Thursday, February 16, 2012

Move on is a phrase. Make it happen.

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'Alison, come here quick baby!' she heard him calling loudly as he just walked into their so called house. They'd just shifted together to try a live-in relationship after five years of dating. They wanted to take it on a more serious note as he always said and hence the big step. She moved into his place because it was his own while she was living in a rented one. Alison and Nevol were rather happy together. The lovey dovey couple that they were, everyone knew they'd make a great pair. 

Alison was working after completing her graduation, she desperately was trying to get into the university of her dreams to do a PhD, but till then she definitely wanted to support herself and never depended on 'Nev' as she called him, for her money. Nevol was working as a senior head at an architectural firm. He was head over heels in love with Alison, and with that came a lot of possessiveness. 

'Yes Nev? What is it? I'm rather tired today let me rest on the couch.' she mentioned slouching. 

'But baby you have got to come here and see what I have for you.' he said sounding excited. 

'Come upstairs Nev, I'm not going to walk all the way down the stairs now. Please darling!'

Nevol entered the room with a bang and saw Alison lying down on the couch with dark circles, looking tired and in no mood for any fun but it went unnoticed to him. All he knew was that he had to surprise her and she was going to love it. He knew it, that she was.

He went closer to her.

'Stand up Ali, cmon! Don't spoil the mood' he said sweetly.

'Please Nev, what do you want? I'm so damn tired after the most hectic day at college. You know I have that big event coming up dont you?' she mumbled.

'Alison Myers, I Nevol John hereby ask you to be mine forever, Will you marry me baby?' he asked sitting on his knees.

Alison was in a shock for a moment or two and then she regained consciousness and quickly looked his way, surprised that it was actually happening. She pinched herself and woke up with a start.

'Nev, what's all this?!' she asked.

'Baby, thats not the right answer, tell me. Yes or no?'

'Nev, why'd know....'

'Ali, I wanted it to be a surprise and I know I want you to be mine forever and forevermore, you complete me.' And with that he pulled out a small box from his pocket and opened it. In it was the most beautiful ring Alison had ever seen. It was a platinum band and had a heart shaped diamond on it. She loved hearts and he knew that.

'Oh My God. Nevol that's gorgeous.' she said in awe

'So....will you marry me?' he asked again. Before she could answer he went on and on. 'Alison, I got a transfer to London, we could go there and it'll be so much fun. You and me. We'll get married here in Rome like you've dreamt of it always and then we'll go to London, you know there's loads of shops for you there to shop like crazy. Baby I'll keep you so happy!'

'What?' she asked 'When are you going to London? How did this happen? Nevol, what are you talking about. Are you mad? What about my phd and parents, what'll they say?'

'I'll convince them. Leave that to me. You could do a phd somewhere there.' he said casually

'I can't believe this. Nevol its always about you. You have to have everything your way. You go to London for your job and I leave my Phd and go with you? You think I'm nuts? Not happening. All these years I've comforted myself with you wanting things the way you want them. When we go out, its to a place you like, I've to wear what you like. So what's the point Nevol? And now you want me to shift? Do you even think about me?' she screamed.

'Alison? I never knew you felt that way. Baby....I thought we were....' he said staring into the space.

'Yeah. How would you even know? All you think about is yourself. Have you noticed that I've not been well for the past 2 weeks? Every single night I've been vomitting and I'm feeling so weak. But no, you can't see it. I told you I went to the doctor the other day and didn't even ask what happened. Its pathetic Nev, I've been meaning to talk to you about this and you just decided that you'll freaking take me with you to London. You don't rule my life Nevol John. I'm done with this. With being treated like a darn puppet.' and then with that she stormed out of the room collected all her clothes and shoes and dumped them in a rucksack and a suitcase and left.

It was over.


3 years later.

'So how do you feel Alison? Better I hope?' She asked.

'Yes doctor. Its been 3 years exactly, since I left him and walked away. And it still hurts me to know what it did to him. I feel pathetic about myself. But its a lot better than how I was back then. I loved him doctor, but I couldn't live like that feeling like I meant nothing, like I wasn't worth it.' 

'Alison, its not your fault he got into a mess. Its not your fault he's in jail. ' 

'But he got into the drug business because I left him. I should have said yes doctor. I can't forget that. it pierces me. He's rotting in jail, with no one left. He spoilt his bright future.' 

'Alison. Relax. Take a deep breath. You have moved on Alison. you know that. David is giving you a life no one ever has. You love him don't you?'

'Of course I do. I have everything I've wanted, couldn't ask for more. He's the perfect husband. All i wish is that it could have ended in a simpler way. This has made life so difficult. For everyone. I feel I'm not able to give David the love he gives me.' 

'Alison, love comes and love goes. People change, times change. You have to move on. You have to accept these little things. Just understand that its not your fault, you cant blame yourself.'

And with that Alison walked out of the room, stepped out of the building and walked into the car that was waiting for her. She saw his perfect face, sharp features and the way he looked at me with all the love. 

'David. I love you truly. And nothing can come in between us. I'm sorry for making you go through all of this.    It won't happen anymore. I'm not Alison the girl who thinks about the past. I'm Alison who's going to love her life and her hot husband.' she said hugging him

*Sometimes, you have to let go of certain memories in order to take your life one step further. To uncurl yourself from the past, embrace the present and wait patiently for the future. Because what you have is what you truly deserve so make the most of it.*


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  1. so not the situation i'd want to get stuck in! but then again, nevol was a freak and if not cos of the breakup, something else might have caused him to go down the dark side anyway.

    anyhoo, you write great! kp it up!

    *and cud u pls get rid of verification procedure. sucks dear!

  2. Brilliant!
    I agree.
    I feel so bad for them though. He did love her, and so did she. Guess sometimes things just happen and fall apart =/
    But I'm so happy she found a person who loves her so much :)

  3. This was amazing. I love the title too :)

    Sometimes you just have to let go and make things clear. You can't settle or adjust with things which are beyond repair. Btw I love the names of both the protagonists :D .. I don't know, this tale just made somethings clear to me.

    I love you SOnshu.. You've don it again .. Lovely post :D

  4. Sonshuuuuu! That was so cute! *hugs*
    It was so simple and yet this beautiful!
    You did it in the last few lines. It is hard to move on, but one day, you gotta let it go!
    Loved it! I'm gonna bookmark it and read again and again! :D

  5. WOw :) This was lovely. At least Alison realised :)

  6. @Raphael: Yeah I know. :P THANKYOUUU SO MUCH. And that im trying, no option :(

  7. @Blah: In the end everything was well. SO YEAH. :) ehehehhe. :P

  8. @Confused: Hmmm...yeah :) true. THANKS A TON :p So many compliments.

  9. @Paani: BEST COMMENT EVERRRR. Wow, thankyouuuu so mucccch :)

  10. @Meghana: I know. BUT ITS WORTH IT.

  11. @PhilO: yeah. ATLEAST SHE DID :)

  12. Niiice! I can so totally relate with Ali. Good work there and a strong meaning conveyed!

  13. Sonshu... I faintly remember reading you really long back...maybe in WL if you know anything of it.

    I used to read and write a lot, but then somehow I got lost somewhere in lifes chores, I stopped.

    Long after, I read this. Its a perfect reflection of what I, at some point in my life, went through. Its beautifully written and reflects the reality.

    Nice post.. :) Makes me follow you now.. :)

  14. @Nik: That comment was beautifully written. Thankyou so much NIk!

  15. I know this is an old post and all but I just saw it - so amazingly written- i love it!