Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back in time...

Have you ever gone back in time? 

Today you will, lets see some of the celebrities and how they've evolved over time. Thanks to articles and pictures by Vogue, I knew I had to share this with you'll and do a compiled post of some of the best and not so great looks from back in time. Let us rewind the time clock. Ready? Set? Go. 

1. Drew Barrymore

February 1983
Can you believe it? This little kid is Drew Barrymore and this was at the Academy Awards and she was five. Imagine how she feels now walking the red carpet, she's been doing it forever. She wore this pink tiered dress. I have nothing else to say but that she's a star. 

December 1990
This was at a party. I completely love the polka dotted top, miss fashion forward. This was the same year she entered rehab for drug abuse. Red lip colour certainly suits her. 

April 1997
Can you believe it, this was at the premiere of scream? I personally think the gown doesn't suit her body colour, or maybe its because of the screaming mouth? However I like her shoes. 

June 2003
At the Charlie's Angels 2 premiere. Again, I'm not quite fond of this look. Something about it spells weird. A bad weird. Orange danglers? Messy hair? Scary makeup? And what's with the way she wore her suit?

April 2005
At the Boston premiere of Fever Pitch. I love the strapless gown, I think it does her a good deal!  Also love the hairdo and the earrings. Over all a fantastic look! 

January 2009
At the Golden Globe in a John Galliano strapless gown she looks wonderful. Something so calm about this look. Very classy and I love the colour. 

January 2010
At the Screen Actors Guild Awards she looks mind blowing in this Monique Lhuillier number, don't you think? The colour just goes with her skin tone so well and the hair looks pretty good too. I definitely love it!

2. Beyonce 

September 2000
Destiny's Child at the MTV awards. I am sorry Beyonce but this just spells disaster, what were you thinking? They look like they jumped out of a jungle. 

July 2002
I think Beyonce didn't have a stylist back then, hence these weird outfits. I don't think the gown does anything for her. Maybe it is just the hair that doesn't look good on her, the colour. 

September 2003
I really dig the hairdo in this look, I might just go ahead and try it myself. The colour is fine too, just eh design of the dress that's a little uncanny. But its better than her previous looks.

July 2004
I thought there won't be one picture which is decent, but finally. Ahoy! She wore this to the photocall of The Pink Panther. I really like the hair, earrings and the dress. However it is a little crinkled if you notice closely. But we can forgive that!

February 2005
This was at the Oscars with JayZ where she wore a strapless Versace. Best of her looks, not a fault. Wonderfully done! Love the jewelry and the gown, she looks rock-a-chic! 

January 2007
In a plush pink gown at the amFAR Gala Benefit. This is again beautiful, it does wonders for her body and her skin tone. I think she looks absolutely mind blowing! 

April 2009

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