Monday, October 31, 2011

When men take over the fashion booth.

As I said earlier, I'll be talking about Fall/Winter 2011 trends. Usually I'm not someone who goes by trends or follows them but lately when I was reading Elle 2011 I found something rather interesting that's in fashion now. I liked the look and wanted to try my own version of it.

Apparently the androgynous look is in this fall and that's very interesting. I mean dressing up in something that men can also wear would be super interesting. Anyway these are some looks that designers did this fall but I didn't really use any as inspiration just put together a simple androgynous look from what I could find.

Oh and sorry for the shortage of pictures I've been on a whirl with my bro so I've had to do some timer photography and they've turned out okay haven't they? Anyway here's somethings I'd like to share with you for this Winter 2011.

My Most Loved Possessions This Fall/Winter 2011:
Yellow wedges
Yellow sling bag
Checked Shirt
Black LBD
Beaded Belt
Purple Symmetrical Bag
Velvet Ballet Flats
Tan Satchel
Peacock Earrings
Artsy Skirts

And the list goes on, but enough for now. :) 

So what I'm wearing is:
Purple and White checked shit: Tibet Store
Black Blazer: Mustard (Borrowed)
Blackish Grey Trousers: Allen Solly
Shoes: Dad's (Park 
Avenue I think?)
Grey rubber band: Commercial Street

Now this look is super simple and actually quite nice to sport. I borrowed Mom's blazer and Dad's shoes. And then later when I informed him about it he burst out laughing. I was like *laugh laugh at my expense*. Dad doesn't understand why I was trying to be all androgynous dressed and when I explained he concluded that I've lost it. See? The things we daughters do.

I do not look my best here, do I? Obviously. I won't say I'm a girly person but most of my clothes are pretty girl oriented so it was hard to find something to do this look but since I made my mind up to try it, I went ahead and did it. I actually kind of like the shoes. They're comfortable and nice though they were like two sizes lesser than mine. And the shirt is so multi purposeful. You'll be seeing it often now, well I'll try save you the horror and try use it less often. Anyway I've lots of posts lined up now. I have my seasons too and Winter seems to be my favourite.

Oh and notice in one of the pictures I've done the side partitioned gelled look. Hahaha.  Bangalore is funny that way. As I write this post sitting in the balcony I can feel the chill wind that hits lightly against my face. Actually I'm almost freezing. And suddenly it becomes scorching hot that you'd feel like roaming in shorts. Funny innit? I love it nonetheless. 

The story I've been working on turned out bleh so I worked out another one and I've lined it for you'll next. :) I'm suddenly all excited and I've become all bloggery. Anyway. The story coming up and lots more. Honestly this season seems to have me going and I've been writing and blogging a lot. :) Yaaay the blog is no more starved.

Till next time.


P.S: The much requested Halloween look is coming up soon. Though I didn't attend a party this year due to lack of time, I will do a look and put up pictures. :) Post Halloween hahaha. :) Till then keep it spooky. Mail your Halloween look, I'd love to see.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

When the geek comes running around?

Today is a holiday. It is a Sunday. OMG. Happiness. Can you actually believe but its been ages since I had a fun, sit online all day Sunday. That reminds me of how much work I've been doing lately. Gosh, save me Lord. 

So I love waking up to mails and the other day I woke up to see so many mails, and these weren't random offers or fb mails they were people mails. Diwali wishes, and fan mails. Oooh saying that makes me feel like a star.

The 14 year old and me continue to talk, she's adorable and it just takes that one mail to make your whole day. Anyway there was another person who wrote to me saying they wanted me to do a geek look. 

I've actually always been a fan of the geeky look and I think matching the geek specs with a chic outfit would do wonders. So instead of the entire geek look I went for a partial geek look. Now what's better was that I was actually going to the book store. Isn't that a coincidence? So I didn't want to over dress but I didn't want to look plain. 
Prints are in this season so I thought why not play with some cheetah prints. I am an ardent fan of animal prints though my animal print collection is minimal, if I should say. Oh and I also just found out Tunics are in too. OMG. How cool right? So this would sort of qualify for a basic FALL/WINTER 2011 Book Store  Look.

Geek Glasses: Church Street
Purple Symmetrical Bag: Vintage Shop
Almost Tunic: I don' remember?
Cheetah Print Tights: Muscat, Oman
Purple Flip Flops: Westsport
Dark Purple Kada: Fab India
Pink earrings: Indo Dubai Plaza
Belt: DIY (Made by self)
Black and Purple Bangle: Sale, Westside

I seriously wish one day I would walk home to see so many free clothes lined up for me, oh wait shoes too.

:) Honestly. In other news, a reader asked me if I was open to collaboration and sponsorship. WHO ISN'T? The reader suggested that I make a page to let interested sponsors know. :) Also if you'll know anyone willing to sponsor, let me know. It was a reader idea. And a good one. Thank you Kashyap.

Oh and recently I tried out a new look that's totally in this fall. That and more about fall trends, next post.

And if you'll notice I am responding to your mails and requests so do keep sending in such requests, I'll love you'll. Hahaha. Lately college has been relaxed but exams in about 20 days and I  have got to buck up and study you think? Yes I have.

And sorry to all those who look forward to my writings and random ramblings, lately I've been facing a writers block. I've actually been working on a story, so wait for that too.

Till next time.
Love an more love

P.S: Halloween is around the corner, I don't think I'm going to dress up this time. Kill joy. Have college and other plans. What did you go as for Halloween this time? Mail me pictures, I'd love to see.

Have you tried the latest fall look? Mail me pictures, I  know you are a fashion bomb. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

When Blue met Purple.

Hello there awesome folks from Readersville. 

This post is going to be a quick and short one.

I am back with some fashion action. So my friend and I were rather bored on a Sunday and decided to visit Tibetean Market, you have heard about it right? I did not want to shop okay. She wanted spaghettis so I tagged along. Here's what I wore to shopping again. 

Guess what? I got myself these super hot wedges from somewhere in Brigade road. They are yellow and gorgeous and I am in love with them.

In other news, I've taken up to yoga, and I must say it has been a calming process so far. Usually I'm the bubbly, overly excited thing but recently I've become soft and mellow at times. Plus yoga will do me super good for dance and weight loss. 

Oh, sad that I just came to know about the Great Indian Shopping Festival at Forum. I definitely have to make a stop there before November 1st. Want to tag along anyone? :)

Also, coming soon on the blog is some featured fashion bombs, who've taken me by storm with their amazing fashion sense. Mail me your pictures.

I received a sweet mail from a 14 year old recently and I'm going all gaga over it. I love such mails. They make my day.

Also going to be talking about Fall/Winter 2011
What's in and what's not?

Oh and finally, is there anything you'll would want to see me sport? I'd love to do a readers choice.

Wearing: Blue abstract top: Forum 
Blue leggings: Dont remember (Vintage piece)
Purple Ballet Flats: Local shoe store
Peace pendant neck piece: Ayesha, Bangalore
White Belt: Sale
Blue Bangle: Mom's
Plaited air: Self
Purple rubber band
Blue hairband (Not visible in the photo) :West side.


Oh and I PROMISE you to have awesomer backgrounds/shoots soon. Blame the bro and the camera. 

Also check out my previous post: HAIR
Vote for it on the IndiBlogger Contest here: IB

Hello there new readers from the October Followers Fest. Feel free to browse along and stalk my blog. I welcome you here. Do leave your links so I can get back to you. :) Lots of love. <3
I will make sure to do another costume post soon. :)


Hair, its a funny thing I tell you?

People who are obsessed with their hair,
Those, who care a damn about it.
Some of them just pretend to care
Others who torture it and send it to hell
But then there are those who love it for the way it is, and treat it as special as anything else.

Yes, I know of people who are crazy about their hair, fiddling with it every minute or so, always checking if its right, and honestly it can get irritating, for their hair and for others. Those people who maintain their hair shabbily, don't rinse it regularly, and tease it like crazy, aaaaah, if I was hair I'd scream. I swear on my hair I know people who torture their hair, straightening it one day, curling it the next, colouring it every week, adding chemicals, dying often, and what not? Such people are seriously demons from hell. 

 I strongly believe that hair is just like any other thing that has life. It is like a baby, it is like an organ, it is like a plant. It needs nurturing, protection and proper care. If it isn't given the above requirements, in plain english it starts hating you. Basically love it, and it loves you.

I remember, I was always the girl with the short hair, just so that it was easier to maintain. Back in 5th grade and even till 7th grade I had chin length hair, that'd just be right for two small fountain ponytails. But after 7th I wanted to experiment with hairstyles and grew my hair. I began using different shampoos to see what suited my hair the best. This was the worst phase for my hair, poor thing was being tormented as I was being a rebel and trying to experiment. It began throwing tantrums, hair fall, thinning of hair, scanty growth.

But luckily senses were back soon, and in no time I was back to being good girl. I let my hair grow.

One fine day, I went to the parlour to get a trim, and guess what? The lady chopped my hair so short that I began to wail and scream. I told her she had no rights to shorten the length when I'd clearly told her not to. I felt so conscious considering, i've a round shaped face and short hairstyles hardly do any good.

But, touch wood now that horrendous journey is just history and I shall not let history repeat itself. Come 10th grade, I began respecting and gently caring for my hair. I realized that Dove was all that worked on my hair, and I continued using it. I still use dove, though the old ones have gone, there is something that suits me with dove. I love dove. So I've been tending my hair delicately and its been giving me all the love in return.

I was called Ms Beauty Hair by all my friends in 10th and I still am known for my hair. Its staying with me like I wanted it to and I'm showing it how much I respect it.

Love is a two way street, love your hair and it loves you back. That's by far the most honest and true line I've heard. My example is one to believe and I've lived it.

I'm now in 12th grade with pretty long hair and its just the way I want it. I love it. It loves me. We love each other.

Now some humour and sentiments.

Here's to my hair
Thanks for being there for me when I needed you
Thanks for covering up for me when I was crying and didnt want anyone to notice
Thanks for making me look prettier
Thanks for not letting go when I pulled you so hard
Thanks for being good hair days and bad ones
Your very existence has me intimidated
Our journey together is forever.

This is also a tribute to all those battling cancer, and those women who aren't afraid to go bald. You'll are the prettiest. To bravery and fighting.


Submitted for IndiBlogger's Dove contest.


Have you submitted your entry?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because life is just cool. Wohoo.

Walking home to your pre-ordered copy of a Nicholas Sparks book is fabulous. And your day just becomes better. Yippeeee. Recently I've been going overboard with my shopping, whether its clothes, accessories or books. Trust me, its super funny and I actually enjoy how everyone's talking about my shopping obsession at home. Thrift stores, bargaining and random shopping is utterly cool. 

 So when mom, aunt and grandma were going to out I felt the sudden need to go. No, I had no interest in shopping, just wanted to go along you know.

But its rather weird how I ended up buying a tan satchel. Which is so damn cute and useful, it has multi zips and is a great deal. Yes, I can't help it I shopped. Anyway then I put myself on a ban and ended up breaking the ban and shopping more next week. So lately I've been miffed with myself.

What I'm wearing: 

Black and white tunic : Commercial Street (Awesomest bargain ever)
Three-fourth jeans: Westside
Black porous ballet flats: Bata 
White desi chain: Thrifted
Black and Silver rugged bracelet: Brigade road. 
Bag: Marks and Spencers

Ignore the pointy feet, I was swirling and dancing around being rather bored.

Though the white desi chain is not really seen, its a personal favourite and I had to get my human tripod brother to click these pictures. He was cribbing and grumbling as usual. The ballet flats are extra comfy and I loveeeeeee them, its so casual and you can wear them everywhere.

Its diwali, wohoooo right? I'm super happy. Festival of lights and all. But I won't be bursting crackers as usual, I'm a fan of clicking pictures of them though.

Its sad that we have to wear salwar and kurtis for college so I'm bored of it and for diwali I'm definitely not going to wear that. Wait and watch what I wore for diwali. Coming soon.

Show me what you wore for diwali, mail pictures to me. You know I love getting your mails.

HAPPY DIWALI to all of you. :)
Have a safe one.

Oh and I love diyas, so I'm definitely doing that.

Tell me what you thought of this outfit, a random day out.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ways to become invisible to the world.

430119458_largeThis may sound random, made up or unrealistic, but the fact is it is very much true. This is a true story. 

One say I received a mail, from an unknown sender. Now this is not really uncommon because my email is all over this blog. But what's weird, is that the mail was freaky. I kind of had to read the mail over and over about ten times till I actually believed it. Do you want to know what the mail said?

Dear Sonshu,
I am a follower of your blog, and I like the way you write. It touches the soul and I think you can be a great author in the near future. 
I have often seen posts on how to be famous, I think that it is trivial considering fame is not important in life. I am someone who has a lot of fame in life, trust me. I am no actor or singer, but where I am, I am famous. Everyday I pray that people would stop noticing me and analyzing me, I'd like to know how to become invisible, please answer this query of mine. In fact you can do a blog post, I wouldn't mind. Thank you. Please help.


Weird is it not? Anyway, I was rather bored so I decided to answer it anyway. Besides I think the mail is kind of sweet and cute and all. But the whole wanna be invisible part is weird. 


1. Walk around with an invisible blanket that can be borrowed from Harry Potter. 
2. Stay indoors, lock your room and practically live there. Don't bother ever coming out of your so called pad. 
3. Annoy people, which further leads to rifts and hence people starting hating you and dont bother about you. In turn you become invisible.
4. Get a makeover, like total makeover so no one knows its you and they won't bother stalking you.
5. Stop doing anything whatsoever that calls for attention. Basically stop living, turn into a lame ass boring character.

Those are the random five ways I came up with to become invisible to the world. I believe that becoming invisible is like next to impossible, because we are social animals and the world is meant and rests on the principle of socializing. There is always that one person who's interested in what you are doing. 

I'll leave you off with Aristotle's quote: 'Man is a social animal.'

Please excuse the completely insane post. When I'm asked such questions I become rather crazy. 

Love and more love

P.S: More updates on the shopping, ban and more shopping soon.
Outfit posts, soon.
And another letter soon. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

When Alibaba went to fashion school.

Hello folks, awesome people.

I'm back again with some fashion love. And guess what Ali Baba has been in fashion for quiet some time. Did you'll know? If not, listen. He went along and completely shook the fashion world.

Yes, I was in a completely Hippie mood and I decided to go all Boho. I love Boho-ness and honestly it is one of my favourite styles.

The pants are a new love, and currently booming in fashion here. They're called Ali Baba or Dhoti pants and honestly who thought it would be all fashionable, gosh I love the way it matches with just everything. Seems to do complete justice to my intended Boho look. These pants and the whole look also come under the Indian Hi Street Look for a super maniacal bold day when you are not afraid to experiment with colours.

Here are some pictures of the Crazy Warrior, Boho, Hippie look.

I'm warning you'll that I'm in love with these pants and you are definitely going to see it more often here, also the head piece is one of my favourites, so Warrior like and perfect to lighten up your mood.

Yes, I also took a picture of the intricate patterns on the pants. Just to show you'll how awesome they are, you should grab your pair soon.

What did you'll think of the look?

Photographer: Mom

Pink Spaghetti Top: Thrifted
Alibaba Pants: Brigade road
Yellow Woolen shrug: Pondicherry
Orange Hoop earrings: Commercial street
Head piece: Thrifted
Green Flats: Bata
Colourful Bangles: Gifted 
Blue thin lined chain: Mom's


A writing wala post coming up as always promised I''m going to balance. :) Wait and watch. :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When things become as complex as the earth itself.

Dear Whomsoeverthismayconcern,

Today I write to you as a troubled Earthian again, but this time I write not directly to you. This very special time, I send along one diary excerpt. It is for you to know how I actually felt after the incident happened. I would like to say nothing more as of now, as I am deeply troubled by the happenings on earth. I wish that such trouble may not touch you when you descend on this complex land

Diary Entry : October 18th 2011.

We were walking together, laughing our backs off. As we walked out of college, another day was over. We decided to stay back and click some pictures. The fragrance of the boiling corn spread through the group, the chat masala tingled our noses and we craved for corn. Nothing could stop us as we all walked across to buy corn. Just as I was getting my order, I felt something pinch me. At first I ignored it, assuming it to be some loser from the crowd that was slowly growing around this lucky corn seller who was going to make a fortune today. But later the incessant pinching continued. 

As I turned to see who the hell was so annoying, all ready to punch them I saw an old man. Yes he was begging and he was pinching. Honestly, I don't really give beggars money because they are annoying and they can earn themselves. But sometimes I feel pity for old people and end up giving them something. This particular man though was an exception, the very look of him annoyed me. How dare he pinch me? 

I shouted at him and controlling my temper I walked to the other side. All of us were sort of freaked. You may ask why I didn't react...but the answer to that lies in the fact that this man looked mentally unstable. We all felt it, and as psychology students we are taught how to deal with them. But he was no normal person, he was a beggar and a greedy one at that. So we just ignored him. He continued pestering us, till we finally told him to get the hell out of there and stop irritating us like a buzzing bee. The corn seller frantically shouted at this man too because people were running away from his stall due to the creepy old man. We were indeed saved. *Sigh*

On the way back home, as I always did, retrospecting, I thought of various aspects. I've already spoken about beggars once but that is not what I want to say this time. Shouting at the old man made me feel sad and guilty. He was not really in his senses and I couldn't blame him. But what else would one do when someone was pinching you? Tell me what would you do? He even tried to snatch my friend's ice cream. How can people behave like that, old or not? 

What would you have done?

As I said I won't say anything more, I'll just bid goodbye for now, but I will be back soon when I'm well to talk again dear person, keep safe and don't come to earth as of now, it is not a nice place as you see. 

Earthian Representative.


P.S: A fashion blog post coming soon too. And don't forget to mail me, with pictures or letters. I love hearing from you. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shopping is a happy thing. You know it!

As I promised, I am back with some action and inside scoop. 

The other day, I was randomly being bored as usual and my friend called and said she needed to go shopping. Of course the word shopping always wakes me no matter what. So I was all curious as to why the sudden need to shop etc. Apparently she wanted a wardrobe change and like a complete makeover, and she mentioned that since I was such a shopaholic it was best to go with me. 

Here's what I chose to wear to go around shopping in Commercial street, a place I love because of all the lovely things and hate because of the buzzing crowd. Yes, we share a love and hate relationship, like many other people. 

Images copyright to Toucher tes rêves
I didn't really click loads of pictures as I always do because I literally had to force my brother who was in a bad mood to click these. And by force I mean coercion, like serious annoying. After all the drama he clicked two pictures both of which I have uploaded here. 

It was a pretty lazy day so I sort of decided to go for a very casual look, with a spaghetti cross over and to avoid tanning I pulled along a shrug. If you don't know I'm a crazy accessory fan so I have to always have some funky accessories on, like always. So I decided to wear the squared long chain that really is what I call a geometrical chain. I added the bronze kada to give it a vintage look and the skirt is a personal favourite. The sandals are rather new so its my current obsession and the anklet was a random last minute add.

Across the shoulder spaghetti - Marks and Spencer
Long squared neck piece: Don't remember
Bronze Kada: Commercial Street
Knee Length skirt: Thrifted
Green anklet: Gifted
Leather Sandals
Black shrug 

What did you'll think of the first fashion post? Let me know! You know you can mail me anytime? Or leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. 

WHAT'S NEW? You can mail in your pictures to be featured in my 'Featured Fashion Bombs' Section. Coming soon. 

If you think you know to get your way around clothes then dont forget to mail your pictures to and you shall be featured :) Yaaay!


P.S: Shahrukh was in Bangalore and I did not know it. How ignorant am I? But I always live resting on the hope that someday he'd probably know me personally.

P.P.S: Ignore the copyright symbols all over, paranoid. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hurrah, I am finally doing it.

Smile. Cheer. Laugh.

Don't throw tomatoes, pretty please?

After a lot of thinking, and re-thinking. Analyzing, weighing down options, debating pros and cons and what not, I have decided to do what I've always wanted to do.

Start a fashion blog.

Let me tell you something. Shhhh. Okay well, I've completely lost it, over excitement. Anyway, I think I'm going to start a fashion section on this very blog. This blog is too close to my heart and I think starting another blog will be all too tedious. So you are going to have a potpourri coming your way readers, and I promise I won't stop on the usual posts. So it is going to be double dhamaaka.

What I first did was I went ahead and told all my friends about it, them being fashion freaks too. So we're all pretty excited now. Are you?

Tell me what you think about this new idea.

About the winners of the competition :) YES YES. I'm finally doing it, announcing the much awaited results.

But there is a twist. We cut down on one prize because there were only ten entries which was very depressing for me, but probably next time. So we have two prizes. And the winners are: (Sorry I can't link right now, linker problems!

Runners up goes to : TeeHee! Yaaay darling, you won it! You wrote well, as I already told you.

Judge's say: Her story was short and sweet. It conveyed her message and brought that out beautifully, it touched my heart and was a brilliant read. I think you should write such emotional, sentimental stories, its your style.

Winner is: Shawty!!! Your story was brilliant. Fabulous and I loved it girl!

Judge's say: The story that I read here was something that should go into a magazine, it was that well written. What a wonderful way to express the different stages in ones life. Truly, a good read. You completely deserve this!

Now both of you please mail me, so that I can send in the gifts to you'll? :)

The judge also said he enjoyed reading the other stories, and wishes there were more participants. How I completely agree with him on that.

Now, I'll leave you with this. But I swear to be back soon.


P.S: I think I'm craving for a new look, watch out, you might just see a different look the next time you come out here.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things are definitely not as they seem.

She got into the train and walked around looking for a seat. Luckily she found one, the only one there was next to an old man. He looked around sixty or so and he had a smile on his face that was sort of stuck on his face permanently. Astounded, she quietly sat down and continued reading her book.

'If I was you, I'd read something chirpier child' he said sarcastically.

She looked up to see if that was meant for her and she saw the grandpa like person addressing his words right at her. She smiled and remembered the good old don't talk to strangers thing and continued to read her favourite book of all times.

'Child, its rude to ignore your elders and honestly, why read something so tragic?' he asked as if it was his business.

'Excuse me, but it is none of your business what I'm reading uncle.' she said sternly. He seemed sad with what she said but it didn't look like he was offended.

'See child, I had a grand daughter just like you. And I know you won't believe this but that was her favourite book. She always imagined that she'd have someone like Romeo for herself. Sadly she did and it all ended tragically.' he spoke undeterred by her rudeness.

She stared at him with a quizzical expression, unable to say anything she just mumbled a hmmm.

'Do you want to know what happened to her child?' he asked sweetly.

She was disgusted that everyone else in the compartment was fast asleep, why did she have to listen to him and his stories, didn't he have anything else to do. Already annoyed by his constant interruption she gave him a whatever look. But he seemed to be immune to the meanness.

'Perhaps you don't want to. But I'd like to tell you, lest you be hurt in life. You remind me of her, a lot and I somehow feel I should tell you this.' he mumbled.

'Her name was Ana, she was seventeen something when she first started believing in love, it was that time that she was completely obsessed with Romeo and Juliet. Let alone Romeo and Juliet, she was obsessed with any romance and was a total believer of princes and happy endings.' he said looking devastated, as if he'd lost someone he valued a lot.

'I'm so sorry for your loss' she said feeling bad for her behaviour. She regretted whatever she'd said to him, but the damage was done.

'She and I were close, I was her favourite gramps as she said. She shared everything with me and I told her stories from my time and how I fell in love with her granny. One fine day she told me she'd found her prince charming, I was delighted and asked to meet him.' he said softly.

Before I could mumble something rather stupid he cut me and began narrating once again.

'I really shouldn't have met him, I wouldn't have had to go through this pain. He was indeed a prince, in heart and looks. He was perfect for her. She was pampered and loved and I prayed that their relationship lasted forever. I guess God didn't hear my prayers. She was killed, on the railway track for her carelessness. And he killed himself know.' he said breaking down.

'Please don't cry, I'm so sorry...but...' I tried consoling him.

'She was reading that very book, her favourite scene. She didn't see the train coming and it ran over her. Her body was grotesque, I've had nightmares since then.' he said

'I wouldn't read while crossing a railway track' she said carefully looking at him.

'Child, I hope you wouldn't. I just told you this story because I see her somewhere in you.'

'I'm sorry uncle, I was so rude to you.' she said apologetically.

'Its okay, promise me you won't be careless with the life God has gifted you with. You are more important than a story in a book, remember that. Anything else for that matter.' he said carefully staring at me right into the eyes.

''I promise' I said wondering why I was talking to this stranger. The train came to a halt and it was time to go. I got down and waved at him one last time and began to walk. He'd told me this completely depressing and tragic story and spoiled my reading time.' she thought to herself and put the story behind her and walked, not giving it another thought.


5 years later.

'Bye Jubbie' she said and left the house. As she was walking in the path she was thinking about how blissfully perfect her life was and how lucky she was, to have such a perfect husband.

She was out to go shopping and have her girl day. Mani's and Pedi's and a pampering session for herself, after all she was up all night the whole week taking care of her four month year old baby. She had a long way to walk and she'd forgotten her ipod at home, so she pulled out her book and began reading. She was reading Harry Potter for the billionth time and yet it was interesting.

Suddenly she heard horns and people screaming. She turned around to see a car come across heading for her direction. She wanted to move, everyone was screaming and hurling 'MOVE! GET OUT OF THE WAY! at her but nothing seemed to work. Her brain froze and it felt like she was glued to that spot. Flashes of the uncle on the train came to her. Of his grand daughter's story, but she remained thinking. The driver lost control and hit her...almost. She heard the car come to a halt right before her. It was inches away from her and then she felt woozy and fell to the ground. The last thing she remembered was seeing uncle holding her hand and whispering, 'Wake up! Wake up...child!'


4 months later.

She woke up with a start. She could hear whispered noises around her. She felt a stinging pain in her head, it was throbbing. Slowly and gently she opened her eyes. The first thing that hit her were the green curtains. Damn, she was at the hospital and she knew those green curtains! The first face she saw was uncle's.

'Hi child.' he said.

'Hi uncle, i thought about you. I don't remember what happened...I was..' I started speaking fast.

'Relax. I've a lot to tell you.' he began as usual.

He seemed like a particularly good story teller and spun his words with a magical spinning wheel. He put everything down so carefully and sweetly so as to not hurt me.

'You were crossing the road and the car almost hit you. I was in that car, headed to a book reading. You weren't injured physically but the doctors say, you went into a state of traumatic shock. You've been in coma for four months. He came and visited you. I contacted him, but he hasn't come in two months. Luam is here with me, and currently he's fast asleep at my house.'

'What? Jubbie left me? But uncle...he loved me...and he loved Luam.' she said crying...unable to hold herself together.

'I know. I know. I saw the way he looked at you. But something happened and he's vanished, no contact.' he said.

'Er...uncle are you sure? And thanks a ton for saving my life. I was so stupid, I took no heed of your worthy advice.'

'Its okay child, go look for him, but not now. Rest.'

'Yes uncle'.


2 months later.

*Knock knock*

She had recovered completely from the traumatic shock and now she lived with her child Luam all alone in their bungalow. Uncle paid them a visit once a week, after all he was an author and book signing events and reading took all of his time. Uncle had appeared as a genie or a guardian angel in her life. She owed her life to him. Jubbie never returned, and no matter how much she tried contacting him, he'd left no trace behind.

She opened the door and was astonished to find Jubbie standing there. She walked outside, instead of calling him in.

'And you seemed to want to turn up after such a long time Jubbie? What's the special occasion?' she asked bitterly.

'I'm sorry, but I didn't know what to do. She made me leave you.' he said shamefully.

'Oh, so you were cheating on me?' she asked casually.

'I said I'm sorry, she made me. I don't know what I was thinking. You deserve better than me.' he said

'Oh please, don't give me that. So damn lame Jubbie. You don't deserve to stand here. You left me when I needed you the most.'

'I came to invite you for my marriage.' he said nonchalantly.

'We're not even divorced.' she said looking at him astounded.

'We are. I have so many blank papers with your sign on them. How stupid you were.'

'I don't even know who you are any more. Get out.' she screamed.

'Bye. I don't think I'm sorry anymore, your not even hot!' he said and walked off.

Just like that she realized how wrong she was about things. The people who you trust the most in life seem to be least trust worthy and those you don't even give a thought about, care the most for you. She'd made some big mistakes in her life but she decided that it was never too late, and she was going to make her life perfect. She had a beautiful baby and a great guardian angel, she could make things right.

And she did.