Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday - 1

Music Monday is something I've always wanted to do considering my love for music and ever lasting relationship with it. So from this day on, every Monday I will definitely be posting a Music Monday post in which I will tell you what songs are currently on loop mode in my playlist and songs I'm obsessing over. 

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This week I present two mind blowing songs that have just taken me by surprise and that I'm obsessing over.

1. Pani Da Rang- Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann has always been a favourite but I never knew he could sing. Clearly he is an all-rounder. Vj to singing, he has come a long way. I'm so glad Vicky Donor is doing really well. This man has truly worked had and will make it big. This song Pani Da is an original composition by him.

What I love is the effortlessly beautiful voice and the way he sings it so casually as if it is nothing. The lyrics are brilliant and everything about it can keep you waiting for another song by him. You will definitely love his charm and cuteness but also admire his talent.

P.S: love his face in 0.28 and 1.03. Eeeee.

2. Boyfriend- Justin Bieber

I was never a Justin fan. (okay maybe in the beginning but then I started disliking him).

However this new song by Bieber is leaving me crazy. Have you seen him? Heard his voice? Its like sexy multiplied by 100. His charm has just gotten bigger and his voice has transformed. If you are a Bieber hater or someone who just doesn't like him that much you will fall in love after this song.

Definitely digging the rap portion and his smiley, grinny, adorable face. I love his shoes, the way he talks, the way he dances.

Let me make this clear, I love this song and all but I'm not turning into a Belieber and all that. Listen to it and appreciate how much he's transformed.

What do you think?

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Be back next monday with more songs!

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