Monday, January 16, 2012

Its the day, we all wait for.


Its the day.

The birthday. What I don't understand sometimes is why people make such a fuss out of the day, but then sometimes you do want people to make a fuss out of it. Basically its always greener on the other side.

Heard: Man proposes, God disposes?

Well, its sad how I fell ill right on my birthday. So ill that I can't even type any further.

Managed to force a smile and strike a pose for you'll. Will do a detailed post when I'm fine. This is what I wore on my birthday, at home of course. I've blurred the pictures a little because I want to show you how it actually looks. You've seen these pants before. Remember? I just styled them differently this time. :) 

More on this later. Sneak a peek eh?

Okay, I can't type more. Really? I'f like to thank everyone who made this birthday special, with all the shit that happened. Thanks to Ni first of all for making it so so so special! And if you subscribe to her newsletter you'd know she even wished me there. She's such a darling. Thanks to Farzi, Neha, Rabia, Paanipuri Lover, Jack Uncle (For that wonderful card) and all the people who wished me on twitter. :) You made it even more special.

I'm finally SEVENTEEN bitches . (Maybe I shouldn't cuss). 

I miss sixteenth though, had such a birthday bash, but still im sure this year's going to be eventful. Gaaaah! Yipeeee. 


Till next time, I better sleep now.


LESSON OF THE DAY: Small things can make you feel very special. This somehow seems to be what I'm learning often these days. 

Oh and since I can't give you'll much, this much for you!


Oh and please dont say get well soon. I'm tired of it. :( so boring. Please haan?!


  1. Awwww. =)
    You're welcome re mad *tiiiight hugs*
    And next time, mention me as Blahblah, not many people know my name *wipes a tear* #lameness
    OMG, you are my age???! *jaw drop*
    I thought you were atleast a year elder. =p
    Imma be 17 too,this April B-)
    This year IS going to be eventful.

    Okeydokey don't get well soon. Get well sooner than soonest. Which is a line I stole from Zazu xD

    Take care my sonshuu!


  2. I'm writing on your post now to hopefully make you feel special! Happy 17th! Love the pants.

  3. Cupackes!!!!!!!!!! I love the way they look...I'm gonna make them exactly like that next time!:):)

  4. Sonshu,

    Get well soon and let us have detailed post. What made you sick? May there be happiness for you all the time.

    Take care

  5. Happy 17th Birthday!! I feel so old now!! :D
    You be fine and kicking by now I hope :D

  6. @Blah: I just love you ma soeur. :P hehehehe. thankyouuu. lol. okay i wont!

  7. @OhToBeAMuse: Aaww that sure did make me feel better. thanks a ton! :)

  8. Anushri: I Knew you'd comment on this :P

  9. @Jack: Uncle you always are the sweetest! :P And i donno random fever.

  10. @Red: HAHAHA THANKS A TON! you arent old! duh.

  11. You're ONLY 17!?! Gosh, don't I feel OLD!!! >__< Lolx... I feel ashamed too. My writings can't even compare to yours. I'm so envious~

    I'm late, but still, Happy Be-lated Birthday! I hope you feel better now. I've been sick for 2 weeks now too, but it's not severe, so I don't have anything to complain about- besides this awful cough. I only wish your birthday could have been a better one with you all hyped up than sick in bed. :( Maybe next year? :)

  12. @Shawty: I truly hope you get better soon girl! :) And thanks a ton for all those compliments :P :)