Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working your way around trends.

Food for thought: Don't you think we complain a little too much sometimes? If we aren't given breakfast on time, a big complain, when the teacher overloads us with work, we never fail to complain. Often we don't realize that there are so many people out there with nothing. Literally nothing, on the streets, but they never complain. They never fuss about the mosquitoes that are always around. Never crib about the foul smell near their hut. But even if they do want to complain, do we hear them out?

I'm not a huge fan of keeping up with trends and refreshing my wardrobe with the latest trends as such. I usually play around with whatever I have in my mind and work out a look. But today, I decided to put some Spring/Summer 2012 trends together and show you how you can work the hottest things around in time, yet retaining your personal style and there is absolutely no need to get a wardrobe change!  So these looks are OOTD posts, somethings I've worn recently. Summer is around the corner, I'm feeling the heat already. Damn it! I miss winter.

Look 1: 

1. Rule 1: Fashion has no rules. 
2. Pair a flowly cardigan or a jacket with a statement tee and jeans or shorts. Asymmetrical shirts, jackets, are totally what I'm feeling this season!
3. Its time to bring out those strappy sandals and flip flops in all shades and colours
4. Wear a belt to accentuate details
5. Nude lips and a High bun hairdo can never go wrong! 
6. Add a soft touch with a completely subtle bag with neutral shades or go colour block and try some pops of colours. 

Look 2:

1. Every girl's wardrobe has got to have one of these capes to pair with just anything.
2. Mint is one of my favourite pastel shades of the season.
3. Pair it with funky pants and you are good to go.
4. Kitten heels are rocking the spring/summer trends. 
5. Statement neck pieces are totally in. Its something that has continued from the Fall 2011. 
6. Oversized clutches or kitschy bags can be seen, so sport one and you are good to go. 

If you want The Statement Jail Bar Funk neck piece that I'm sporting get in touch with me on  I can have it customized with a writing or anything you want. 

Its the first piece at the SHOP THE CLOSET feature that I said I'll be starting soon. 

Tell me which look you are going to try for sure, and send me some pictures. I' love to see how you styled the trends. 

Till next time
Keep it stylish :)

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  1. I love the red and black look!! :D :D

    i'm not a huge fan of mixing up too many colours.. and me no likey the 2nd outfit but i love the pastel mint tee :) :)

  2. you look so cute int he second one!!
    Love the redness of the first!

  3. i do love that red flowy cardigan. i want one just like it. and your blue clutch in look 2 is gorgeous!

    Come enter my Sadee Says giveaway!

  4. @Raphael: HAHAHAHHA. seeya :P lol.

  5. @SBN: Thankkkyouuu. And yeah, i like that one too :P

  6. @Viya: Ahhhh :P Red and black is timeless. :) LOL.

  7. @Cheryl: Aaaah thankyouuu. :) hehehe. And yes i have some sort of attachment with my cardigans.

  8. That is very true there are no rules in fashion. It is all about making the trends work for you. xx

  9. although you have a 'bigger' body but one thing i like from you. you're not ashamed of it. you proud of yourself. that what makes you beautiful

  10. Sonshu,

    Caught up with 3 pending posts now. Very good story. One needs to move on under such situations. Possessiveness is one of the major factors for souring any relationship.

    Take care

  11. @Veronica: You just said it! :) And thanks for stopping by.

  12. @Lutfi: Yes I'm fat and I can live with that. Because I accept myself for it. :) and i know i'm beautiful, from within. :)

  13. @Jack: So true uncle, agree with you. thanks!

  14. I love the second look pretty!