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MET Ball 2012- An Insight

The MET Ball or the MET Gala is often known as the mother of all Red Carpets (I just made that up). Anyway, it is supposedly the Oscars of the East Coast and the who's who of the industry definitely make it a point to attend it. It is an annual ball practically that celebrates the opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. 

To know more about the MET Gala check out their page here:

The Verdict:

Source: Just Jared via Google
Beyonce looked stunning in this Givenchy Haute Couture gown and showed off her post baby curves. I absolutely love how the gown looks on her and the side pulled back hairdo goes well! The purple feathers look pretty nice on her too and the coralesque lips are pretty.

Source: Just Jared via Google
Kristin Stewart definitely did better than her usual. She's wearing a Balenciaga Colour Blocked dress.
Okay its time someone tell her how desperately she needs a change of stylist? Oh dear lord, that dress! Horror Horror!

Source: Google Images
Scarlett Johansson in a Dolce and Gabbana gown, with the tulle skirt looks perfect. (However I don't like her tulle that much. The upper half had me blown away) The red lips, messy hair, deep neckline and jewels just does everything for her. This girl got it 10 on 10 and she's on my Top 5 list. Love what she's wearing. Can you believe those are Fred Leighton jewels? Like omg! And her confidence is magnificent! She's a beauty. 

Source: Vogue
Carey Mulligan in a two tone Prada dress. Okay, she looks like a disco ball. I think she should have worn this to a party instead? In fact she did, the after party saw her shining in this and it looked good then! Nonetheless, the shoes are fine. Too pointy, but fine. 

Source: Vogue
Diane Kruger in a Prada Gown and it has ostrich feathers at its hemline? Seriously? Somehow, purple has never been the red carpet colour. I'm not a fan of what she's wearing either, doesn't look great on her, infact I don't like the dress much it self! 

Thank God for Florence Welch! So there still are some people who haven't entirely gone blind and forgotten where they were headed to. She wore an Alexander McQueen and look at it. Gorgeous is all I can manage. Gosh, its such a girly lovely dress. I'd definitely wear it all day. however I think she's really lucky she carries it off so well, not everyone would be able to. So prettttty. Eeeeep.

source: Vogue
Someone save us? What happened to her? Look at this. I know she tried asymmetry in this short dress but I so don't like the peeking boob, its so desperate. This is actually a Prada gown but so not liking how it looks. But before I could flip I zoomed and saw those shoes and I literally fainted. Dazzling. And the Anna Hu earrings are very classy too, just should have worn a better gown Gwyneth Paltrow

source: Google images
Rihanna wore this backless gown by Tom Ford. At first I wasn't impressed but on closer look I was really happy. It actually look pretty good on her, not one of her bests but still better than many others. I completely adore the Loubs however. Pointed, black and brilliant! However, contradicting myself I think you kinda like it when you keep looking at it. The backless part is very nice and then you start liking the funky hairdo and then you are like Kudos Rihanna! :P LOL.

source: Vogue
I don't know if I'm partial to her because she's one of my favourites or what, but I like what she's wearing. Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in this floral Valentino which turned out crushed at the bottom but I still like how she's striding confidently in it. You have to adore the smile she wears always and she actually carries this off very well. I love the dangly earrings too. 

source: Celeb Gossip 
Leighton Meester decided that she wanted to go for trends and she wore this nude tulle dress by Marchesa which was very pretty. The red lipstick seems to be a celeb fav with nude. Anyhow, I actually like her tulle as compared to Scarlett's. She has this feminine look and this gown would look good on no one but her, so yaay for that. Very pretty Leighton.  

Source: Tumblr
Gisele Bundchen arrives at the even in this Givenchy Haute Couture gown. She's actually gone safe and worn black but I like the strappy shoes and the blingy gown. Its nice, but she played it safe I feel. However love the neat pulled back hairdo. 

Source: Tumblr
Just look at Eva Mendes in this strapless Prada gown. That embellished bodice is just stunning! And I like how the colour of the gown compliments her skin. Surprisingly looks great with the red carpet too. Woah. She's got it right. I'm so glad she didn't wear a neck piece and spoil it or anything. Lovely.

Emma Roberts chose to wear this bright yellow Escada gown. If you notice, it has a slight peplum hint. Somehow I'm wondering why its so crushed, looks like she sat in it real long. However we can forgive her right? I actually like the colour on her pale skin and the hairdos fine. But she could have done better! The clutch is fab though.

Jessica Alba decided to rock the carpet in this Michael Kors metallic gown and I love it. Somehow it spells classy more than partyish. And the accessories and the side swept hairstyle are all just right. She is one of my favourites at the event. And everything about this is just fab, I definitely am digging it! I think its because of the gold hue and the red lipstick again. Very Jessica! Very stylish and classy.

Renee Zellweger wore this sheer Emilio Pucci gown that was custom made and I love it. I like how its sheet at the right places, doesn't look vulgar, looks amazingly beautiful and I love the backless part too. Also liking the earrings and everything about it practically. Very pretty and the geometric shapes on it look stylish and add to the beauty of it!

My absolute favourite was Nina Dobrev in this Donna Karen Atelier gown. She looks like a freaking goddess. I mean look at that, she's beautiful in that gown. And the train was just stunning. The peek a boo boob can completely be ignored considering she's made the right choice with the gown. I love how she's left it plain only keeping it to the gown because it deserves all the attention. She's so gotta be on the best dressed list because she truly made it look royal. Hi5! 

Trends at the MET Gala 2012:

The MET Gala saw a lot of bright colours with celebs like Eva Mendes, Solange Knowles, Emma Roberts sporting it, it also saw a lot of peplum in these celebs. They are clearly loving the peplum trend. While some of them carried it off very well, some clearly didn't.

Dianna Argon, Lena Dunham and Greta Gerwing wore hues of emerald green and everyone loved it, so we definitely can see a lot of greens this season. Very classy and eye catching. I am definitely a fan of the colour and glad that its in trend too!

Feathers have been a trend for a long time now and it looks like its going to keep going. While Beyonce looked effortlessly chic sporting the trend, I wasn't a fan of Diane Kruger. So keep your feathers in stock, be it extensions or dresses.

Prints were a favourite but none of them seemed to carry it off even close to good. In fact I can hardly decide who looks worst? All of them are probably making it to the worst dressed list. Sorry girls, next time hire a stylist. 

The Long Black Gown was seen a lot and the likes of Rihanna and Gisele opted for it. I think everyone manages to look good in black so its always going to be around. Hurrah to that eh? 

Camilla Belle, Lana Del Rey, Jessica Alba

The Red Carpet also saw a lot of bright dramatic lipstick trends in Camille Belle, Lana Del Rey and Jessica Alba. Even Scarlett wore a dramatic hued lipstick. So don't let go of your maroon, red and other brilliant bright lipstick colours. A personal favourite and all of them looked brilliant in it!


While my favourites would undoubtedly be Nina Dobrev, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Welch, Rihanna and Jessica Alba in no particular order. 

Who was your favourite?
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  1. Holaa! I mentioned and linked up to you in my recent blog post =D
    Kristen looks drunk. Like,I had no idea she looks THIS BAD in real life o_O What's with the hair? And those shoes along with that weird dress?!?!
    Scarlett Johansson is damn sexy and looks amazing but I wish her tulle skirt was shorter, like the upper half should've been a little longer perhaps?
    Carey looks weird. When I see the photo, the shiny skirt is all I see,not her face or anything.
    Diane's dress is idk a very weird purple that it's out of place! I don't like it either!
    Florence looks CUTE! :D I love that dress!
    Eh =\ I thought Gwyneth was fashionable, but peeking boobs = BLEURGH! Also, the dress is plain ajeeb =$
    Sarah looks adorably prettty :D I love the floral print and her smile!
    Ooooooh, Leighton she looks PERFECT! I think she's my favorite :D The dress is pretty, I love her tulle!
    Emma, yellow could be eh on some people, but it goes really well with as u said, her pale skin.
    Jessica, I agree, her dress looks classy, as opposed to disco party-ish.
    Muchlove <3 xx

  2. Carrey Mulligan all the way! \m/
    Rihanna,Gwen Stefani, Renee Zellweger are some of our other favourites! :)

  3. Kristen is so badly dressed - When will she learn! I feel like Scarlett shouldn't have had that tulle, the top part should have continued till the bottom hemline + the tulle colour just makes her look washed out.
    My favorite was Diana Agron in the aquamarine gown - that girl makes anything look gorgeous :)

  4. Great Met Gala breakdown. Jessica Alba was one of my faves as well. I really wish K-Stew would smile in photos. I'm getting tired of her woe-is-me demeanor.

  5. i loved nina,sjp & carey the best..other's weren't that impressive was very eh this year..i liked emma stone also..

  6. @BlahBlah: That has to be the longest comment in the history of comments. Thank you. :) Glad you did.

  7. @BlahBlah: That has to be the longest comment in the history of comments. Thank you. :) Glad you did.

  8. @chp_dzn: You'll like Carey a lot eh? :P Ah ah :P

  9. @Sunkissed: Yes, she probably wont :P and yeah I felt the same too. :)

  10. @OhToBe: Thankyouuu cheryl :) Yeah she's awesome :P

  11. @songbird: Completely agree! It wasn't that great this year sadly!

  12. While typing I thought only ki this is LOOONG, good I didn't write my comments for the baakhi ka 1-2 people =P