Friday, January 27, 2012

Red? Present ma'am!

Hello my coolest blog readers/ followers. 
You'll make me feel so much more better. I swear. 
So the HTC phone arrived but I haven't gotten to using it. I'm currently watching some pathetically boring tv show just because I'm too lazy to change the channel. Yes? And I have so much in my head to write but I never got to writing it. Sometime soon maybe?
Just to let you know the first picture is the shimmer nail colour with a blue background. 
Current obsession: Wedges and Horses. 
Colour love: Red
Palazzo pants are so timeless, red is classic. Mixing two trends which were the in thing last season. Somehow wearing last seasons trends this season gives me a high. But red and palazzo pants are really timeless. :) 
Now let me stop the random blabber and leave you with pictures. 



And now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! Gosh i talk so much.

OOTD: Paint me splashy red.

Tell me what you thought? 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY is the go to thing.

DISCLAIMER: Image heavy post. Please hold yourselves on the ground.

Jan 19th 2011.

Hello there.


Can you see me? No you cant? Well good for you, because I don't feel any better. Yes, I'm still so sick, lying down on the bed, feeling useless because I can't do anything so the best I came up with was putting and compiling all the clicks of mid Jan 2012 (some crazy ones) and showing you this collage. 

Before that: Here's something I'm going to do more often. To inspire myself. And mainly to inspire all of you every single time. Since I'm no philosopher, I'll leave you with a quote. 

This time its a picture quote. So the picture quote of the post:


Now moving on to the random pictures. Here they are, excuse the complete randomness and click on it to see it in detail. :)

From left to right, top to bottom.
A jumble of tic tacs, an important topic, Yummy Egg and Cheese burger, Breakfast at McD, Octane that the teacher gifted us, Pizza Filling McPuff, 2012 Calender: Courtesy Star World, Flower doodle, Mouth watering cakes, HIMYM Calender sneak a peak!
Center: A random click of the psychology text book. Chapter on Counselling. 

I think, I'll do this more often. :) It was a lot of fun. 

Now, a lot of you have been asking for a DIY post. But for a start im not doing the accessories DIY, that'll be a bit later. Here's something I did a while back. It caught a lot of eyes and people asking me how I did it, so here you go. Specially for you. 

Personalized Accessories Holder and Phone stand

Materials Required:
1. Cardboard box of any shape as you wish, I've used a rectangular one.
2. Tissue paper
3. Ice Cream Sticks if you want an inclusive phone holder
4. 3D Outliner
5. Scissors
6. Fevicol
7. Patience. Lots!

So now lets get started shall we? 

First of all use tissue paper, I prefer to use coloured ones because they look lovely and you might also use craft paper, anything that works for you.  Wrap the bottom half of the box using fevicol and if you are using tissue paper I must warn you it will tear so dont use too much fevicol. 

And this is what you'll have once you've wrapped it. 

Next I used 3-D glue to decorate the box and you can even use sequins and other crafty stuff you get at stores. Personally I'm a fan of 3-D outliner because its lovely. 

Since I know you're smarty, I am fast forwarding two steps. So you cover the upper lid of the box too and now you have neatly covered boxes. Next you can decorate the upper bit as you wish, and do whatever designs that please you. You can do funky stuff and even carve initials. 

This is what i've done. Its very simple. I've left the middle area empty to make the phone holder. If you aren't keen on it you can design it further.

Next you cut the ice cream stick into half. This would help us make the phone stand. Measure your phone and then you'll know the width and breadth that it'll take. That determines the number of ice cream sticks. Each has to be cut into two smaller parts.

Now place them side by side like I've done and do so till you get the dimensions of your phone. I've also added the cute googly eyes and smiley face. 

And then once you've placed the sticks accordingly you can keep your phone on it and it makes for a perfect accessory holder that has enough room for tidsy bidsy clips and bands that you use daily, some rings and even earrings. And it makes for a lovely deco piece on your table! Done! 

24th Jan 2011

That was some DIY wasn't it? This was pending like forever. So much to tell you guys. So many posts, fashion and what not. Damn sickness. How you been doing? I will surely stop by your blogs after I'm done with errands today. I promise. I've missed reading so much! The witty posts and lovely outfit and sale hauls of my fellow bloggers!

Have you checked out the sales yet? HURRY!!!

Till next time
Feeling a lot better
Sonshu sends Love! :)

Disabled comments on this post. This one's just for you to enjoy doing over the weekend! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Its the day, we all wait for.


Its the day.

The birthday. What I don't understand sometimes is why people make such a fuss out of the day, but then sometimes you do want people to make a fuss out of it. Basically its always greener on the other side.

Heard: Man proposes, God disposes?

Well, its sad how I fell ill right on my birthday. So ill that I can't even type any further.

Managed to force a smile and strike a pose for you'll. Will do a detailed post when I'm fine. This is what I wore on my birthday, at home of course. I've blurred the pictures a little because I want to show you how it actually looks. You've seen these pants before. Remember? I just styled them differently this time. :) 

More on this later. Sneak a peek eh?

Okay, I can't type more. Really? I'f like to thank everyone who made this birthday special, with all the shit that happened. Thanks to Ni first of all for making it so so so special! And if you subscribe to her newsletter you'd know she even wished me there. She's such a darling. Thanks to Farzi, Neha, Rabia, Paanipuri Lover, Jack Uncle (For that wonderful card) and all the people who wished me on twitter. :) You made it even more special.

I'm finally SEVENTEEN bitches . (Maybe I shouldn't cuss). 

I miss sixteenth though, had such a birthday bash, but still im sure this year's going to be eventful. Gaaaah! Yipeeee. 


Till next time, I better sleep now.


LESSON OF THE DAY: Small things can make you feel very special. This somehow seems to be what I'm learning often these days. 

Oh and since I can't give you'll much, this much for you!


Oh and please dont say get well soon. I'm tired of it. :( so boring. Please haan?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Late New Year.


Who told you I am dead huh? Who. Kill them. :)
Yes, I am very much alive and kicking! Kicking ass. We had graduation today. Saree and all. 
Honestly, I have begun feeling a strong sense of pity for these teachers who wear sarees every single day. Chains off! 

Now since I promised you, here's what I wore for new year. Yes I was high on pictures, ignore the stupidity. Bro was being a kind person and taking so many pictures, love him. 

Right hand side bracelet bought from a fair
Left hand side bracelet gifted by chaddi buddy!
Statement necklace- Westside sale.
Awesome headpiece: Dont remember
My hot shoes didn't feature, I currently love them! :) How sad.
I forgot to pose with them. :P LOL. Some other time maybe?

I told you I lost it right? Ha. 

Oh guess what happened. See what arrived today in the mail:

<3 star world even more. PERIOD.

Need I say anything more? That's it for now! Tell me what you thought of the new year outfit and the silly poses. Exams from next week.
Have you visited all the big time sales that are on yet? :)

Till next time. Love and more love


P.S: Nostalgic post coming soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

West says Hi to Desi-ness.


Yes, you got the newsletter. On 31st night, a minute before it was 01/01/2012.

I didn't post on new year, because I wanted a break from everything. Sat back with a bar of fruit and nut and enjoyed my chocolate in eternal bliss.

So now tell me how was your new year buddies? I shall show you what I wore on New Year's Eve in the next post. :) It was bro's birthday so celebrations were called for. Finally gave him a beyblade, the last one to complete his collection. Gosh, he was happy. *Uff*

Now its January. Dreading it already. Exams from 16th. Yes its my birthday and I'll be writing preparatory exams. How cool right? I'm so looking forward to it. [If you didn't know I love sarcasm]

I know I'm late. But its never too late right? So for those who didnt subscribe to the newsletter, here's wishing you.


Moving on. Its time to show you what Bro and me did when everyone was asleep at home on Sunday. Yes, we got along and had the time of our lives. Me posing, him clicking. So this post was composed specially for those of you who like something casual but still want to make those heads turn. 

Wearing: Pink Dress worn as a long top due to killing winters.
Black sticky pants
Black cardigan
Red Flower Statement head piece
Red and black Jhola
Colourful Kolapuris.

Duck feet is also a new pose haan?
Blame bro for the setting. 

Trying to hide the smile. :P FAIL.
 That's it for now. Be back soon. Let me get back to watching Breaking Dawn. I can see your face going baah but whatever. I havent watched a movie in ages. 

And then study? Ya right. 


P.S: About the guest posts. Since I have exams, I dont want the blog to die of starvation, malnutrition blah blah. So I'm lining guest posts and you have to do one for me. PLEASEEEEEEE!!! I'd love it. 
Confused Soul
Red Handed
Shawty (The winner of the contest is entitled to one.)
Oh To Be A Muse


AND THOSE WHO WANT TO do it too but name isn't here, please send me a mail? 
I'd like it if you sent it by 12th or 13th jan so I can schedule them. 
Oh and the most creative and innovative post wins some funky badges. 

IF you havent checked the FB fan page do so now, because I've started doing some random looks on polyvore.- HERE

Now really. Gotta run. Cya. 
Temme what you thought of the outfit.