Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Day, A New Beginning?

Hello Hello Hello my lovely folks.


Thanks for the great response on the vlog. I will surely keep in mind all the tips and pointers the next time, and use all your suggestions too. Those who haven't seen my first VLOG yet, here goes: HERE! 

Welcome to the new followers. <3 you guys, you'll make me feel so loved. I've finally decided to do what I promised to a long time back. Yesyesyes.

So this is a very short post just to let you know that I have started 'The Wishing Tree' which is the name of the blog shop. And I request all of you to stop by and have a look. I've just started getting goods so there's a few things that I've handpicked from around the country and stuff. So yaaaaaaay. 

Oh and its on facebook, so to get more such updates, go like my facebook page. Please? Love you kay? :P Hehehehe. Shameless promotion over. 

You know you want to do some shopping, so go and check it out now. :) and here's the facebook page. HERE.

Till next time,
soon enough
Love and more


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