Saturday, April 7, 2012

Green Geek Blogs.


Dear ....., 

Blogging has been a medium for expression, a platform where I have completely been myself, and portrayed my so called talents. Why am I saying this? Oh well, its my 350th post and I unlike others am not celebrating this milestone grandly for whatever reason, instead, its going to be just another post in the life of this blog. 

It seems like it was just yesterday that I started blogging, I read back and see that the posts were so immature and amateur. I've grown so much from what I was and probably might not have if it wasn't for blogging. It has helped me understand my potential, my abilities, and accept my flaws with dignity. 

A lot of blogs on the blogosphere have lately been talking about their blogging journey. This particular paragraph has been sleeping in my drafts forever. 

Writing has never been a problem for me. I've always found myself very expressive and if I had to just 'say' everything I had in mind, I'd sure need a zillion people to listen to me and that would be unfair and tiring. But somehow writing has been majorly helpful to voice my thoughts and opinions. I've been able to improve my writing skills and have also realized my love for writing. Which of course has made me pursue the course I did last year and probably will continue to. 

Fashion Blogging or Style blogging was something I was always hesitant to start. In fact I've wanted to started it in like forever, but there was always the lingering thought of my body. I've always been the plump, chubby child and been comfortable with it. However seeing all these thin, model like figures on the fashion blogging scene I thought about it once or twice. But then what hit me was, there are people out there like me. Who are not size zero, they are plump and imagine them just seeing all these thin people out there on the net, they'd feel bad. I need to do this for myself and for others is what I thought. And there went the first fashion post last year. Now it has indeed become a part of me, a part I'll never leave behind and I'm so glad that everyone has liked and appreciated it. 

Blogging probably tells you who you are. Something we often don't realize. 
It shows you sides of you, you've never seen.
It is overwhelming.
Blogging is cool.
Bloggers are cooler.

So today, I'd like to thank each and everyone who has read this blog, all those followers, readers, commenters. Because whenever I'm down, I always know I can turn to my blog and instantly be happy and feel loved by the amount of praise you'll give me. But its not all about praise. The best part is that, you'll constructively criticize and make me realize what's good and what's not. Thanks my friends, for being there. 

I'll always be grateful. 

Love you'll. 



Now that all the emotional, senti part is done, I move on to the segment of the day. The shirt has been re-structured by self design and its the first type that I'm displaying on the blog. The cut out shoulders and below knee length skirt is perfect for those who don't have a size zero body. The skirt is for the Indian curvy woman, and the shirt makes it add a glam touch. However I decided to go geek and add the satchel along with the wayfarers. The hair was rather simple and I did a casual summer braid that I call the twisted knot. 

The shoes are a personal favourite, something that has a story behind it and its something I'll always love. This was the shoe I was talking about in the new year post here

You gaiz are awesome. Now see the pictures. :)

How to wear it? 

-The knee length or below knee length skirt is something that's extremely fashionable this season. It works best with the Indian curvy figure. Pair it with a tee like I've done and add a chunky necklace and you're good to go. 
-If you want to add a special element, you could wear a tank or a cut-out shoulder top like I've done. 
-They work best with braids but you could also style it with a bun or ponytail. Best for summers!
-If you are on the 'plumpier' side like me, you could opt for wedges to add volume. If you are someone who's thinner you could go for flip flops or moccasins. 
-Add your personalized touches and keep it stylish.

Before I get any more emotional, I shall leave and be back soon with more. 
As always do leave your opinions because they matter. 


Always yours,

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  1. I have been blogging for past 5+ years. For me blog is like a journal that I can go back and flip through and laugh at all stupid things I have done...keep going girl...

  2. Hey babes! Keep going and congrats. Your posts are inspiring and creative, keep it up. Luv uuuuuuuuu.


    Wooot wooot happy 350th post! Definitely a milestone to have lasted throughout!

  4. congratulations beautiful! You look fabulous! I love your outfit so so much! Keep up the good work girl!

  5. Congrats on the 350th post, Sonshu! Outfit looks fabulous on you! :)

  6. Congrats dear...I Agree with your thoughts completely...Nice outfit !!


  7. Congrats dear...I agree with your thoughts here completely...Nice outfit too :)


  8. I become emotional with my blog too sometimes. :')
    Cute look!
    Where'd you get the skirt? :D

  9. WOW. Congrats on the 350th post Sonshu! Your outfit is adorable. Where'd you get the skirt? :D

  10. Love this post and most of your posts as Ican really connect to your words:-)Keep rocking !!

    You look great in those glasses and green really really suits you!1

  11. Congrats Sonshu - I love your lipstick & wedges - You're a beautiful girl <3

  12. @OPAL: Thankyouuu :) Awww that's sweet.

  13. @Hey Lady: Thankyou. That comment definitely made my day.

  14. @Zeebs: Raiight? :p Thanks girl. :P I hope theres 700 soon :P

  15. @Nidhi: Awwww, that's so sweet. Thankyou :P

  16. @IdoIdo: Thankyou. I didn't forget you. Will peep in soon.

  17. @SBN: Thankyou for the double comment shot :P ahahha.

  18. @chp: Thanks girlies. :) You'll are always sweet.

  19. @AK: Thankyou fav girl :P And I got it from M&S woman. :)

  20. @Lipsy: Thanks for the adorable comments and the never ending praises.

  21. Made me go aww :)
    I too speak a lot and need an audience :D
    I started blogging in July and I'm loving the experience.
    The green geek look is BLEDDY COOL!
    I love each and every part and thing about the look!

  22. 350 posts? Wow SOnshu.. that sure is a milestone..

    Great going love... and wow your posts have changed and so have you.. I mean you've literally grown up with em.. And the look's so cute... the wedges I love :D ..


  23. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  24. Sonshu,

    Congratulations. Hope to see you for a long long time to come.

    Take care

  25. @BlahBlah: Thankyou for those lovely words girl. And yes we are pretty much alike arent we?

  26. @CS: yes. 350? I cant believe it either. Thanks. i love em too.

  27. @Mary: Thanks for stopping by. Yes I have. Pinged on your blog.

  28. @JackUncle: Thanks for those words uncle :)

  29. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! You are such an eloquent writer, I love the fact that you are desi too like me, we have so much in common! I am your newest, most avid follower. I would love it if you could check out my blog and perhaps follow back?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  30. Hehe! so cute <3 <3


  31. Blogging is cool and Bloggers are cool--I love it!

    Happy 350th post! And I am really enjoying those hot!

  32. @Miss Iffa: That is the most elaborate comment ever. So cute. Thanks a lot. That indeed made my day. :)

  33. @Cheryl: Awwww. Thankyou. i loveee em too.

  34. You are adorable :D
    Congrats on sticking here fr so long :) You're an amazing writer, blogger and a person :) And your pictures are plain fab :D

  35. The shoes are really cute:) Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it. btw I'm following you on Instagram now:)

    Peace. Love. Fashion.