Thursday, March 22, 2012

A letter of importance to someone called 'The Man'.

Disclaimer: This post can get abusive and violence, the author does not mean to offend any of you except the mentioned person. Sorry. 


'What we were: a woman' 

''The Man''

This is a letter to you because you really need to understand and empathize with every woman you've raped, groped, eve teased, beat, punched and what not. You have been the worst person one could be and gotten away with it easily? And wait, I don't blame you entirely. I blame the society too. People see someone getting eve teased on the road they walk away. When we know someone's being abused we turn off. We are experts at shunning things off and selectively forgetting them aren't we? Have we ever stood up to people like you and shown you that you can't have everything your way? NO. 

You raped that girl, repeatedly. She's almost dead, just a living body now. You raped her for 5 minutes of sexual satisfaction and pleasure and gave her a lifetime of sorrow and hate towards herself for though it was not  her fault? You groped her in a moving train and got the happiness from touching her private parts but what did you give her? Pain and helplessness. You looked at her secretly when she bent down to pick up the bus ticket and peeped and saw whatever you could, what can she do? Request you to pick it up for her? 

The man is a term I use for people like you. Who gets away with crimes. Who walks away after beating a woman and raping her and abusing her without any guilt. Who kills a woman every day in her head because he told her she was a cheat but actually secretly cheats on her with plenty of women outside. 

In our society we teach women how to protect themselves from getting raped, rather than teaching the men, NOT to rape. We teach a woman to give in to the man's requests because he's the 'pati' the ultimate god. We teach a woman to put her man's requests before hers because she's not important and that's why Men like you exist. 

Why do you think systems like the Sati system, Purdah system, Devdasi system etc existed that time around and probably still do in some parts of the world? Because the man is supposed to be everything for a woman. If she doesn't live life exactly like he wants her to or if he dies, she's supposed to end her life too?Even if he cheats on her right in front of her, she's supposed to forgive him. Supposed to accept all the beatings and forced sex. Supposed to care for him after all this? Oh well, soon you aren't going to have anybody 'the man'. Its time you learnt to tie your shoe lace. 

Throwing your weight around and getting what you want without any hindrance or obstacle. You molest a 5 year old child and don't you even imagine the pain she would have gone through? But no, you did it by mistake and you killed her before she could even learn to read and write? But alas, she's probably in a better world now, filled with candies and good people. A world where people like you don't exist. You can't exist, because that world, is a pure world. 

You are going to rot in hell for every girl you've abused. That includes all sorts of abuse. You are going to get punished someday in life, because karma gets back at you. You blamed all the happenings and violence against women, because we dress indecently and invite trouble ourselves? Oh well, I fail to understand what the poor children did that was so seducing to you huh? Yes, you'll continue to exist in this damned world and probably are forcing your wife to have intercourse with you right now, but I hope that someday justice will knock on the door and kick you. Because that is what you truly deserve. 

The man is the epitome of cruelty. This is for the man, for every man who has done a bad deed to a woman. You all truly deserve this, because you asked for it yourselves. 

He walks around head held high
Pushing her under his feet
Surpassing all the frightened looks
He gets inside her body
Tearing her apart and ripping her soul
Shredded to nothing but a few pieces
He played with her and threw her in the corner
She lay in a coil of pain

Caging her in darkness,
Snatching away her peace
Killing her through dusk and dawn
Piercing a hole through her veins
He walks around like a free bird
Fearless and amused
But then he sees the lady approach
She spins the needle of truth

The needle cuts through his every nerve
Damaging all those parts
For every women he raped and abused
He's going to get it hard
She commands that he surrender 
And then she does the worst possible thing
Leaves him there to rot for life
Because death did no one good

There's nothing worse than abandonment
She would never kill you
She's not a monster,
No she's not a devil
All that she is,
is justice.

You will die a death 
Of reckless pain
Because you hurt so many out there.
Till you beg for forgiveness
And plead to be killed
But Alas, you shall not be free
The game has just begun.


Oh, 'The Man' how do you feel now? Bad?
Rotten? Terrible?
Oh well. Didn't I tell you?
Karma's going to get back at you?
So beware. We're going to come right for you.

-NOT yours.
A woman. 

The lady is justice herself who will grace us with her mighty presence on earth someday because after she arrives, it'll be nothing less than hell for him. 

What we want is a world with justice, where men get punished for their wrong doings. And people like 'the man' are never born ever. Because they don't deserve oxygen, they don't deserve to live. Lets join hands and fight for justice for every woman who was afraid to talk about her abuse and lets empower the woman of today. She will soon hover over all this and shoot arrows at such goons. You want to be one of those women don't you? You are one. 

I believe in you. You believe in you.
We can make the change.
As one.


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  1. Sonshu, you're wonderful originally and this post makes you even more of that.


  2. Sonshu,

    A very factual and hard hitting post. Hope the justice does prevail ultimately. I am sure you will win this contest.

    Take care

  3. awww! That is sad :(


  4. I loved every single line that you have penned down. The power, the strength and the pain..AMAZING! :)

  5. I think this is a good read for the Voice of Change contest. It definitely made me think.

  6. It feels great that you spoke up for all women who were /are being silenced by men. A very powerful post .

  7. You write absolutely beautifully. Keep this beautiful art alive, and don't ever stop!! x

  8. Girl you have found a fan in me...exactly the thoughts , lakhs of girls across India wants to shout out to the society..only if they could.....beautiful...

  9. @Jack: I do hope so too uncle :)

  10. @PhilO: Thankyou :) THAT was an inspiring comment.

  11. @OhToBeAMuse: Thankyouuu girl!

  12. @opal: WOW. you made my day.

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