Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When health goes on the kart!

Hello great chummy buddies. 
Its been a while hasn't it? But I still wont make any definite promises. 

Today's inspiring image has to be:

She has been taking everyone by storm. 6 GRAMMYS? The girl is just mind blowing. Go ADELE! :) Yipeeee. To all the people that thought skinny was beauty. To all the people who still think thin is 'in'. Adele is AWESOME because its about the music and not the figure. 

So did I tell you about my first online shopping experience (apart from Flipkart of course). Well you would have known, had you followed me on Facebook like I told you to. You get inside scoops and random updates and funny quotes and movie reviews and what not. So go check it out. HERE.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this website on a blog and then read about it in a magazine and then I had to try it out. It looked very exciting. 

Yes, I am talking about HEALTHKART. Health Kart is an online retail store for all things healthy. Like fitness machines and skin products. I was rather happy to find make up products and some lovely brands so I went ahead and ordered it. 

Here's my experience. 

So I ordered as I said, make up products. Some liners and gloss. Basically I got some brands which I dont get in stores otherwise here and was super pleased to see that they had it there. We all love Cash On Delivery don't we? And I was super happy that they even had that option. Which made my shopping experience all the more fruitful. You can even pay by other means and you get great discounts. 

About 12 hours after I placed the order I received a confirmation call. Needless to say, I was super excited about the products and waiting for their arrival. And guess what? It arrived the very next day! 2 days? FABULOUS service. 

Smiley factors:

Cash on Delivery service
Wide range of brands to choose from
Quick Delivery
Free shipping above Rs 250. That's fine right?
Everything arrived in one piece.

Sad factors:

The attendant who called for confirmation wasn't great with his accent or language and it was sort of difficult to make out what he way saying. 
They could extend their international products base and have moreeee products. We're always greedy for more brands.
Better packaging options - cuter boxes

Yes. I got the products all on time and they were fresh products. They came wrapped in a bubble wrap inside a cardboard box. I really expected a cute box or something along with it. but I guess you just can't have everything can you?

Anyway. Will suggest you try this for EVERYTHING from make up to fitness to baby care to hair to what not! 

They deliver all over India I guess. 

AND SPECIALLY FOR YOU READERS:  Here's a discount coupon. Use this code and get a Rs 100 discount on a purchase of Rs 500 and above. I'm sure you have lots to buy. DUH? Shampoos, creams, soaps, birthday gifts? 


See how much I LOVE YOU?

Hurry and tell me about your shopping experience. Won't you? Healthkart all the way. :) click on the link to go shopping.


yes, thats me Sonshu. :)

P.S: tell me what you thought of my first review ever.
Oh and NOTM coming up soooon. more in the next post. 

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