Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someone has got to say it!

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Disclaimer: No offence intended and any resemblance to any person whatsoever and whosoever is completely unintended and not true. Get it? Stop feeling guilty.

And for once, I'm not going to ramble and bore you with the musings and non so musings of my life. Well that's not true right? Say it, because if you dont say it, I'm going to rattle about you and your problems. I'm warning you in advance this post is so unlike me, say thanks to that goddamn dream I had, and the stupid people I see. Yes. Excuse all the hate. I did not say any of the above statements. I did not. 

So lets skip straight to the chase, shall we? Have you noticed, ever that there are so many things, and so many people out there that stand out. Oh wow you think that's a compliment? Well its not, its just trying to tell you how in my face you are because of your pathetic abilities to do not so norm-things. 

Someone has to say it? And today I'm going to. 

The guy who can't stop holding his girlfriend's hand at a restaurant: Hello there mr so in love person, I'd advise that you take your lovey dovey cuchicoo somewhere else, rather than a family restaurant. Your unruly behaviour is very much visible and my brother just asked me why you are running your hands up that girls legs. Yes it may seem very hot for you and your girlfriend, but indeed it disgusts us onlookers and the waiters who cant stop fantasizing about your girlfriend. You may say, 'who told you to see' but people cant help but notice the fact that you're nibbling on her ears and what not. I might puke if I say more, so get a room. 

Someone has to say it: You are cheating on your girlfriend, I can see the guilt. Get Lost now. 

The aunty who thinks she can dress up like her daughter: Dear aunty, I have all the respect for you in the world, and I can see you are trying really hard to appear younger and satisfy yourself but you must take another shot and see what you look like from other's eyes. You wear a short top and those lycra tights and I can see everything that I don't want to. You think its 'cool' to flaunt your legs, but its really not. You can look cooler if you dress up your age and stop wearing those body hugging clothes. You should try jeans and a kurta or some really cool tops from westside, from the women's section, they'll suit you well. Better than those from the kids section. 

Someone has to say it: She's got the 'Iwannabecool' bug and someone has to pull it out of her. Aunty, your daughter/son will accept you if you behave your age, I PROMISE. 

That chick who walks around thinking she's the prettiest thing on earth and throwing tantrums with her boyfriend: Now this one's to that one couple in particular that I saw in college. I've been observing them for a few days because we study at the same table and they sit at the one next to it all the time. She keeps walking around like she owns the world and he literally goes like her tail. Poor guy, he brought coffee for her and she sent him back at least 5 times to get sugar, some biscuits, a tissue, tiffin and some chips packets. Hey girl, you should realize that he's your boyfriend not waiter and you cant go around treating him like that. But the fact that her boyfriend appears to be okay with all of it, maybe he wants to be the waiter, maybe he wants to be the dog. But I heard from a friend who's their friend that he's going around having an affair with some other chick. 

 Someone has to say it: Human Rights is going to sue you girl. Teen Labour. 

People on facebook who can't stop posting pictures of them dressed slut-ily and say a zillion thankyous to the random guys they add who drool looking at any peek of a female organ: We all have that girl on our friend list who posts pictures of herself dressed in a see through dress or bends down a little more just to get 101 likes and 105 comments. Yes she sleeps at night with complete content that 101 people love her and 105 people considered her worthy to be commented on. What slipped out through her mind is that men will remain men, and some of them are not at all talking about her when they say 'Hot' its that peek of the cleavage that they're talking about. So girl, you have got to go for a major therapy session to  learn self acceptance. 

Someone has to say it: Poor girl, hates herself, she knows that all she has are those body parts which million other people have too. 

Buying things because you want to show it on your newest profile picture or blog post: I've come across blogs where in those fashion bloggers have turned shopaholics because they want to showcase their wide range of amazing collection on the blog. They go around buying the 'in' things just because its in and then brag about it and tell you how much you should have it. They really have got to learn something called the SALE. The four letter word that we all love. And some of them buy things that they wont even wear after the camera shutter has been closed. Yes, its a personal choice about what they want to buy but I'm just saying. Those notes can be used for other things as well. Once there was this girl on fb, who bought herself a  car and the first thing she did was post a pic on fb, and apparently the car rot in her garage forever. 

Someone has to say it: Go to shops around sale and see that 'I' get all the things you bought for half the price. Now weep your heart out. 

The end.


Hello people, that was it for now, until I find more hate-able specimens. Actually all of them are inspired by people that we actually see. Now the last one was inspired by a mail I received 2 weeks back and this post has been pending in drafts since then. The mail went: 'Hey sonshu, i like ur blog a lot. i liked the do it yourself, show us some more pls. I want to ask u how u have so many clothes and shoes, do u buy them at normal times or at sales and please suggest some sales for me. Do a post on some casual summer and spring looks too like the winter ones'. So yeah, I do buy most of my stuff from sales, otherwise I buy them if they're really worth it. Being a student and a non earning member has its limits. And I'd rather spend the money on books too! 

So let me say bye for now. Guest posts coming soon, exams are on! Hooooot. They're on till 15th, so boo them okay? Pray for me. Byeee okay?


P.S: I was so contemplating whether to post this or not. I'm sure all of you have your own opinions, I was just voicing mine. :)

Oh and will reply to all comments on previous posts soon! Sorry.


  1. Hahaha! I've seen all thes specimens in the same week. Whatte fun :P

    Someone has to say it, indeed! :D

  2. Thanx for your lovely comment...Why didn't you participate? I am definitely counting on you :)

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    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  3. ahahhaha :D Awesome post :P , Someone has to say it :P

    you're so right on all terms! the couple's who's stuck on each other like gum, that mean,pretty girl who orders her nice boyfriend around, that aunty on ur fb list, and for me in addition- that sloth of a colleague who slacks all the time:
    STOP BEING SUCH AN ASS. grow up, be fast,punctual and stop being so freaking slothy all the time. i hate u!

    phew sonshu girl, thanks for letting me vent in here! i've been hating that sloth a hella lot!

    thanks for this vent-post. helped me a lot,much like some instantly-needed mini-therapy.


  5. liked it or i would say most of it...
    of course every body has their own opinions..

    but at the end i asked my self only one question "why should not these people do what they do, when every body has their own opinions?"... :)

    nice one..

  6. @Meghana: That must have been terrifying! :P thanks!

  7. @SBN: Hahahahaah. I took part finally :P

  8. @BluBluBling: Yes, someone does. THANKYOU.

  9. @Raphael: That was some ranting wasn't it? Thanks a ton and you're always free to rant here. :P

  10. @Sumukh: Yes that's the whole point of this post, to voice my opinion and a few others. I respect everyone's opinion! Insightful comment! Thanks!

  11. wow, this was an intense post. but the beauty of having your own blog is that you can write whatever you want to write, so kudos to you, Sonshu.

    i'm definitely not a fan of those people/bloggers who post about all the new clothes they are wearing when they still have the tags on them. such a lie.

  12. Body hugging clothes. DEFINITELY NOT HOT! And caressing your girlfriend in public- CHEAP! Holding hands is still alright. But ya, there's always a difference in opinions. Till they aren't bothered about their dressing or actions, why should we bother :) SALE SALE SALE! I can drool over this word :P

  13. @Cheryl: Yes indeed. Super intense right? :) And yeah nor am i. Super lame it is that they think we'll be fooled?

  14. @PhilO: Hahahahha. yeah there's a limit. Like a boundary that you cant cross.


  15. Sonshu,

    Very true. Someone has got to say it. Best of luck for examinations. I am sure you will do well.

    Take care

  16. Did you go for the westside and pantaloons end of season sale?? :P I went crazy :D

  17. A very expressive blog you've got here. Would love reading more of your writings! Just came across your blog and liked it, I must say! :)

    Keep up the good work! There's nothing else a reader would want! :)

    Love! http://inthepourinrain.blogspot.in/

  18. hahahah I was trying to copy the text and translate all, when I saw the message: "hey copy cat..." hahahahahahahahah Well, I took all the english that I know and don't know to read your amazing text! I think I got it! AND I have to say: you are brilliant as a writter! You made me want to read more! You have total reason! I have seen these kind of persons!!!!

    I have to try it in portuguese! hahahah


  19. Hahahahhaha I loved it! I'm one of those people always passing remarks on random people so I can totally relate to your post hehehe