Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday - 2.

Hello folks,
Back with Music Monday on this bright awesome Monday. I know people hate Mondays but the very purpose of Music Monday is to make Mondays fun and melodious. So this week I have a few more lovely songs for you'll to listen to.

1. Ariana Grande- Put your hearts up

Discovering Ariana was truly by chance. Saw her in the side bar of suggested music while browsing through a list of my favourite youtube music videos and wanted to see her gown so clicked on it. However, turned out that the song was very chirpy and beautiful. Yes, a song that's beautiful. Its scenic and pretty and I truly love the asymmetrical gown but she's an artist that seems like all pink and girly so if you aren't for that type you might not like it. However give it a hear because the lyrics are utterly sweet.

A good hear for a boring Monday Morning!

2. Rihanna- Where Have You Been

Clearly women are dominating my Music Monday this week. Rihanna never fails to surprise me as she always looks so effortless but stylish. Her videos are definitely rocking always and take the world by storm. She's bold, daring and still herself. All this comes by nature to her and you can see it. This song is just another blaster. A tornado like one that starts and ends soon and you'll be left in awe. Her costumes are just out of the world.

At 0.53 what she wears is just so funky and nice. Also the dance is adorably funny and lovely. Tribalesque. Also one would fall short of adjectives to describe her.

At 1.43 observe her eye makeup and hairdo, lovely. Fierce yeah. The dance is just fabulous, so going to learn it up.
However from 3:00 the video and dance becomes a little vulgar and I don't like that part, but you can enjoy the music still!

That's all I have for you today. Two songs by two amazing ladies. Next week we'll see more and hear more I hope. :)
Sorry for the recent lack of style posts, haven't been getting time to photograph any outfits however will be back with them in a bit.
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