Friday, June 29, 2012

All colours are not the same.

Recently we had an InFB Challenge that a fellow blogger and I thought out, and if you follow me on twitter, you'd know that I was busy co-ordinating the whole challenge. Basically, it was called the VIBGYOR challenge. Read more about it HERE. So instead of doing an outfit post, or a diy or just a random colourful post, I decided to complete a painting I was doing already. So I went ahead and did this. The above picture you see is my painting. 

Now I'm not a painter, neither do I claim to be good at painting etc. But its something I've always enjoyed doing from my childhood. Be it in art classes at school, or drawing competitions in the society. Drawing and painting, always attracted me. So I gave continuity to this hobby of mine through the challenge and did this painting, that's more like a colourful message. 

About the painting: 

As the painting clearly sends out a written as well as painted message of a topic I often rant about on the blog, it also shoes how all colours are not the same, and people are just like that. We all are unique and amazing in our own ways. 

I'm not a stick figure and I'm proud of it, is an affirmation that I believe in and say. I wish a lot of people out there would be more confident about their figure no matter what. With movies, television, radio and media in general setting the bar for perfection high, society also expects people to be a certain size zero. I often read on a lot of blogs that their relatives are saying : Tum kitni moti ho gayi ho? Kab patli banogi, ladke sab intezaar kar rahe hain. (You've become so fat. When will you become thin? All the boys are waiting)

Its statements like these that ruin the world. Does that mean people who aren't so called thin are not fit to be dated? 

While people will continue behaving and thinking the way they do, its a few that actually try and make a change. I am definitely standing for us people who aren't stick figures. We have curves, we love em. We are confident of ourselves.

All colours are not the same, just like all people are not. 

What do you think of this post?



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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who Shines? (I)

Hello people, I'm back with yet another post as you can see. In fact, this is an all new series that I will be starting on the blog. Its the Who wore it better series that we all love! I'd like to call it: Who shines?

About the series:

Every week on Thursday we will have the Who shines series, where in each week we will review one outfit worn by 2 or more celebs and you decide who shines in the outfit. 

How you can be a part of this?

Simple. You have to vote using the poll option below.
Vote for the person, you think wore the outfit better.
Scroll to after the picture to see the vote poll.

Who Shines? (I)

Image: Wire images and Getty images

This Michael Kors number was first seen on Leighton Meester when she wore this from the Pre-Fall Collection in 2011 to the LA Premiere of The Roommate. However Beyonce wore the same dress to the Tory Burch's flagship store opening last year.

While Beyonce sported the cut-out dress with a black clutch and showed off her curvy figure, Leighton wore it plain and showed off her slim figure. Beyonce went with her wavy-curly hair while Leighton chose to go with a sharp, straight cut.

While some say this dress was definitely not made for voluptuous women like Beyonce, some disagree, feeling it looks best on them and not on people with a Leighton Meester figure.

Now all that apart, what matters here is what you think?

Two beautiful ladies, a breathtaking dress.


VOTING HAS BEEN CLOSED NOW. Hence the vote bar has been removed. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bangalore Fashion and Style Bloggers Meet.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that the past two weeks have been crazy planning the Blogger's meet (Fashion and style bloggers)! We gathered up people and I sent them an email and with the help of InFB we gathered or tried to get together all the Bangalore Indian Fashion Bloggers. While some of them reside in Bangalore, some of them were here on work trips. Nonetheless meeting everyone was indeed a pleasure.

Venue: Orion Mall, Dr Rajkumar Road (Kobe Sizzlers)

It started off with Jahn and me sitting in Kobe, getting to know one another, waiting for the others to arrive, and then in no time we were the noisiest table in Kobe. With the manager giving us the dirtiest of looks, we ignored it as usual and went ahead chattering about food and what not. Started with the intros, which were quite awkward with everyone's shy-ness coming into play. 

Through the course of the meeting, everyone realized that majority of them were from the north. And then they began chattering about Delhi and food spots, but in no time it was like we had been friends for life. All of us bonded so well, ordered some yummy food and went on chattering. Hours passed and we realized that we hadn't clicked pictures? Isn't that what we do? 

Shalini's husband, an absolute gem, began clicking pictures and donned the photographer's cap. Soon we were done eating and moved outside to continue the photo session. With awkward stares and uneasy glances from the on lookers, we went on posing, being the photo friendly naturals that we are. There were people who literally stood still at their spot and gaped at us. While we continued posing for an hour. Some pictures might tell you how crazy we are, while the others are naturals. 

After a while, people started leaving and it was Shalini, Nikita, Tanusha, Shalini's hubby and me left. We went window shopping to Zara, Vero Moda, Debenhams. While Nikita and me were quite exhausted, we enjoyed making Tanusha try on clothes. With Shalini's phone hiding trick played on Tanusha, and her 'so called betrayal' to us and trust in Shalini's hubby, it was indeed a huge blast! We literally had fun like 10 year olds!

The Bangalore Fashion and Style Bloggers Meet was indeed a great turn out with a lot of smiles, and style. 
We ended on a note to meet again and some hugs and goodbyes. 

A meet to remember if I must say?

Now hope on and look at the pictures!

Left to right in the picture below: Ila, Jahn, Shalini, Sonshu (ME), Nikita, Tanusha, Sayanti, Purushu 

Chilli Cheese Toast (My favourite) and Heart shaped aawwwwww Vegetable cutlets with chips. 

Image sources:, Shalini, Jahnobi
All editing done by

What did you think of our fun meet? 

Would you like to help us organize the next meet in Bangalore? Want to be a part of it?
Write in to me:

Till next time, 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Philosophies of life.

Certain meetings, situations, places, people teach you lessons in life. And everyday is a new days for growth, we're all on this learning curve, where we keep seeking to learn and even if we don't life always has something new to share with us, something we didn't even know existed before but suddenly fall in love with.

People can be really vague. And sometimes you don't expect certain things of people but they turn out to be exactly how you didn't expect them to. When you take up something new for instance, you might perceive it to be something but it turns over and shows you that its just the opposite.

Life is like that, one big puzzle. Just when you think you are figuring it out, in comes a wave and whooshes all your ideals away giving you a whole new list of things to think about.

Also, have to state:
1. Sale season is around the corner, oh dear lord!
2. Met some fashion bloggers at a meet in Bangalore
3. College in like 3 days or something.
4. Shopping is going to get crazy for the next few weeks after which- Shopping Ban!
5. You people need to suggest cool books for me to read?

If you know me, you would know my love for black. And lately I've been accepting white too. So its only acceptable that I do posts on black and white (read: monotone) outfits once in a while. Especially since this look is so plain and so NOT me in all my glory ish, I had to share it with you people. Usually you'll spot me with like a bunch of accessories, colourful, and radiant. But there are days when everyone, (me included) likes to wear plain colours and just go along with the flow and that's exactly what I did with the outfit.

The pants are absolutely blingy but not so attention seeking which is why I love them. They have these pretty sequins on them but yet aren't loud, they are elegant and I can literally find a million ways to wear them. Also, the fit is beautiful. And the top is another versatile piece. I almost wear it too often to be true. And you know my love for these shoes right? Duh!

Also, before pictures: trying to catch up on all posts, was a little caught up with work etc. Forgive moi?

Ignore the teeny nail on the pointer finger. Broke when I was swimming! :D

Top: Westside
Pants: Code
Shoes: Local boutique
Ring: Ginger
Necklace: Ayesha, Bangalore

Can you see how minimal this outfit is? Not much of bling bling details. Sometimes we all like to go minimalistic right?

Till next time, 


Friday, June 22, 2012

She was the girl who sat by the window.

She sat by the window,

perched on the edge of the sofa;

she'd whisper sounds, as if talking to the birds
She'd stare out into the open and send a message.
Unresponsive to the world, in a universe of her own
Fragments of signals transmitting to the aliens,
smiling to herself, yet unbelievably friendly
She'd say hello to all, but settle into a trance
In the end, the world beyond the curtains was her home;
where her heart was

Curved a frown on her face when she had to walk away,
waving a sad goodbye to her friends she pulled herself apart
But the distance between their hearts,
was liked not by the friends
Sent a demon to slay other people, 
possessive of their special friend they were
Everyone was afraid, for the demons were ferocious
But she feared not, for she explained the reason
Her friends were sad, but they nodded with melancholic sounds

I will return, worry not: she said
For She was the girl who sat by the window.


P.S: The poem was written in like 12 minutes. I was sitting in my grandpa's house when the window instantly gave me inspiration to write something like this. Instantly I took out a paper and jotted everything down. As I always say: Anything and everything is inspiring. Even a sofa, and the curtains. Its the perspective that matters.

Would love to know what you thought?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Ought To Accept!

Hello everyone,

This post is different from the usual, so first the images and then I'll tell you all about it.

Disclaimer: No offence intended to anyone, whatsoever. All facts stated are purely for fun! If anyone finds anything offensive, please contact me and I will take it down.

Image heavy post ahead.

You must be wondering what the above pictures signify. But wait a second, let me tell you.
#YouOughtToAccept is a hash tag I started on twitter when I was bored out of my wits and had a lot on my mind. Luckily for me, a lot of people have been DM-ing me in the past few hours saying how much they love it so I decided to do this post to tell you what its about. 
The hash tag basically signifies the things, facts and everything in general that we know but don't accept. Its time to accept these things, acknowledge them fearlessly. Some of them are pretty serious and others are funny. So I'm going to be doing this on my twitter over a period of time, you can join in if you wish. 

I'll be doing these post updates of the tag once in a while so you folks who aren't on twitter can catch up with it. You can join me in this tag here: #YouOughtToAccept

Remember that the point of this tag is to be fearless and crazy and honest, so don't worry, go ahead and express yourself all you want to. 
Which was your favourite #YouOughtToAccept fact? 
Tell me!

You can also leave a comment adding few facts you'd want to contribute and see it in the next YouOughtToAccept post.

Till next time, 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The magic comes from within.

See I told you I will be back soon?

Hi-ilicious amazing people who are super sweet to me all the time, 
A huge hello that was or what? Anyway I am back with another outfit. In a row? Bazinga. Yes, lately I've stopped being so much of a lazy bum and started actually doing such things. 

*Awkward pause*

One often made statement is that asymmetrical shirts/tops cannot be worn by people on the heavier side. But I completely disagree. Give me a challenge like that and I'll rock it and show you that you are wrong. A little challenge worker I am. 

How to work the asymmetrical trend?

1. Asymmetry has become a huge rage and a fast setting trend in the past few months and everyone wants to wear it. Luckily, all body types can carry this off absolutely well. 
2. When in doubt, reassure yourself about the fact that you can make anything look good and you will be good to go. 
3. You can go for an asymmetrical top like I have, or an asymmetrical skirt (available at Zara, Mango etc)
4. When working the trend, always remember to try and make sure your accessories go with the clothing that you are wearing. 
5. Avoid wearing palazzo pants or wide legged pants with asymmetrical tops, and avoid long tops with asymmetrical skirts. 
6. Choose a hairstyle which you feel makes you look amazing and rocking the trend. 

Outfit post:
Details after the pictures

Top: Boutique (Bangalore)
Pants: Boutique (Bangalore)
Bag: c/o Craftsvilla (Read about it HERE)
Necklace: Splash, Bangalore
Golden bracelet: Streets
Golden cuff: Commercial street (seen HERE)
Shoes: c/o American Apparel (HERE)

The outfit was put together for a day out, a lunch, some shop visiting, etc. The black asymmetrical top was paired with the paint splattered pants. This would be a very simple look if not for the accessories. Hence concluding that accessories can make or break and outfit. 

The bag is from Craftsvilla and it is  Jim Morisson Jute tote that not only is amazing for college, but also a perfect choice this season. It comes with a zip on the top and a tiny compartment that adds to its awesomeness. It fit all my things inside, because it is quite huge right?

The cuff and necklace were what I particularly added to jazz the outfit. The statement necklace has been a personal favourite for a long time now and I can add it to almost every outfit of mine which makes it all the more cool. 

The shoes. Ah, these shoes. The amount we walked that day was crazy. And I am so glad I wore this shoe because it is not only cushiony but also very pretty. Quite a lot of people were asking me where I got it from. Even the restaurant lady, so you'll definitely get a lot of compliments and it doubles up because of the plus one comfort. You have got to have one of these for yourself from American Apparel. They not only have a great range of products but are very affordable and if you pay an extra buck they make sure that it is totally worth it. Extremely fabulous service and quick delivery. 

That's pretty much it about the outfit.



Now I'm leaving you with a little something I was thinking about lately. 

' We meet so many people everyday. People enter our lives and they go, some remain, some cut off, but what makes these things happen? Is it a power, or is it from within. Why do we make the choices that we do? Why do we take the steps that we do? What changes the course of our life? Maybe there is magic after all. But then again, I believe that the magic comes from within you ' 

And that my friends is the reason some people succeed and others don't. It all depends on what you believe in.

Yourself or others?


Leave a comment. Tell me what you think of the outfit and what I had to say. 


P.S: Heading out on a small teeny 4 day vacation. Will be back with lots of amazing updates+pictures+posts I'm sure. Will get back to all your blogs when am back.

P.P.S: Lookbook is up! 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Awesome and I know it.

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Hello cool people!

Today I have decided to talk less and you'll figure the look from the pictures more. Because I often end up eating the whole post with all my chatter. Yeeehaw.

Also, lately have been contributing a lot to @_InFB on twitter and all. Because it is so much fun. Made so many new friends. Lovely people. Also finally started pinteresting a lot more again. Just making use of this free time.


P.S: Ignore the fact that my left hand has been cut out in most pictures. Arrrgh. 


Outfit details:
Top: Only
Jeans: Comm street
Flat wedges: Ed Hardy
Necklace: DIY
Earrings: Accessorize 
Bag: c/o American Apparel 
Lip Gloss: c/o American Apparel (HERE)


Gotcha? You thought I would stop talking? Really? Me? I would never reduce my chatter for anything. So here I am, blabbering again. 

Also, I was quite skeptical about 4th picture, I wasn't posing. Was laughing at a joke mom cracked. 

Today Im not going to tell you how to wear tangerine or styling denims or all that style advice. Just a little about the look: 

Was heading to the mall, grabbed my brightest blouse from Only (which is awesome btw. The material is dream like. Colour is so lovely) , paired with comfortable jeans and some flat wedges. Added the earrings because people complain that they hardly see me in earrings and was in love with this pair today morning. Went crazy with the eye make up, winged look. The lip gloss is a nude-ish shade from American Apparel that I LOVE. 

The bag, oh how I love this beauty. It is of such a unique colour: Hunter and I own not one bag in this wonderful colour. It is pure bliss in terms of texture and stuff. Also I can fit almost everything into it, that makes it so freaking cool. You people should totally check out American Apparel because they have the most brilliant bags, leather, cotton, carry alls, and stuff. Also, the lip glosses are amazing. They not only shine but are very yummy and smooth. 

Oh and lately I've been obsessed with the bun again. It is just so awesome when your hair isn't in constant contact with your neck. Just saying. 


Apart from outfit and all. 

Something to think about: Can't people on the healthier side be fashion bloggers? I've addressed similar issues many times but some companies think otherwise. If they have sizes only XS and S they should mention it before approaching people right? And I think there need to be more brands in India catering to healthier people. I've gotten so many mails asking me where I shop, where I get clothes which fit but are also fashionable. 

I hope some stores are hearing me. 

I am freaking proud of my figure! 

The title is for this very thing. Not narcissism. Just trying to get a message across to people. (No one in particular)

and you all are awesome. <3

What do you think of this post? The photos, the outfit etc? Leave a comment. 


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P.S: Going to be back in a short time with next post :P Just saying.