Friday, May 4, 2012

A Fair Craze?

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The other day I was on my way to college and I spotted a hoarding which was an ad for a fairness cream, I'll spare you by not mentioning the name of the fairness cream, but all I will say that its tag line indeed makes a dark complexioned human feel like they're dirt.

Fairness advertisements are wholly responsible for insecure people. Did you know that the fairness cream business is worth about 900 cr? Oh, that definitely shows what people are going through.

We are often greeted by advertisements of fairness creams whilst watching a movie or probably your favourite television show. Do we actually realize what this does? Maybe nothing to you or even me, but there's someone out there who's feeling inferior about themselves. While we talk about racism and how it is wrong, why can't we understand that fairness creams are a medium for racism but in a subtle manner. They show a dusky girl and how she gains no interest from a man, whereas a fair girl  instantly appeals to the men? Does this mean dark is ugly?

The society already has a million standards and fairness creams are raising the bar even higher. Imagine a dusky complexioned girl going on a date with someone who's a prospective fiance and he says, 'You're nice, but I wish you were fairer?' Wouldn't her world come crashing down? While the fiance isn't the only one to blame, these fairness creams have a major, undeniable hand in what happened.

People aren't comfortable in their own skin. They go in for cosmetic surgeries, skin lightening treatments and most of all use fairness creams? Why? Because fairness creams exist. Why should someone be fair to be called pretty or beautiful? This definitely causes a stir in the mind of not only adults but also teenagers. Along with setting a definite bar for a girl or a boy, it also creates socially approved images. It sets an image that one is supposed to be and if they're not like that, then it is considered a negative aspect.

Can you believe that there have been suicides because of racism? Yes, indeed it is very believable, after all people succumb to the pressure of being unable to match up to the required fairness that's set by the society. Still, in today's modern, technologically advanced society, people are racist and if I might say, more racist than ever.

Blackie, Darkie, Kalli, Ugly Duckling, are some of the most common names that darker, duskier complexioned people are referred to. The most ironic part is that it isn't the foreigners alone who subject us Indians to this sort of racistic comments, it is us Indians ourselves. Fairer, wheatish complexioned indians discriminate against the darker ones and hence call them names, and treat treat them badly.

The big question here is that : Can a person be subject to social disapproval according to the colour of their skin?

Fairness creams not only target the upper class, the worst part is that the rural population, the people who are submerged in poverty fall for these ads and actually spend all their money on these creams, repeatedly using them, expecting to turn colours lighter. The sad point is that in cities like Bangalore, especially which is so modern and developed, people still go for the fairness cream and actually believe in it. The other day I came across a lady who said that she was a staunch believer of fairness creams because it created miracles for her. The aim is not to determine the quality of the fairness cream, it is infact to determine the impact of these ads on the society and in the mind of people.

The latest boom in the country and the city is the fairness cream for the 'vagina'. As if there weren't enough fairness creams to make one feel like they are inferior, out comes a cream that says it is essential to have a fair, fresh and white vagina. Isn't this the limit? First facial fairness, then it came to armpits, then elbows, knees, hands and what not. Now the vagina? I'm sure next there will be a fairness cream that lightens inner organs, after all it seems there is no limit.

Someone once said, ''Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' but I believe that times have changed, supposedly beauty now lies in the eyes of fairness creams. What they say, is beauty. What I fail to understand is the craze for fairness, why this craze?

The craze for fairness creams and racial discrimination based on colour is not something new to our city, country or even the human race. It has been a existent and slowly crept into the society millions of years back. But I think its time to put it to an end, once for all.

Isn't one satisfied with the million social approvals that we already have to gain? Why another? And when will this obsession with fairness and addiction to fairness creams ever stop?

If it doesn't stop soon, I'm sure fairness creams will come up with something even more crazy. So its time to say no to fairness creams. Be confident of who you are, the way you are.

You are beautiful.


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  1. Its about ur skins health too.The chemicals these creams use are outrageous and can also cause deep damage and cancer.

  2. Social disapproval according to the color of their skin...yea, of course. That happens all the time, and apparently, everywhere.

    I'm guessing a fairness cream is like a skin lightening cream, right? That sounds very stupid and even more so, very sad.

    I totally agree with you and maybe one day enough people will agree with us and there won't be a market for fairness creams.

  3. so lovely photo<3
    please visit me in free time:)

  4. I cannot begin to describe how close this issue is to us! It is absolutely wrong to send across the message that darker complexioned girls have no confidence, cannot achieve anything or will not get the boy they like. It is ridiculous! We really don't know how people cannot identify this as racism!

  5. Have you decided to get awesomer? No, answer me ;) Because your posts lately are so so good that your readers can't help respecting you more for what you write here. :)

  6. You touched on a very important topic here. Even people who are naturally happy with their skin want to become fairer because of all this pressure that the fairness inductry creates!
    I've seen some jokes on facebook about this vagina fairness thing thats been happening - it is disturbing. The level they have reached is beyond low.

  7. I feel strongly about this issue and you echoed my thoughts perfectly.

  8. @FashionPhD: Completely agree!

  9. @Cheryl: you guessed right.

    I do hope such a day comes.

  10. @chp_dzn: Glad you could relate with it.

    Exactly. You voiced what was on my head.

  11. @IdoIdo: Aawww, so sweet. Well you make me awesome.


  12. @Sunkissed: Completely with you on that :)

  13. And this leaves me thinking about Ponds add where the girl, who looks like Edward cullen's female self is complaining on how the guy is disinterested because she is DARK!!!WTH I say, even in the matrimony market the darker tone girls are labeled wheatish...I know even guys succumb to the beauty cream temptation...

  14. Are you serious about these crazy people selling fairness cream for vagina in India?? That sounds disgusting. People who love a person for their complexion are LOSERS . Besides i personally feel that Dusky girls are damn HOT.