Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take over the Mint.

I'm so bored of saying hello everytime, I think I'll say: Hoooooooooyaaaa wonderful people. Anyhow, you know how I've not done an outfit post in a really long time and I felt like I had to get out of my lazy mood and shoot one. However I've been really sick for the past two days Fever, headache and all that crap. On the bright side I've been writing a lot and I'm really glad its been appreciated.

Lately all I do is watch Pretty Little Liars and Sex and the City on ZCafe and CBS Love. Ah! The bliss of holidays, I hope it goes on forever. Seriously? And results are out next Wednesday and I can't stop freaking out. People on twitter have been really sweet and they kept telling me it'll be fine but I can't stop worrying. Damn, it needs to get over fast.

Minty hues have been a favourite this year, I've practically raided and re-raided my closet to pick out the minty colours and wear them with different colour combinations and try out variations. This post has a minty shade too but this time I wore it with black and green. So please do ignore the frowny expressions: I've been drained of my energy. Jeggings are a favourite when it comes to summer because its light yet looks utterly stylish and gives a denim effect, so here I wore my blackish grey jeggings with the mint top and paired it with a shrug. More after the pictures.

Top: Vero Moda (Bangalore), Jeggings: Local Boutique (Bangalore), Shrug: Forever New (gifted), Necklace: Colaba Causeway (Mumbai), Loafers (Local shoe store), Bangle: CKP (Bangalore), Earrings: Gifted, Clutch/Wallet: Paprika (Lifestyle, Bangalore), Ring: Commercial Street. 

On my nails: Sally Hansen shades (gifted)

I know the bun looks absolutely weird in the first picture but trust me I received a lot of compliments for it and not only is it comfortable for the scorching heat but also its really chic and goes with almost everything. So I went for this high messy bun with this outfit. The tribalesque bangle and huge ring add to the statement that this outfit aims to make. 

How to style your jeggings?

This is a dilemma that many often face and I would say its the most easiest thing because its like styling your denims but there are certain differences because of the material. Smitha asked me via mail a long time back how to style her jeggings to college so here's some tips. 

1. Always wear your jeggings with longer tops or tunics. 
2. Say a no to shirts or tee shirts because jeggings hug the body and you don't wanna look vulgar. 
3. Wear contrasting colours and colour block with jeggings because they're fun and go with almost all colours. 
4. You can also wear your kurtas with jeggings to college to make it look stylish. 
5. Pairing a dress and re-using it as a tunic on a jegging would be a good deal!
6. If you are on the heavier side lean towards longer tops like I usually do, but sometimes its okay to experiment with shorter tunics like the above one. 
7. Since jeggings are subtle and not too loud have fun with the accessories and shoes. 
8. Asymmetrical tops would be a yes with jeggings because they're long at the back and that is what we're aiming at, so if you have toned thighs no harm showing them off.
9. Carry it off in style. 

That's the book I'm reading: Stories of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende, it seems to be brilliant and portrays the narrating skills of a person and how wonderfully she can weave stories to her lover. 

Anyway, still halfway through. Oh and something else I adore about holidays is the fact that I can leisurely read to my own whims and fancies. Its fabulous as to how much I've been reading over the past few weeks. 



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  1. Wow! I love your outfit! The minty shades are so soothing! And I love your accessories! You look beautiful.

    I hope you are feeling well now and best of luck for the result!

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  2. Loving the accessories and shoes! <3
    We were just wondering why you've stopped posting outfit posts! But now you're back with them! :)
    Hope you are fine now! Get well soon!

    p.s New header is super cool! ;)


    Ah, you get the point.

    You are so gorgeous, it is wow-y.
    Love the top and the necklace and the footwear!

    <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Love the new header..and you peeking..cuteness! And loved seeing a more dressier Sonshu!

  5. Love the new header :D Sonshu with lipstick and all eh ? Looking gorgeous, you !

  6. Oh Sonshu, you pretty lady. Love love love this outfit; you look so chic! Adoration.

    Love, Miffalicious. [miffalicious.wordpress.com]

  7. I think even with a bad health, you still look a stunner :)

    I love the neck piece and the top.. beauty :D

  8. The mint top is adorable Sonshu. :) LOVE!

  9. i can't watch satc without inserting eye rolls a bit too frequently but i have been hooked to PLL..i felt dizzy for hours the other day while giving an exam..it's all the heat getting to us i am telling ya..your results will be fine i am sure..but it ain't over till you get in somewhere..been there freaked out..it does pass..love the outfit..the colours,accessories are perfect..and really craving that shrug..i wear jeggings with shorter tops as well..as long as it goes halfway down the bum it's fine for me...anyhoo all the best for the results :D

  10. I hope you're feeling better now! wish you best of luck for the result :)
    Love your outfit! Awesome necklace!!
    You have a lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a nice week!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  11. Great styling with these jeggings! I totally adore the shoes and that necklace.

  12. Your outfit is "refreshing" . Loved it. And even I am hooked on to PLL. Love the Liars.

  13. Love the 'Mint Madness', Sonshu! The top looks great on you. I think the hairdo is perfect for this weather, it's too hot and humid.
    PS: The header is super adorable!
    Much love

  14. @Nidhi: Thankyouuu darling! Thanks a ton! :)

  15. @SBN: Glad you liked it, thankyou!

  16. @chpdzn: Aawww, thanks a lot, and glad you liked it. :P

    @Blah: You always say such sweet things. Thanks so much for all the compliments!

  17. @Sayantani : Hahaha, thanks a ton Sayantani! :) Really means a lot

    @Ido: Hahaha, wow, thanks!

  18. @Sunkissed: Ah, you noticed. Thanks ! :)

  19. @miffalicious: Oh you little sweet thing, thankyouuuuu!

    @CS: Serious? LOL. Thankyou girlie!

  20. @Nirukti: Thanks girl!

    @songbird: Yeah it can get eye rolly but I watch it for Carrie literally. Anyhoo yeah, that's totally fine, to each her own ! :)

  21. @Marisa: Will definitely stop by, thankyou.

    And thanks a lot! glad you liked em!

  22. @Eshna: Aaaah good to know. :) Thanks!

  23. @Cheryl: Thankyouuu girlie, thanks a lot!

    @Teehee: i loveee em too :P ehehe

  24. @Priya: Awww, thank you so much, glad you really liked it. Thanks once again.

  25. Love this look and your hair is such a carefree glam do <3 Super love

  26. Loving your style Sonshu! And I'm such a fan of how you wear everything with confidence and a gorgeous smile :)

    Way to go!


  27. @Nyx: Aaawww, so sweet thankyou!

    @Japna: Thanks a ton girl! :P That's so sweet of you!

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