Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I would never have random as my middle name.

Oh My God Its Monday?

I know I haven't been putting up many of the promised posts but with exams in a week again its very difficult to be creative and write what you want to. So the best thing to do is write some other awesome things in the meanwhile. 

In this post I'll be doing many abstract things just like the previous one. Oh and thanks for all the compliments. Love love. 

Lately i've been tumblr-ing a lot more than often. Do stop by at my tumblr sometime for more updates and to see what I like. Tumblr

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Now after all that which I haven't been saying in a while, I think what I'd love a lot you all know is some mail. So don't forget to mail me anything. Except spam of course, for which i'll slash your clothes. hehehe. And yeah you can blabber and whatever. Mail me at

Moving on. I promised on my fb page to tell you what trends I'm loving this season. Spring/Summer 2012 is just around the corner. Those last chills of winter are sweeping through, and its time to keep your eyes and ears open for these trends clearly making the headlines this season.


Pastel shades: This season pastels are the it thing. Everyone was donning them on the ramps and making a classy and subtle statement. 

Neon: I've always been a fan of neon. Somehow a touch of neon can just brighten and make your outfit look so interesting and pretty! I'm personally really happy about the arrival of this on the ramps too now, summer is going to be a lot more fun!

Peplum: The peplum is something I've always been eyeing and I really wish I had the figure to wear it, but those who can carry it off well should definitely wear it. 

Florals: Florals spell spring. And this was bound to be a trend this summer! Yipeeee. Floral pyjamas would look lovely too, since the pyjama trend is catching up too. 

LWD: The LBD is going to remain an all time style but the LWD is now going to be seen everywhere, evening parties and the red carpet. The Little White Dress is the new LBD, prettiness in swishes of  white is gorgeous and im digging this. 

Tribal prints: I like tribal accessories, im not sure if i'm too comfortable with the print but I definitely want to try this one because it looks pretty awesome, but I wouldn't invest a lot in this because I doubt that it'll stay for a long time. 

And that's it I'll say for now. Tell me WHAT YOU love this season?

More on trends soon. Till then I'll leave you with some pictures? 

And the title is such an irony right? Hahahh. So much neon love. Oh and me is reading that book currently. With all the exams books too though. And now I'll go. Excuse me for the lack of awesome posts? PLEASE?!



  1. wow I love the post :D
    And the colors and ur trends :D
    I wanna read Ahern's books too...never read :D

    I blogged too :D

  2. Sonshu,

    I am not on FB nor visit tumblr. I would rather read what you say here.

    Take care

  3. i'm totally feeling both the peplum and the pastels trend. pastel will be great for spring, especially as a nail polish shade.

  4. Oh I have never tried yellow nailpaint!!!
    Look gorgeous!
    and NEON is the in thing!!

  5. if you love neon color, i know a song called neon sung by john mayer. you know it's fun to have a song that rhymes with your neon nail. haha

  6. Nice post. And i think neon is not for me. Mebbe it suits teens more. :P

  7. i am obsessed wid ur blog its so nice to readddd write everyday