Monday, May 21, 2012

A different 'Happily ever after'

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As kids, we are made to believe many things. Whether that’s “Santa gives you a gift if you are a good child” or “And she lived happily ever after”. But when we grow up and start living on our own terms do we actually realize that most of the things we read or are told as kids hardly exist in the realm that we live in. Or rather, we were told certain things just to protect us from the bitter reality of it.

Parenting skills are not in question here, but the society as a whole and the thought that as children one should believe everything is happy and there is no sorrow in the world. It is hard to understand how we expect these very children to battle out their problems as they grow up. How can we face our problems if we weren’t exposed to them ever?

But then again another question is popped: ‘Who is the society?’ and the truth is that we are the society and are wholly responsible for the fact that even today, with all the problems that the world is going through, we still tell children that ‘happy endings always exist’!

So you might be rolling your eyes, assuming that I’m just a cynical person but the fact is that this not cynicism but reality, it is the world as it is on paper. We have all these fairytale movies for children and books and something that’s common to all of them is that they begin with ‘Once upon a time’ and end with ‘Happily ever after’ and of course they talk of white horses, charming and valiant princes, beautiful pretty haired princesses and cruel people who come in the way of supposed true love. But who prepares children who read all this for the fact that maybe their ‘Prince’ might just leave them one fine day, or maybe they won’t have a ‘white horse’?

I think that if we prepare ourselves for what might come and think that we are capable enough to deal with the worst then even if it doesn’t come along we’ll be strong enough to face it. Because who actually knows what’s going to happen tomorrow?

Often, when I watch such movies, I am overwhelmed and sometimes get carried away but then I am struck with a thought that none of that is real. To talk about it, I used to be one of those fairytale believing people, called myself a princess and all that, but looking at it now I just find it humourous.

What I am trying to say is that: ‘In life we don’t just have brilliant people and cruel people. What about the normal people? The friend, the driver, the vegetable vendor, the security guard, the teacher, the person who unknowingly gave you important advice etc…Why don’t movies talk about them? Why is it that we are made to believe a certain thing when life can throw completely different coloured oranges at you?
Maybe we should start telling children different stories, stories which aren’t false hopes, but folk tales, and tales of our today.

Life is not about sitting on a high tower waiting to be rescued by some hot looking guy. It is about living it on your terms, struggling, getting through exams, difficulties, break ups, fights and still reaching the heights you wish to. THAT I believe is the ‘Happily ever after’ we talk about. 

Maybe we are talking about the wrong 'Happy Endings', we just have to change our way of looking at things right?


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  1. OMG !! Such well written post. And you wont believe but I was wondering about the same subject from so long and wanted to write about it in my next post. What a coincidence.

  2. Great insight here, Sonshu. I like your closing paragraph about how it's succeeding in the daily trials and tribulations that speak of whether one is going to have a happy ending or not.

    At the end of the day, it's all about perspectives, hey?

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. Omg a similar posts lies in my draft.
    Didn't wanna post it as twas crude..This I loved!
    Soo soo true :)

  4. Hey there prettyhead :)
    I've been here before and I apologoize for not dropping a word earlier. But Sonshu, heres a true confession. Your blog is growing on me :) The fact is that I haven't had a good read in days and your blog changes this fact. Its so vibrant, I instantly fell for it. I've been away from blogging for a while now, I almost forgot how much I love writing :)

    And Oh, This project happily ever after will never near its completion. I agree with what you said :)

    Much Love :*

  5. Sonshu,

    It is not advisable to expose very young children to realities of life but after certain age we can speak little more frankly to let them gradually understand what is what. What you say about folk tales etc is food for thought.

    Take care

  6. i think for kids it's very important they believe in the good in the world before facing all the grimy realities..surviving becomes harder otherwise if you are filled with hopeless bitterness too early..what you mentioned about the movie characters is the problem with mainstream movies where everything is shiny happy and gay..everything is black or white which is not so in reality..

  7. Life is not about sitting on a high tower waiting to be rescued by some hot looking guy.

    So True, Sonshu! :)

  8. hey the post :) but, yes, I still believe in my fairy tales :D the quote was absolutely fab!!!

  9. I do believe in fairy tales and happy endings and ever-afters, but I also know that the evil troll too exists in every story - we need to accept the good with bad, right with wrong and joy with sorrow, but always believe that the ability to separate the two is within us - at least thats what I learned form my parents and teaching my kid now:-) Great post!

  10. The image that you've used. WOWNESS <3

    Also, I agree. But when you are really fiercely protective about someone, you want to save their innocence and their naivety. You dream of them growing up in a world that isn't quite as vile as you lived.
    So atleast for the time being, you feed them with tales.

    And hey Cinderella survived horrible torture and being treated like a slave, Snow White was banished from her kingdom, Rapunzel was snatched away from her parents.

    Their lives weren't all roses and fairylights too.
    Depends on how you take those stories.

  11. love it darling! Wanna follow each others blog?:X

  12. @Mukta: Aaaah, thanks a lot! Glad you liked it. Would love to see your perspective too!

  13. @miffalicious: Completely agree. Thankyouuuu. :)

  14. @ConfusedSoul: Maybe you should do it now! :)

  15. @Serendipity: Aaawww, that's the sweetest thing ever. How adorable? Eh? Oh and you are a brilliant writer and I am so freaking glad I could inspire you. Sheeesh, whatta compliment.

  16. @Jack: Yes, but I think maybe slight hints!? :)

  17. @songbird: I agree with you, but don't you think that it gives them flase hopes?

    And yes I agree with the movie thing!

  18. @Swati: Ah! Glad you do! :) Thanks!

  19. @Jyoti: Ah! :) Yeah. That's my point!

  20. @BlahBlahHolic: Hmmm, I thought about that too before writing this. But I still feel fairytales can be overly unrealistic. In certain ways, but then maybe its the perspective!

  21. There are no happy ending, but there definitely are a series of happy moments. Loved what u wrote!

  22. @RedHanded: Aawww. Yes. That's more like it! Thahnks!

  23. but they are kids nah..they can't process everything the way a grown up can..for e.g-you know who a pedophile is and what one such excuse of a human does,try explaining it to a kid without creeping the bejesus out of him/her and they won't even understand the full implications.

  24. @songbird: Hmmm, that's just major. I was talking about more minor things like heartbreaks and probably failing an exam or something? Just a slight insight into the actual world and that these things happen.

    However that sort of stuff needs to be kept for later.

  25. oh i agree about stuff like failing an exam or having your heart broken...parents need to make the kid realise it's not the end of the world..