Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday et all. - 3

Hello awesomest people. 

Its that time of the week again where we talk music. First of all I am extremely happy. One because IPL is over. No more cricket crap on my TL. Two because KKR actually won. I support them because they're SRK's team. I just had to say this, so if you want, ignore it. 

Also I now have embedded comments on the blog so as to encourage replying. LOL. Basically makes it easy to reply to your comments. 


This week has been pretty musical in terms of it, because I've had lots of time on my hands and discovered some new artists and music. However, I will be sharing two of them with you today.

1. Kelly Clarkson- Dark Side

Kelly Clarkson has always been one to give some powerful songs. And this one was just as much. I was literally left crying at the end of the song, the concept is brilliant. Her eyes, speak a million words and the video has been shot beautifully. There's something heart touching about this song. Its so practical, the song. It talks about how everyone has a dark side, and how people aren't perfect. I just love the message.

You will love it if you delve in and seek to understand the hidden meaning. A must listen to be inspired. 

You can watch the official video here. Below I have attached the video with lyrics because they are indeed wonderful.

2. Radio Killer- Lonely Heart

Discovering this song was by chance.

I believe this song is perfect for an after breakup scene, playing in the background. Its so sad and dark yet wonderful. The band has an amazing talent and I've been listening to a lot of their songs after this. You should too, they have a lot of potential. Radio Killer released their first in Sept 2009 and after that they've been doing the rounds for their different approach to music. 

Here's a glimpse of the lyrics.

The memory of you
Still lingers on
And our song is playing in my head on and on
My world is black and white baby now that you're gone
I've started to think I'll be forever

So those were the songs in store for today. The songs to our inbox feature is currently hibernating because I am a bit caught up with work and posting on the blog is just about appropriate. So you will be seeing a lot of posts as I am doing a lot of writing, honing my skills.

Also today I bring to you Picture Day.

Every month we'll have a day or two where I'll post some of the pictures from my instagram account if you aren't on it or on twitter. So here goes.

Pictures from my INSTAGRAM- Sonshusi (Catch me on instagram)


So yes, I do food, shoes, nails, ootd and what not. Instagram has totally become an obsession now. Love it. 

Till next time, 

Keep it musical. 


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