Saturday, April 14, 2012

And the Love goes on.


I really do not have a clue as to how to start this post. Usually I am all blabber and jabber, but some days pass by that even the most talkative ones of us can't murmur a word. I guess its Almighty's way of saying that he's tired of listening to us for a bit or something? Anyway, I am really touched that you people have been tuning in so much to the blog. Thanks for the heart touching messages, mails and dms you'll sent me about the video. I did disable comments after a while because I felt it was necessary, but guess what, you can comment this post. Hurrah or what?

So you lovely readers have been doing nothing short of awesome to make me feel loved. All those lovely emails, sweet words, detailed comments and the blog crossed like a major 45k pageview. Woah? I am stunned. When I started off blogging, I really did without much hoped. I just did it for myself, but now there are certain months I feel so lazy and don't want to get here, but then I think of people who are being inspired by me, who listen to me, wait for my posts and then I'm back on track. So you people keep me going. Major love to you people. I swear. 

Received a lot of queries and thought I would deal with some of them here. This outfit was actually something I wore in the winter, so its like seriously backlogged but nonetheless it seemed appropriate to the query that a reader had. I didn't post this one before because I didn't really do a photoshoot, so did not have enough pictures of the details. 


Hi Sonshu,

I often read your blog and I really love the outfits that you post. I am on the chubbier side like you and I think its brave that you are so confident of yourself. It inspires me to be more confident of my body too. I read that you answer to queries, not sure if you will reply to this mail but I have a small confusion. I have this party coming up that is pretty casual but I should be well dressed. The problem is that before the occasion I have to go out shopping with my friend, both are back to back so I am confused as to what to wear because I don't have time to change in between. Pls help me. 
By the way how do you maintain your long tresses in the summer?


Moving on to the outfit of the day and then shall explain how it would be appropriate?

What I'm Wearing:

Beret, Cardigan, Pastel Floral Tee, Jeans, Purple Ballet Flats (seen here previously), Bling-y Purple Bag, Unseen Rings. 

I think this would be perfect for the shopping going to party later on look. Its not too casual, however its pretty classy and easy and comfortable. You can wear jeans as its the best bet for shopping but if you want something grand you could go for lace pants or something like that. The shirt has floral details and goes with the pastel theme of the season too and the cardigan gives it a very evening look. If you dont want much layering, go for a maxi or a pretty top that's sequined. You could find them at Zara and Forever New. Flats are not only stylish but easy to walk in while shopping. The huge bag is a safe option as you can carry your world with you and yet look party hop-able. 

About the tresses part I replied by mail, shall do a detailed post on my hair care routine some day. :)

Hope that helped. 

All us style bloggers, do have outfits that we love but never get to posting because of lack of pictures of just a bad hair day or something like that? I dare you to post an outfit that you haven't posted on your blog for any of the above reason or other? Link back. 

(This was a short post, written in a hurry, but many more coming soon. You can see right?)

Waves frantically to new followers. *drama*
Btw, I love to hear what you say, drop in and say hello and what you think?

Want to shoot me a question? Any queries? PR mails? Or you just feel like sending a random mail? Anything. (Except spam)

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  1. Love the beret...nice addition to casual outfit :) will wait for your hair care post !!

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  2. Girl, loving that beret. It totally makes that outfit and adds such a bright pop of color, adoration!! x

  3. I have pleanty of outfits in my drafts which did seem great up in my head, but unworthy of publishing to a wider audience...will surely do it someday :)

  4. Hey you - I love the look ! Very Parisian Chic!
    You know actually, I was indecisive about posting about an outfit that I loved but which the pictures didn't come off very well. Thanks to your post, I'm going to do the post right away & link it to you :)

  5. And as always you're a stunner diva :D

  6. Glad you have such a connection with fellow bloggers and followers. Great outfit. Pretty hat!

  7. I don't mind seeing backlogged winter outfit looks when they're so cute! Love your flats, Sonshu, and congrats on reaching over 45k pageviews!

  8. Cute hat! You look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    NY Style Examiner

  9. Firstly congrats on crossing 45K page views. Heres hoping many many more to come. Love the bag sweetie pie. As always you styled it beautifully.
    PS Wave back from your newest follower :)
    Love, Amena
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  10. That beret is a perfect touch to the casual chic outfit!! :)

  11. @miffalicious: Thanks a ton girl. Glad!

  12. @Opal: You should do that, looking forward to it!

  13. @Sunkissed: And I am waiting for that. Soon okay? :)

  14. @IFB: Thanks for your worthy comment! :)

  15. @StyleDelights: Thanksieeees!

  16. @Fashionopolis: Thankyouuu amena! Thanks for everything!

  17. really love it..the layering and beret makes this outfit awesoem..and love that bag!i have been doing outfit posts for quite a long while..i never thought of it as brave..i just ultimate fatshion inspiration is gabi gregg from gabifresh..