Monday, March 5, 2012

Summer and Sunglasses are buddies.

Hello Freaking Awesome People,
Thanks for the overwhelming response on the video, you'll make me happy. Like really.


Yes I intentionally put it this way.  Trying stupid things.

So this post is like pastel shades and stuff. I am wearing a pastel pink top with some splattered pants and snakeskin flats. To add the fun element I added like this really cool flower band and a sling purse. 

Sun glasses and summer just go together. I just cant imagine what would happen if I didn't have my shades to get me through summer, and of course it gives me just another excuse to go shopping!

So I'm submitting this entry for the Blogadda super cool contest: My Sunglasses, My Style in collaboration with GKB opticals. So I found these super cool shades on their website which I am going to tell you about in a bit. 

I think that these sunglasses:

DOLCE&GABBANA DG 4115 502/13

from Dolce&Gabbana are superb and would totally add the funky touch to the above outfit. Pairing these sunglasses with the similar shade pants and to compliment the snakeskin flats would be something I would do. I'd probably even hang it around my sling purse to accentuate its beauty. I think these sunglasses are like super cool especially since summer is around the corner. MAJOR LOVE.
Sunglasses make great accessories: Not only will I wear them, I'd definitely casually flick it around my sling and use it as an accessory in itself.

Click on the image to go to the sunglass if you want to try it on. I did!

LOOK 2 :

RAY-BAN RB 3468E 033/8G

Who doesn't loveeee RAYBAN? omg. 
I dont have images for the second look but I know what I have in mind. With this lust worthy Ray Ban, I woudnt have to think another moment as to what I'd pair it with. A leather jacket, a tank top and skinny pants. I'd definitely wear black pumps to add on. And carry an oversized purple clutch to compliment these classy shades. 
Sunglasses make great accessories: Not only will I wear these Ray Bans that I have been dreaming about, I'll also hang it around my neck with like a funky string to bring in some vintage power.

Click on the image to try on these shades that i loveee.

So guys what did you think of these sunglasses? Uber cool right? Definitely found many drool worthy pieces and going to make a purchase soon.

What do you think?

Till next time

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses

P.S: I am going to be posting often now, so it'll make up for when I am not there :P
P.P.S: Planning to make another vlog soon. SUGGESTIONS? :)