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A shopping experience at Craftsvilla.

 Brilliant people of the world, hear me?

Craftsvilla Blog: Discover India's Unique Handmade & Handcrafted Items

Craftsvilla ( is an online retail store that exclusively sells Indian Handmade products online. As you know we had a giveaway in association with Craftsvilla a few days back, today I will be telling you about their website. A review of sorts, as to how the delivery etc is. 

The website also has features like: Discovering through craft, colour, price or shops. It also gives you a platform to showcase your handcrafted products if you are a retailer. 

When I had to choose something to get for myself I was rather thrown with many options. The products are plenty because of a variety of brands. The website is a host to a lot of brands that make these products all hand crafted and I was seriously in a fix as to what I should order, however I ended up getting a bag and a pencil pouch because I found them to be eternally cute. 

They have various things from home products to creams to jewelry, they seem to have mastered the art of having it all. Especially since everything is hand made it doubles up the love and the product becomes that much more lovely. You can find things from Rs 100 to Rs 5000 and more, so there's something for everybody's needs. Be it your father, mother or even your granny! 

I placed my order on May 11 and instantly received a mail regarding the order confirmation. The thing is, once you place an order it reaches the retailer of the particular product so when you order different things from different products they arrive at various timings. I placed my order with two different companies and hence one was sent on May 14 and one on May 16. I received both of them within 2 days of dispatch and I think that is pretty good right? Also, it was packed neatly and I must say I was pretty impressed with the quality of the products. 

Will be showing you the products in the future posts. :) 

Also usually things we see are different from how they are when we receive them but here it was exactly how I saw it when I ordered it, so that's a plus point! 


1. A variety of things to choose from for everyone
2. Price range is huge so you can definitely find something for your budget
3. Cash on Delivery is available! (for certain brands)
4. The courier service used is quite trustworthy and they delivered the products safely too. 
5. The products come neatly wrapped, hence no worry of breakage. 
6. All products are truly handcrafted and are actually worth every penny. 


1. The products from different brands arrive at separate timings
2. COD is not available for all brands! 

So you see? 6 pros and 2 cons? What does that mean? We can pretty much ignore the cons right? This website is sure to go a long way because of their brilliant service. 

Rating: 4.5/6 :) 

Some of my favourite things from around the website. Click on the image to look at the product. 

Ding Dong Earrings

Unwind Shoes - PYJAMA PARTY

Emoticon Handmade Soaps

Summer Style in Pink
Rosalyn Lady portrait Clutch
I shopped at Craftsvilla, HAVE YOU?

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