast. I so wish I could have been a part of it, would have love to have met you all. And boy are you all rocking the coloured jeans trend. Great pics Sonshu.
    Happy Blogging,
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  10. Looks like so much fun. Connecting with fellow bloggers is the nicest thing about blogging!

  11. The photos speak for themselves... You had a lot of fun.. Wish we all here living in different parts of the world could be a pat of it!!! Nevertheless everyone looks pretty and happy!! :) loving the photograph of all the shoes!! :)


  12. That looks like such fun! I'm a new blogger from Mumbai! It'd be so awesome to have one of these :)

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  13. Looks like a very fun event :)

  14. I bet you had an awesome time! :) I so wanna go for a bloggers meet!
    Great snaps. You guys are no doubt good at posing :P

  15. Love! Love! Love!

    Lucky you guys!!! Ila the luckiest :)

    All of you look sooo gorgeous!


    1. Yeah Richa :) TRuly lucky to be there at the right time :)

  16. looks like a great fun to meet another bloggers<3
    btw mind to fllw each other?

  17. Aw, that looks like SOOOOOO much fun! I moved to Bangalore from the UK and miss the fashion blogger meet ups at home. Would love to join in if you'll have me :)

    Niki x

  18. this looks awesomely fun!!!!you looked lovely by the way!

  19. Thanks for your comments and for following :)
    I'm now following back

  20. looks like so much fun,,, I have never been to any blogger's meet.

    And u look amazing as always :)

  21. Thankyouuuu all for the sweet comments :D

  22. wow...I didnt know there were so many bloggers in Bangalore.
    you people look great! :)
    Love from Bindigasm
    Facebook buddies? :)