Tuesday, January 3, 2012

West says Hi to Desi-ness.


Yes, you got the newsletter. On 31st night, a minute before it was 01/01/2012.

I didn't post on new year, because I wanted a break from everything. Sat back with a bar of fruit and nut and enjoyed my chocolate in eternal bliss.

So now tell me how was your new year buddies? I shall show you what I wore on New Year's Eve in the next post. :) It was bro's birthday so celebrations were called for. Finally gave him a beyblade, the last one to complete his collection. Gosh, he was happy. *Uff*

Now its January. Dreading it already. Exams from 16th. Yes its my birthday and I'll be writing preparatory exams. How cool right? I'm so looking forward to it. [If you didn't know I love sarcasm]

I know I'm late. But its never too late right? So for those who didnt subscribe to the newsletter, here's wishing you.


Moving on. Its time to show you what Bro and me did when everyone was asleep at home on Sunday. Yes, we got along and had the time of our lives. Me posing, him clicking. So this post was composed specially for those of you who like something casual but still want to make those heads turn. 

Wearing: Pink Dress worn as a long top due to killing winters.
Black sticky pants
Black cardigan
Red Flower Statement head piece
Red and black Jhola
Colourful Kolapuris.

Duck feet is also a new pose haan?
Blame bro for the setting. 

Trying to hide the smile. :P FAIL.
 That's it for now. Be back soon. Let me get back to watching Breaking Dawn. I can see your face going baah but whatever. I havent watched a movie in ages. 

And then study? Ya right. 


P.S: About the guest posts. Since I have exams, I dont want the blog to die of starvation, malnutrition blah blah. So I'm lining guest posts and you have to do one for me. PLEASEEEEEEE!!! I'd love it. 
Confused Soul
Red Handed
Shawty (The winner of the contest is entitled to one.)
Oh To Be A Muse


AND THOSE WHO WANT TO do it too but name isn't here, please send me a mail? 
I'd like it if you sent it by 12th or 13th jan so I can schedule them. 
Oh and the most creative and innovative post wins some funky badges. 

IF you havent checked the FB fan page do so now, because I've started doing some random looks on polyvore.- HERE

Now really. Gotta run. Cya. 
Temme what you thought of the outfit. 


  1. Happy New Year, love! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Hey sonshu! :) cute outfit!! :D :D
    and is that your journal for 2012? :D :D
    i love the coloured juthis!! :D :D
    and i'm reaalllyyy sorry i won't be able to do the guest post.. :| i suck at keepin up deadlines on guest posts :( :( .. ask D! :|

    Happppyy new year ( i know i'm late but watevah! :P ) .. and good luck with the examssss! :D :D :D

  3. Seriously these exams...pop up everywhere! Best of luck!
    Happy New Year!

    And cuuute outfit!

  4. Oyye I love what you're wearing :) .. Plus I'll try and write the guest post soon enough :)

    Also I so wanna see your New Year outfit.. Quickie :D

  5. Going all Funky eh girl??!!
    Happy New year to you too!
    And let an idea hit me hard and u shall get the post...
    Thanks for including me

  6. Sonshu,

    Please convey BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY to him. Best of luck for examinations.

    Take care

  7. oh i like this look, especially that headband!

    birthday on exams...no fair! i'm pretty busy but let me know when you need the guest post. i'll let you know if i can do it or not.


  8. Thanks for all the love people <3 And all of you are mean, no guest post only :(