Monday, April 23, 2012

Time and its tales.





Time is funny. One day you want something and the next day the very thought of it can repel you. Funny how things can change in just a minute second. Its rather uncanny how we all plan so much about the future when we don't even know whats going to happen the very next day. Planning for a career, education, family, life, goals etc. Yes you need a direction to move on with life, but not so much because in the end you get what's planned anyway. Life can screw with your plans. Maybe for the better or the worse. But whatever it maybe, it takes a lot of courage to stand up and face it. And that's what matters in the end. At least you tried?

Sometimes saying things makes it deeper. When you just think it, you might not believe it. You actually have to write it to live it and accept it. 

Think about it. 

This was random chitter chatter but I'll be back soon. Real soon. 
With fashion, style, ootd, stories, poems etc. 


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

And the Love goes on.


I really do not have a clue as to how to start this post. Usually I am all blabber and jabber, but some days pass by that even the most talkative ones of us can't murmur a word. I guess its Almighty's way of saying that he's tired of listening to us for a bit or something? Anyway, I am really touched that you people have been tuning in so much to the blog. Thanks for the heart touching messages, mails and dms you'll sent me about the video. I did disable comments after a while because I felt it was necessary, but guess what, you can comment this post. Hurrah or what?

So you lovely readers have been doing nothing short of awesome to make me feel loved. All those lovely emails, sweet words, detailed comments and the blog crossed like a major 45k pageview. Woah? I am stunned. When I started off blogging, I really did without much hoped. I just did it for myself, but now there are certain months I feel so lazy and don't want to get here, but then I think of people who are being inspired by me, who listen to me, wait for my posts and then I'm back on track. So you people keep me going. Major love to you people. I swear. 

Received a lot of queries and thought I would deal with some of them here. This outfit was actually something I wore in the winter, so its like seriously backlogged but nonetheless it seemed appropriate to the query that a reader had. I didn't post this one before because I didn't really do a photoshoot, so did not have enough pictures of the details. 


Hi Sonshu,

I often read your blog and I really love the outfits that you post. I am on the chubbier side like you and I think its brave that you are so confident of yourself. It inspires me to be more confident of my body too. I read that you answer to queries, not sure if you will reply to this mail but I have a small confusion. I have this party coming up that is pretty casual but I should be well dressed. The problem is that before the occasion I have to go out shopping with my friend, both are back to back so I am confused as to what to wear because I don't have time to change in between. Pls help me. 
By the way how do you maintain your long tresses in the summer?


Moving on to the outfit of the day and then shall explain how it would be appropriate?

What I'm Wearing:

Beret, Cardigan, Pastel Floral Tee, Jeans, Purple Ballet Flats (seen here previously), Bling-y Purple Bag, Unseen Rings. 

I think this would be perfect for the shopping going to party later on look. Its not too casual, however its pretty classy and easy and comfortable. You can wear jeans as its the best bet for shopping but if you want something grand you could go for lace pants or something like that. The shirt has floral details and goes with the pastel theme of the season too and the cardigan gives it a very evening look. If you dont want much layering, go for a maxi or a pretty top that's sequined. You could find them at Zara and Forever New. Flats are not only stylish but easy to walk in while shopping. The huge bag is a safe option as you can carry your world with you and yet look party hop-able. 

About the tresses part I replied by mail, shall do a detailed post on my hair care routine some day. :)

Hope that helped. 

All us style bloggers, do have outfits that we love but never get to posting because of lack of pictures of just a bad hair day or something like that? I dare you to post an outfit that you haven't posted on your blog for any of the above reason or other? Link back. 

(This was a short post, written in a hurry, but many more coming soon. You can see right?)

Waves frantically to new followers. *drama*
Btw, I love to hear what you say, drop in and say hello and what you think?

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Making a Difference.

 Do you know how important education is? 
There are children out there who long to study, people who want to study but aren't able to. 
Everyone talks about making a difference and being the change.

Do you truly want to make a change? 
Be the change.
Make a difference today. 

MAD. - Make A Difference is striving to get 5000 children from India to get a MAD education next year? This cause will truly help these children study, the future of our tomorrow. 


All you need to to, is take two minutes of your time. 

TEXT MHRISE P11 to 54645
and then spread the word.
You are doing a good thing. 

I made a difference, have you?

Supporting MAD all through this wonderful initiative, have always wanted to be a MAD volunteer. And this way I think I can make a change by reaching out to more people. So take your phones and send a text, make this change. I'll love you. 



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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Craftsvilla and Toucher tes rêves present! :)

Hello lovely people. 

So yesterday was the last day of 'The Shopaholic Giveaway' and the results will be announced in a few hours on my facebook page and twitter account. Here. and Here.  And I'd like to thank all of you for your participation and I do hope you guys will always stick around. 

Since you do know I crossed my 350th post recently and I also mentioned on facebook that some surprises were coming your way. So here I am with something that's going to get you excited.  

Toucher tes rêves and Craftsvilla present: 
The Baisakhi Giveaway

Yes, a giveaway just got over and you have another coming your way. Craftsvilla is an online retail store which has a variety of handmade products from home products to jewelry to bags. They have an array or various goods and some super cool things. The best part is, they bring together various sellers and you get to choose from all of it. Best part being, they even have Cash On Delivery. Exciting know? 

Craftsvilla decided to have a giveaway in association with my blog on the holy occasion of Baisakhi. Some amazing Baisakhi goodies coming your way. And I was all for it of course. Something for my readers and I'm instantly up for it. So one lucky reader has a chance to win this amazing, pretty bag courtesy of Craftsvilla worth Rs 700! 

This bag is perfect for the festive season and summer and can be paired with a coloured or white tunic and some simple jeggings. Spice it up with this beauty and some ethnic jewelry and you are good to go. 

What you have to do to enter this giveaway?

1. Visit the website and subscribe to it here

2. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (GFC) visible in the right side bar

3. Like facebook fan page here

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To increase your chances of winning the amazing prize.

Upload the image given below on your facebook wall (Please make it public) and tag 'FIVE' friends via      
Toucher tes rêves and Craftsvilla and share this via both the pages. 
So you have to upload the photo and tag both their page and mine and also tag five friends :) 

Also to increase chances, follow me on twitter here  and pinterest here

Has winning ever been any easier? Nope right? 

What you have to do is comment on this post with your email ID, facebook name or link, GFC name, and/or twitter and pinterest account. 
mail all the above requested to  AND
with 'SONSHU' as the subject. 

GIVEAWAY COMMENCES NOW and ends on SUNDAY 15th April, 2012 at 5:00 pm IST



This Giveaway is only open to Indian Residents


(Shall return with some lovely posts soon, lots planned as I said :))

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Green Geek Blogs.


Dear ....., 

Blogging has been a medium for expression, a platform where I have completely been myself, and portrayed my so called talents. Why am I saying this? Oh well, its my 350th post and I unlike others am not celebrating this milestone grandly for whatever reason, instead, its going to be just another post in the life of this blog. 

It seems like it was just yesterday that I started blogging, I read back and see that the posts were so immature and amateur. I've grown so much from what I was and probably might not have if it wasn't for blogging. It has helped me understand my potential, my abilities, and accept my flaws with dignity. 

A lot of blogs on the blogosphere have lately been talking about their blogging journey. This particular paragraph has been sleeping in my drafts forever. 

Writing has never been a problem for me. I've always found myself very expressive and if I had to just 'say' everything I had in mind, I'd sure need a zillion people to listen to me and that would be unfair and tiring. But somehow writing has been majorly helpful to voice my thoughts and opinions. I've been able to improve my writing skills and have also realized my love for writing. Which of course has made me pursue the course I did last year and probably will continue to. 

Fashion Blogging or Style blogging was something I was always hesitant to start. In fact I've wanted to started it in like forever, but there was always the lingering thought of my body. I've always been the plump, chubby child and been comfortable with it. However seeing all these thin, model like figures on the fashion blogging scene I thought about it once or twice. But then what hit me was, there are people out there like me. Who are not size zero, they are plump and imagine them just seeing all these thin people out there on the net, they'd feel bad. I need to do this for myself and for others is what I thought. And there went the first fashion post last year. Now it has indeed become a part of me, a part I'll never leave behind and I'm so glad that everyone has liked and appreciated it. 

Blogging probably tells you who you are. Something we often don't realize. 
It shows you sides of you, you've never seen.
It is overwhelming.
Blogging is cool.
Bloggers are cooler.

So today, I'd like to thank each and everyone who has read this blog, all those followers, readers, commenters. Because whenever I'm down, I always know I can turn to my blog and instantly be happy and feel loved by the amount of praise you'll give me. But its not all about praise. The best part is that, you'll constructively criticize and make me realize what's good and what's not. Thanks my friends, for being there. 

I'll always be grateful. 

Love you'll. 



Now that all the emotional, senti part is done, I move on to the segment of the day. The shirt has been re-structured by self design and its the first type that I'm displaying on the blog. The cut out shoulders and below knee length skirt is perfect for those who don't have a size zero body. The skirt is for the Indian curvy woman, and the shirt makes it add a glam touch. However I decided to go geek and add the satchel along with the wayfarers. The hair was rather simple and I did a casual summer braid that I call the twisted knot. 

The shoes are a personal favourite, something that has a story behind it and its something I'll always love. This was the shoe I was talking about in the new year post here

You gaiz are awesome. Now see the pictures. :)

How to wear it? 

-The knee length or below knee length skirt is something that's extremely fashionable this season. It works best with the Indian curvy figure. Pair it with a tee like I've done and add a chunky necklace and you're good to go. 
-If you want to add a special element, you could wear a tank or a cut-out shoulder top like I've done. 
-They work best with braids but you could also style it with a bun or ponytail. Best for summers!
-If you are on the 'plumpier' side like me, you could opt for wedges to add volume. If you are someone who's thinner you could go for flip flops or moccasins. 
-Add your personalized touches and keep it stylish.

Before I get any more emotional, I shall leave and be back soon with more. 
As always do leave your opinions because they matter. 


Always yours,

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Namashkar lovely people. Hello, in other words. 

Holidays have begun bitches. (I love you okay?)  Oh yeah, I am officially a free bird. Have been on a major shopping spree/ mall hopping/ doing random things spree. 

Yes, I went on a technology leave if you may call it for a day or two and have been keeping myself away from all the gadgets and gizmos for a week or so. But now I am back, truly missed all your lovely blogs and etc etc. Yours truly is completely free from the clutches of exams and is now bored because she doesn't know what to do in these holidays? You may ask what happened to the zillion plans I made? Too lazy to go get stuff to do those DIYs. Have to go around searching for a few materials. Leaving all those rants behind, moving on to today's post. 


Neon is something I have always been a fan of. Maybe I don't always sport neon, but I try to incorporate some bright neon-y colours in my outfits to add the pops of colour that they truly deserve. So when Indian Fashion Bloggers was having an In-FB remix- NEON coming up, I decided to do some neon love outfit. Today's outfit of the day is dedicated to my love for neon. Now for the outfit pictures: 

 *Drum Rolls* 

Basic Tee-Shirt- Zara
OrangePink shrug- Vintage
Coloured Scarf- People
Hoop earring- Ginger
Ripped Denims- don't remember
Orange clutch- Been a possession since I was a kid
Ring- Ayesha
Wedges- Ed Hardy 

Many people aren't comfortable with Neon. They feel its too bright to carry off, or too attention grabbing. But Neon is perfect for summers and one can easily wear this season's hottest trend without any fear or worries. 

How to Wear Neon?

1. Try using neon in light amounts at first. Go for a neon ring, or a earring at first and keep the rest of the outfit subtle. 
2. If you are confident about carrying off neon, don't be afraid to experiment with dresses, jumpsuits, pants. 
3. Sometimes, the perfect way to add colour to a boring outfit is bringing in a touch of neon. You can go in for Neon shoes. Heels or Flats. Available at Zara, Mango. 
4. Choose lighter neon shades like yellow and orange instead of going for the brighter fluorescent ones at first. 
5. Go bold and pair different clashing neon shades together if you like to experiment. But don't overdo it, and keep the accessories subtle or vice-versa. 
6. Be stylish and be comfortable, nothing works more. 

See you soon with lots lined up.
No more breaks now. I shall be dedicated and all. 

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