Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Shopaholic Giveaway


We all know we LOVE GIVEAWAYs right? Who doesn't like to win freebie something? So I finally decided to have a GIVEAWAY on the blog on I've hand picked some items to give you people. I'll be putting up some of the prizes now, so many more will come up soon. Exciting surprises coming your way.

We all love to shop don't we? This contest is super simple for all your girls out there who love to get their hand on new goodies and clothes and shoes and what not every now and then. 


Mandatory Entries

1. Tell me what's your favourite shopping area in your city and express it in a unique way
Eg: My fav shopping place would definitely be XYZ street in my city ABC because its like a dream and is so intuitive that its able to stock up on exactly what I want, when I want it. Its like my own psychic. 

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Leave your FACEBOOK name, GFC name and answer below in the comments section.

Extra Entries (not mandatory)

1. 2 extra entries if you Follow me on Twitter

2. Sharing this on your blog gets you 3 extra entries

Leave your Twitter handle, and blogpost link if you complete these entries. In the comments section  below.

Prizes to be won include:

This pretty pair of Flower Stud earrings

Lovely brown coloured picturesque earrings

Ahava Pure Salt Dead Sea Bath Crystals
Its like Bliss on earth I tell you. Nothing better than some self pampering

StreetWear Nail Enamel. NO 20- Gold Spark

Pretty bow ring earrings

Black and Red ball hangings



One Winner with the most crazy, unique and funkiest answer
Three Random Winners generated randomly of course. 






  1. woooo you're having a giveaway...awesome :D

  2. My Favorite shopping area is Lokhanwala, Andheri & Hill Road, Bandra in Mumbai. You really get cool fashion finds for the regular fashionista.

    Added you on GFC/Zahnea, Followed you on FB Zena Hs
    Shared the album with my friends. Added you on Twitter/Zahnea

    Love the Giveaway :)

  3. my favorite shopping spot,its actually an whole area,is jayanagar 4th block. i like it because its got varieties. where anyone can buy from anything to rupees five to rupees 5 lakhs,from cheap flip flops to branded shoes,from desi roadside pani puris to pastries. so yes its undoubtedly my favorite shopping place because i can get anything at any price i want :)

  4. Hey Sonshu

    My favourite shopping place would be Kamla Nagar near Delhi University. I think its one of the most greatest places to shop. You can find everything! From branded to thrifted clothes and accessories! I absolutely love hanging out there. It has the greatest food joints too! I also like Sarojini Nagar, Delhi where you can find branded clothes at cheaper rates.

    I follow you on GFC, facebook and twitter and I have shared the Giveaway on the facebook page for my blog.
    The link is-

    My GFC and facebook name is Nidhi Mahajan and my email id is

    Hope to win! :)

  5. good luck to the giveaway entrants!

    <3 you Sonshu!

  6. I follow you :D
    Shared it on my blog, Facebook, Facebook Page and Twitter :D
    And I already follow you on Twitter, and have liked your page!
    I love Linking Road, Bandra.
    If you ever come to Mumbai, I'll take you there again even if you've already been there. Streets filled with belts shoes clothes wallets purses dresses and what not!
    You can buy them in different colors, sizes (thank god :D) and bargain. That bargaining part is loads of fun, even though I suck at it.
    I bought two lovely stoles from there which may half the price I would've spent in buying them from a proper store but it's been 3 years and they haven't lost a thread! :D
    It's cheap, it's got great variety and and anddd, the streets also are lined up with cool food places like Theobroma and there is ELCO MARKET! So Linking Road is THE PLACE TO BE!

  7. here because of Blahblaholic ♥ ©

  8. Hi!!
    I love Sarojini Nagar,Delhi. I may have just Thousand bucks in my pocket,but i can still buy my summer wardrobe for casual wear here,in the mentioned price!! Cheap,trendy,you just need 2 know two thing
    1. How to bargain 2. How to spot a defect(loads of em ova there)
    Followed you on GFC,facebook,twitter.
    Shared your post on facebook.
    My twitter Handle is @eshnakaur.
    And i blogged about you @

  9. hi sonshu
    The market which I am gona describe is called New Market which is Located in Kolkata Esplanade. Well this market has a vivid variation of shops right from the best branded to the foot(sort of open/flea shops) shops and let me tell you for a fashion trendy gurl its not less than a Heaven..u can find every fashion items, jewelries and clothing according to the latest trend. The collection of hand accessories, rings, earrings, etc.. are fabulous and eye catchy.. One can also find hand bags, purse and bags of all kinds and variations. It has also got some very good attraction like Lakme, Loreal, Garnier exclusive outlets and if you have a lots of bugs haunting your wallet you can always go to SimPark mall which is just beneath the esplanade … And if all the shopping makes you go crazy you can go and chill out at Dominos, CCD or Quality Swirl.. I Love shopping here at Newmarket and would recommend gurls to give it a visit the very next tym when you are in Kol....u cn spot a tons of tourist also here :)
    p.s its alws crowded like hell ;p;p

    GFC: Prerana kedia
    FB: Prerana kedia Ranjan
    FB sharedlink:
    follow u in twitter : @PreranaRanjan

  10. Hey Sonshu, firstly we are glad you received the charm. sorry for the delay.
    1) Our fav shopping place would definitely be Infiniti Mall(Malad,Mumbai) because its got sooo many stores(majorly Zara) :P and we need not go anywhere else when we have infi(thats what we call it) :D

    2) GFC- The Twisted Elegance
    3) FB- following from our page- The twisted elegance
    4) Shared on our wall

    Twitter Handle- NidhiandAvisha
    We will be posting on our blog today-
    And we loovvve those turquoise earings!!

  11. My favorite shopping destination is Westend Mall in Ludhiana. I can find there everything in an air conditioned mall and best part the prices are very reasonable.
    I never spend a lot on clothes untill and unless they are to be kept for long run like jacket and heels etc.

    GFC name : Muks
    Following you on fb : Eleganza
    Shared on my blog side bar.

  12. I am HERE! At last! (blame the stupid exams).

    So my absolute favourite place to buys clothes?
    I am a Bengali which means I love good stuff priced reasonably (Okay fine...I might just be kanjoos)...which means I totally LOVE Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. One of the main reasons I haul my body from my sweet Bengal land to Gurgaon, my aunt's place, is because of the numerous trips to Sarojini Nagar I am most surely going to make with an equally excited aunt.

    Also there is this market, about 3 hours from Calcutta, called Gol Bazaar. Same characteristics as above, just that it is closer to my hometown and has squeal-worthy pieces of clothing.

    Aah and well, there is something about flea markets which attracts me like a lodestone. I have found THE MOST wonderful trinkets only in flea markets.

    *GFC - Ann aka Antara
    *Facebook - It's my full name (may I tweet it to you please? Or do I have to write it here?)
    *Twitter handle - @antara4ever

  13. i love the city center at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad for shopping. It have all the stores like clothing, foot wear, jewellery, food, ice cream parlour, home & kitchen items, home decor and everything. WE can find everything at one place. Thats why i love it.

    Facebook Name: Tazyeen Firdous
    GFC: tazyeen

  14. 1)fb name-vandana choudhary
    2)gfc name-vandana choudhary
    3)answer-my favourite shopping area in my city is lajpat nagar because there i can get everything which i need to be updated with fashion,like i get my favourite clothes,shoes,accessories is one market where i can find all my style becomes easy for me to choose from many varities available only in one market.I can find the latest collection there and the crowd is also good.

    twitter handle-@vanduchoudhary

  15. 1.) FB Name :- Bidisha Banerjee
    2.) GFC Name:- Bidisha
    3.) Answer:- My favorite shopping place is South City Mall in Kolkata. I can purchase all types of products starting from clothes, shoes, accessories to mobiles, laptops, computers, televisions and refrigerators. The products available here are of latest trend and fashion. The food available here is also mind-blowing. It is just all under one roof. It caters to the need and desires of all sections of the society. People do not have to go out for shopping from any other place after shopping from South City Mall. Shopping from South City Mall is indeed an awesome and heart-rendering experience.
    4.) Twitter Handle :- @bidisha16 .