Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Namashkar lovely people. Hello, in other words. 

Holidays have begun bitches. (I love you okay?)  Oh yeah, I am officially a free bird. Have been on a major shopping spree/ mall hopping/ doing random things spree. 

Yes, I went on a technology leave if you may call it for a day or two and have been keeping myself away from all the gadgets and gizmos for a week or so. But now I am back, truly missed all your lovely blogs and etc etc. Yours truly is completely free from the clutches of exams and is now bored because she doesn't know what to do in these holidays? You may ask what happened to the zillion plans I made? Too lazy to go get stuff to do those DIYs. Have to go around searching for a few materials. Leaving all those rants behind, moving on to today's post. 


Neon is something I have always been a fan of. Maybe I don't always sport neon, but I try to incorporate some bright neon-y colours in my outfits to add the pops of colour that they truly deserve. So when Indian Fashion Bloggers was having an In-FB remix- NEON coming up, I decided to do some neon love outfit. Today's outfit of the day is dedicated to my love for neon. Now for the outfit pictures: 

 *Drum Rolls* 

Basic Tee-Shirt- Zara
OrangePink shrug- Vintage
Coloured Scarf- People
Hoop earring- Ginger
Ripped Denims- don't remember
Orange clutch- Been a possession since I was a kid
Ring- Ayesha
Wedges- Ed Hardy 

Many people aren't comfortable with Neon. They feel its too bright to carry off, or too attention grabbing. But Neon is perfect for summers and one can easily wear this season's hottest trend without any fear or worries. 

How to Wear Neon?

1. Try using neon in light amounts at first. Go for a neon ring, or a earring at first and keep the rest of the outfit subtle. 
2. If you are confident about carrying off neon, don't be afraid to experiment with dresses, jumpsuits, pants. 
3. Sometimes, the perfect way to add colour to a boring outfit is bringing in a touch of neon. You can go in for Neon shoes. Heels or Flats. Available at Zara, Mango. 
4. Choose lighter neon shades like yellow and orange instead of going for the brighter fluorescent ones at first. 
5. Go bold and pair different clashing neon shades together if you like to experiment. But don't overdo it, and keep the accessories subtle or vice-versa. 
6. Be stylish and be comfortable, nothing works more. 

See you soon with lots lined up.
No more breaks now. I shall be dedicated and all. 

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  1. I've always been a little apprehensive about trying out neon. You might just be able to push me to the other side of the fence ;)

    And you look absolutely fantastic!

  2. Cool! I like what you wearing on the neck <3

    cute <3


  3. Sonshu,

    You are becoming like a professional adviser.

    Take care

  4. Love the vintage shrug - so pretty :D

  5. We're being partial here but we love your shrugs! No doubts in guessing here we love this coral shrug too! :)

  6. The pop of neon looks so nice Sonshu!

  7. Love your scarf!! You look beautiful and ready to enjoy your summer holidays!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. @whateverihavesaidorsung: Thanks! Am glad I was able to. Do send a picture :)

  9. @MeghaSarin: Thankyouuu girlie :P

  10. @Jack: hahhaa uncle. Thanks :p However that sounds funny!

  11. @chp_dzn: Awww, how sweet is that! Thankyou girlies.

  12. @Style-Delights: Thanks jyoti :P That's a sweet comment.

  13. I love neon too. The scarf and shrug are absolutely gorgeous. You have styled this look really well.
    You are finally a free bird, enjoy your holidays.

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  14. @Fashionopolis: Thanks a ton :) Yes i'm freee!! :) And glad you liked it.

  15. love the scarf.. you look fab.
    P.S. Sent u email. pls let me know if u received it.

  16. Hey Sonshu...you look really adorable in this otfit..what I loved the most about your outfit is the effortless way you carried Neon...lovely ensemble and a useful post to bookmark!!

  17. Thanks for the tips on how to wear neon. I really would love to wear your earrings (if my ears were pierced) because they are so cool!

  18. @Megha: Thanks a ton girl :)

  19. @Lipsy: Thankyou so much. That's such a sweet comment! Glad you liked it.

  20. Thanks for the wonderful tips !<3
    loved the shrug, scarf, ear ring and you !(:


  21. Again, NICE post.. but can't say much about it since I'm not much into Fashion :P

    And you.. you forgot me! VERY bad!

    Take care anyways. Hope to catch you soon!

  22. The color u chose to do neon post is awesome...girl u make even a basic tee so chic and colorful...

  23. Wow u look really cute here!! loving the colourful scarf


  24. love the outfit!!!