Friday, April 13, 2012

Making a Difference.

 Do you know how important education is? 
There are children out there who long to study, people who want to study but aren't able to. 
Everyone talks about making a difference and being the change.

Do you truly want to make a change? 
Be the change.
Make a difference today. 

MAD. - Make A Difference is striving to get 5000 children from India to get a MAD education next year? This cause will truly help these children study, the future of our tomorrow. 


All you need to to, is take two minutes of your time. 

TEXT MHRISE P11 to 54645
and then spread the word.
You are doing a good thing. 

I made a difference, have you?

Supporting MAD all through this wonderful initiative, have always wanted to be a MAD volunteer. And this way I think I can make a change by reaching out to more people. So take your phones and send a text, make this change. I'll love you. 



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