Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who do you think you are?


He pushed me and my face hit the ground. I could feel the blood gushing to my nose and oozing out, I was bleeding. He pulled my collar and lifted me up. ‘Don’t ever sit in ‘my chair stupid boy’ he said confidently giving me evil glares

*Pinch* Oh it is reality? Yes, bullies still exist. They always have and probably someday Super Saver will get rid of every one of them. Yes, I’ve heard of a kazillion cases of bullying but hardly do I hear standing up to a bully cases. Maybe after all we need to educate everyone that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt).

Every minute children are succumbing to pressure and taking up to suicide and drug abuse because of inability to deal with the pressure. The fear that talking will get them in trouble, after all it is nothing less than the threatening killer who’s asking for a ransom, except here the bully is threatening you and just getting sadistic joy in it.

It is easy to say, ‘Open up, stand up to him’ but how easy is it to actually implement? If someone came and pushed you down or hit you to a wall tomorrow, would you actually stand up to them and tell them they can’t treat you like that, or would you fear another beating and live in silence. Though the first should be our answer, many take up the latter.

Bullying can range from snatching your pen in class, or eating up your lunch every day. Severe cases could be threatening you to take blame for someone else’s mistake, or even forcing you to do drugs. See? I know many instances where people take up to smoking or drug abuse because of bullying. Their peer would probably tell them that if they disobey, they would be socially humiliated and hence a scared teen takes up to bad habits.

It is something that has been a part of our society since ancient times and has morphed into different forms over a period of time but the root cause will always be the same.

Bullying could totally devastate your life. But why give the reigns of your wonderful life to some third or even fourth person to control? Who are they? Is it that intimidating to snatch it back from them and take charge of yourself? No. It isn’t. Mind control and self confidence is your solution. Believe that you are great and you have it in you to face the bully and I’m sure that soon, you might even be able to reform him.

The next time someone pushes you out of a seat in a bus, or tells you to give your bat to them, tell them you won’t. Be so sure of yourself and don’t fumble when you say it. Take that bully by surprise, and soon they won’t dare come near you.

After all, everyone can change. But all it takes is ‘You’ to bring about the change. You can change it, for the better. Maybe tomorrow, your child won’t have to go through it. Do something today, it might just be gone tomorrow.

Stand up for yourself, against the bully. You can do it.

This post is a dedication to all those who've gone through bullying and dealt with it. If you haven't been able to, no worries, time is not over. 


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  1. Awww!
    Your recent posts have been really inspirational Sonshuu!
    I loved this one too. :]

  2. Sonshu,

    Inspirational post. You have said it yourself that it is easier said than done. Bullies are in every walk of life and one surely needs to stand up against it no matter what the results be.

    Take care

  3. it gets loads better after school....i have always stood up against bullying..i have faced a very mild form of it from so called friends but i am no longer in touch with those people...keep fighting against bullying and stay strong.

  4. This indeed is inspirational but come to think of it. There are so many people talking about it inspiring others to do what you just said. But standing upto something is really hard.
    Most of the people would chose to remain silent. Me included.
    Sometimes we have to.
    Sometimes maybe being silent is a better option.

  5. A lot of social awareness there.
    And true bullying sucks, but I'd prefer not being victimized and would rather stand up for myself. Even bullies are scared, you need to tackle em right.

    Great stuff :)

  6. @Blah: Hahaha. :) Thankyouuu blah!

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  8. @Jack: Completely with you on that uncle. Glad you liked it.

  9. @songbird: Yeah. This was written for someone who went through it. And yes. I hope!

  10. @N: I sort of agree but slightly disagree too. While being silent is the safer and easier option it might kill. Its always better to be open no matter how hard it is.

  11. @CS: Ah. Completely agree. They are scared too :P