Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is this creative or weird?

Fashion has always been different and dynamic. Never stagnant, always re-inventing. However we have seen some crazy moments when its come to the runway. Be it outrageous or super lovable, we've almost seen it all, and there's more to come. With artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna experimenting with the most extreme types of attire and looks, we do have celebs like K-Stew who sometimes wear disastrous outfits. But at the end it all adds up to the Fashion scene making the best and worst and giving scope for invention. 

In this post, I basically want to show you'll some of the most creepy and distinct fashion that I've come across. I will be giving my feedback about the fashion and what you have to do is this. In the comment section at the end of the post, write the name of each look and write: Creepy, So-So or Fabulous according to what you feel about the look. 

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine, no offence to any designer or model or anyone whatsoever.
None of the images are mine. Sources: Getty Images and Google Images

1. Cards on clothes

Let me warn you. This dress showcased at the 'Ashish Show' during the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 was weird. In fact the day I saw it I went: HAW? I mean, who would wear this? Maybe someone would. But let me tell you, this is one of the most subtle dresses out of all that are yet to come. In fact its pretty normal compared to the rest.

Rating: So- So

2. Breakfast on the Runway
This look by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada is nothing but weird. The headband is probably a piece of load and  the dress is a table mat with eggs on it? Really? What was the designer thinking? While people may say it is really bold, I think it is outrageously annoying. In fact I couldn't even look at it after a while. I actually like the hair and makeup but so not digging the breakfast on clothes look. 
Rating: Creepy

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3. Marilyn Inspired Tangerine

While we all the the famous Marilyn Monroe fluttering dress story, this dress was probably inspired by it.
Seen at the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada show at Madrid Fashion Week in 2009, it was called Anti Gravity.
While I'm completely loving the earrings and the sunglasses, I totally detest the dress. Maybe something a little more different probably?

Rating: Creepy

Antigravity dress at the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada show at Madrid Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009.

4. Over the Hat
This look spotted at the Viaduct Harbour Village Marine show during the Air NZ Fashion week has blown me away. With being absolutely WEIRD.

Rating: Creepy

Fashion Police: Viaduct Harbour Marine Village at Air New Zealand Fashion Week 2008

5. MJ is here

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac displayed this in their collection during Fall 2009. Much creepy 3D?

Rating: Creepy

 Jean-Charles de Castelbajac collection

6. Celebrities take the name

Some of the weird looks contributed by celebrities. Some celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj like experimenting and they actually have stepped out for major events in some of the weirdest dresses of all time. Here's a recap of some of the most controversial.

Grammy 2012:

Sasha Gradiva's pink gown would have otherwise been bearable if it wasnt for the machine gun arm piece that's just creepy and attention seeking.

Bonnie McKee actually carried the colour off well, however there's something weird about the dress.

 Nicki Minaj wore this custom made Versace and reminded everyone of Gaga. I have nothing to say about this outfit.

Fergie's see through Gaultier was the most talked about with hi-5s and low-5s. I personally loved the colour, hated the dress.

Robyn wore this mullet keeping trends in mind however I don't like how she wore it. On the other hand, stunner shoes.

Rating: Creepy


7. Lady Gaga

When someone says weird and fashion, anyone automatically connects Gaga to it and she'll probably love them for it. So here's some of Gaga's craziest and funkiest looks ever.

She wore this look at the VMAs and honestly it reminds me of a bird's nest. I think it is OTT and maybe the cuffs are brilliant but the head gear is a no no

Rating: Creepy

She wore this Red outfit to the VMA too as one of her changes. I love the head gear actually, but why cover her face?

Rating: Creepy

Now this look is absolutely beautiful. I think the whole structure defines her body very well, the shoulders look fab. Also the hair is brilliant. And the black nail colour. But the shades look like the ones people wear after cataract. However we can ignore that right?

Rating: Fabulous

This next outfit is something only she would be able to carry off. In fact I can't imagine anyone else looking good in it. I love the bow hair and how she's kept it relatively simple. One of her sanest outfits. Brilliance in black.

I can't look at this next outfit. Really can't. Its disgusting me already. Seriously? I have nothing to say. Except I will have nightmares tonight.

Rating: Creepy

That was a summary of some weird outfits that we have seen all over the place. But I think if I was to do all of them it'll take me an entire blog to do it. So I'll stop here.

But remember, I'd love to know what you thought of each outfit, after all we all are different.

Be back soon with more.


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  1. Holy canoodle. Your post just popped up on my blog feed, and my eyes zapped to the first picture. The card like shirt?

    I love it! I'm not normally one who bothers with clothes (because I'm 50% lazy and 50% boy), but this one I really like :)

    1. Hahaha. Really? Oh well. Thankyou :)

  2. Wow ! Hats off you to you doll - The research it must have taken to put this post up is tremendous !
    I find it annoying when these Fashion Weeks have these really exagerrated ugly hats ! I know fashion is a creative outlet but seriously does crap like that ever sell!
    PS: Gaga's structured shoulder dress was my fav for the above :D

    1. Ah. Yes, I ugly. Some things are eye blinding. Yes, it was my favourite too! :)

  3. 1- So so
    2- Creepy
    4- Fabulous
    6- Super Creepy except Katy Perry
    7- Creepy in most pics

    Whew! Long post!

    1. Whewww! Long comment. Hahha.
      Thankyouu! :)

  4. Ah.. Creepy stuff indeed :)
    But then, it's not about the clothes. It's about how people carry themselves in those clothes. And many do land up looking great :)
    The cards top wasn't bad. If paired properly, then it could look great!
    You're one great fashion researcher :D

    1. True. But I personally didn't like it :P haha.

  5. Sonshu,

    Fashion is really going beyond understaning.

    Take care

  6. Sonshu,


    Take care

  7. congratulations for your result!
    this is isha from: and the rest is history.
    i am planning a virtual bday surprise for my bestie. would be glad if u could drop by your wishes!
    follow, if you like what you see. and welcome us as ur new fans/followers! :D

  8. 1. Card on Clothes - So-So
    2. Breakfast on Runway - Creepy
    3. Marilyn Inspired - Creepy
    4. Over the Hat - So-So
    5. MJ is here - So-So
    6. Celebs - Creepy
    7. Gaga - Mostly Creepy, some of it's alright

    Most of my ratings were creepy, but I guess fashion for the runway tends to be a little extreme. Maybe if these styles were put into a more casual look, I'd look at them differently.

    And by the way, innovative post ☺

    1. Yeah, practically some of it is creepy. But sometimes you really need extreme to stand out. However I agree with you
      ! :)


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  10. I actually found myself going ohhh and ahhh and aghhh on those pictures! Great post! One of a kind!

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  11. I am here. :)

    i like Katy Perry's outfit.

    But lady gaga is amazingly deliriously creatively weird. she's different and that's beautiful.:D

    I am following you now. :D you have a really interesting blog.

    ps: its so good that people can't copy your pics.can u tell me how have u done that? so that i can do it on my blog too. :D

    1. Thanks for the follow. :)

      Yes I love Ms Perry! And I did it using a widget. :) Get in touch on email!

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  13. OMG, these are amazing! ahahaha Lady Gaga with her green fishies. Nicki Minaj looks like an evil little red riding hood.

    1. HAHAHA yeah. Lady Gaga And Nicki Minaj are on par with weirdness.

  14. for some reason I like the card one alone..None others..disgusting lady gagas meat dres!!!!

    1. Really? Well yeah it is the most sane of all.

  15. 1. Cards on clothes - not really creative
    2. Breakfast on the Runway - weird in an uninspiring way!
    3. Marilyn Inspired Tangerine -i like the colour,that's all!
    4. Over the Hat - love it.the make-up and details are awesome.inspiring.visually arresting
    5. MJ is here-hmmm not a fan
    sasha & bonnie-diss
    robyn looks tame but i like the shoes..fergie's dress' colour and lacey pattern get a thumbs up for me..but i am not a fan of see through stuff..
    i find nicki minaj to be a huge gimmick and don't like anything she does.her popularity thrives on cheap sensationalist stuff..
    these are actually some of the gaga things i didn't like i love her sense of outrageous and adventurous style..i like this outfit on katy perry as well..