Friday, May 20, 2011


I woke up to find myself petrified. There was someone standing next to my bed, my blurred vision wasn't helping much either. Slowly I began tracing your familiar silhouette only to find myself worried. Why were you in my room at this time of the night? I looked out of the window as the blackness of the eerie night crept onto me. You began striding towards me one step at a time. Each step of yours brought about a loud heartbeat of mine. 

Then, you crawled onto the bed advancing closer and closer. I lay still, in a state of delusion. And then I felt your hands grab mine and envelop them tightly like you'd never let me go. My beats grew faster and louder, I could almost hear them. Sweat drops trickled down my forehead landing on my vest. 

'Why are you here?' I heard myself mumbling.

You closed your palm on my mouth signaling me to stop talking, and I even obeyed. Then you made me get off the bed. We took exactly two steps forward, the sound of your shoes made the floor creak while my leg made a big thud on the ground in fear. 

The room suddenly illuminated and they all stood in front of me acting innocent. A huge grin on all your faces, it almost felt unreal! With a huge board which said, "Happy Birthday, we'll miss you! Don't leave us who'll we scare then?" and then I stood, my face flushed and then teary. Happy teary. Blessed is the word of the day.  

Sonshu ;)


And I'm back to being an irregular blogger. Very unfair innit? Sorry my lovely readers! Its just that college has re opened and the first weeks been a major 'Bomb'. And in between the reading books, going to college, travelling etc I miss out on blogging. Saaad. I wish we had unlimited number of hours a day. I mean seriously. Anyways since its 12th grade this year, its gonna be pretty much more busy than last year and it involves a lot of reading, so we're given a lot of book reading, reviews and all so I am totally enjoying it. To the fullest. :)

Now I'd promised Blackouts and a few other things. I'd even planned a picture post but seems like its not in fate for a while. I'll be really packed this week with dance and college. So prolly next week. Oh and my heartfelt apologies to those whose blogs I haven't been visiting! I miss reading all of you. I shall visit back soon, real soon!

The blogging world hasn't been that active either. Maybe its just as busy, haha. 
Coming to the point, I'm going to try write a haiku and probably if I do make it, I'll post it. Tons of posts coming up, when? I don't know. 
I solemnly swear to post at least once each week till July. :)
Tadaaaaahh! :) Cya soon. 
Oh and this is post 292 :)
My  note was a little Toooooo long. :P

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trust Me. You'll fly!

Some days are smiley, others aren’t.
The world can be evil at times.
                      Don’t ever let go, Hold on                      
Trust me, a day will come when you shall open your wings and fly!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Question Mark.


Now read it backwards.

Sonshu <3

P.S: Pretty post coming up tomorrow.
Sorry about not visiting blogs, will be there soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hope. Wishes. Prayers.

Why do such things never ever come to an end?
Sometimes, all you can do is pray, wish and hope
Because if there isn't any hope, there wouldn't be solutions
If there weren't any wishes, what should we count on?
And if there weren't prayers, how would we thank him?
Every obstacle can be overcome
All messes can be cleared
And someday so shall these
A day will come, when we'd not even know
What poverty is?
Who is illiterate?
And when does unemployment occur!
But these are only few evils, after all our world has many more.
Lets hold hands, and get rid of it.
Of it all.
Lets hope.
Lets wish.
Lets pray.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Letter I'd Never Send : 2

We all have a lots of things we'd want to say. I have a lot of letters I want to send. Except, these are letters I'd never send.

Dear Whomsoeverthismayconcern,

Hi, I feel rather awkward after writing the previous letter. All I did was rant about our evil little world, and I'm sure you don't even want to listen to me anymore for the fear that your not going to want to live in our world if its so evil. But of course as I always say the world is evil. But its also very beautiful. Its the essence of it all.

Now, let me tell you something I came across that day which got me thinking. Like seriously. My friend and me were standing outside this mall waiting to cross the road and then two little girls of age 11 or so came towards us. They were roadside beggars and they began pestering us to give them our bag, our band or just anything.
 My friend: What on earth? Lets go that side.
Me: Yeah, god little twats, why're they torturing us, shouldn't they be in school?
My friend: Exactly, why should we give them anything, its not like we earn.
Me: Or its not like they can't.. in a few years.
My friend: God.
And the girls follow us to this side. They again start irritating us, but this time they begin saying rude stuff to both of us.
Girl 1: Yenn amma, yakke nanage yenu kodatila? Nimma athra eshtu clips alla idi, eshtu paisa ide, Nanna athra yennu ila (Translation: What girl/woman? Why aren't you giving us anything? You have so many clips and so much money, I dont have anything)
Girl 2: Hogi, Hogi, cross maadi, jaldi, illandre car nim male hogbidtini (Go, Go, cross, fast because a car will run over you if you don't)
Now, what do you think whoeversreadingit? Wasnt it wrong? Cursing us, Torturing us. Besides they're underage. They can still study and earn money. But no, begging is more fun isn't it? Dammit, when is it ever going to end. All this crap.

Now, seriously I didn't mean to make you dislike our world, all I've been telling you is bad stuff. Oh that reminds me. I had to tell you something I came across, or rather experienced. We were stuck in a traffic jam, as usual on a hot sunny day. But it wasn't a normal traffic jam, it was the jam with the ambulance. And you know, its so depressing to hear that noise. At least to me, because very beat of the noise is like a patients heartbeat. God, its crazy. Anyway, the whole place was jammed. And then here in this ambulance, someone's serious, the driver, didn't know how to drive, people were trying to give place he was going the other way. Seriously, I do not know what on earth was wrong with him. Anyway, everyone began honking loudly (which they love doing) so that the people in the front could hear it and then the whole thing began moving, except the driver of course, he was such a jackass. Haha, he still went the wrong way, anyways it ended up when the whole place got jammed because the ambulance went through tiny spaces, and no one cared about breaking rules then. One thing which hit me was, wow, there are 'Humans' left on earth. We're not inhuman to the extent. Yet.

I have something to tell you. I always do, don't I? But this is a good something. Okay, I've come to the conclusion that people are just nosepokers. We're designed nd customized in such a way that we havta poke our damn selves in everyones issues. Now the point is, you should do what you love. Example : I love to dance, You know. The thing is, many people say its a waste of time or whatever. But who cares? People say a thousand things, who the hell cares? They talk. Let them. You do what you want to. I'm going to become a dance, no matter what or who. And no one's talks can stop it. Live for yourself, do things cause you want to.

I recently came across a quote by a famous personality, she's known for being bizarre. This thing that one can learn from her is, she is herself, no matter what or no matter whom. LadyGaga.

Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!
-LadyGaga ♥

So this quote's like perfect. In today's oh-so-competitive world you can't trust anyone as I said in my previous letter, you gotta know what you gotta do. Now looking at that I was reminded that people are so selfish. At times. And they'd go to the extent of harming you to get their thing. As LadyGaga says, shine. shine. shine. Shine like you want to, people will tell you that its too much or its not good but who cares? Its just cause they're damn jealous. Jealousy man.

I'd like to end my letter on a note of hope. Here's to good memories, bad ones and the ones to come. Cuz we were born here. We're meant to live. So lets hope the next letter to you is more like 'good things' over bad ones? (: Lets start looking at the positive things.

Your truly,
S <3

P.S: More letters to come. (:
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do you know what's going to HAPPEN?

The other day, we'd been to an amusement park with my cousins and all. It was just a few days after one of my cousins marriage and she'd gone to her husbands place so it was just 4 cousins and our parents. All of us were looking forward to the swimming part of the trip. The aqua world in that place that is. We finished off with all our rides and entered the aqua world. 

Soon we were seen swimming and enjoying dancing to the beats in the pool. It was a hot summer afternoon, but that didn't stop anyone from swimming. We whiled our time roaming around the pool while I taught my brother how to swim. At the end of it, that is about two hours later we all were pretty exhausted and tanned. We got out of the water and I noticed my mehendi had vanished. I was actually pretty shocked at first, because before I entered the pool it was dark and totally present. (the mehendi). I didn't bother to give it much thought as to why it vanished. 

Later that day when we went back home I saw my little cousin brother coughing and I remembered he'd drank a little swimming pool water by mistake. And a little later his sister had small rashes on her hands. Funny right? I wondered what could be the cause. I immediately googled everything and was shocked to know the cause of all this was 'Chlorine'.

Right, so we've learnt a lot about chlorine in chemistry. I never liked it anyway. Its a pungent substance (terrible odour I tell you) , greenish yellow in colour and super yucky. So that day when I'd googled it, this is exactly what I came across :

- Chlorine causes problems like difficulty breathing, cough, spitting up blood, tightness in the chest, a blue discolouration of the skin, severe headache, nausea, vomiting and fainting. It also causes itchiness of the skin and irritation in the eye. But swimmers get used to this over a period of time usually.

Now tell me what problem it doesn't cause? Thats a question you definitely can't answer right!?

Chlorine is like a monster. A monster that shall kill you. That will weaken you. That will take away all your strength. 

Do you want that? 

No you don't!

They say chlorine helps us get rid of bacteria, but now the government officials are using it in huge amounts that even bacteria will be scared of it. Nowadays, chlorine is just trying to get rid of us. But what exactly does it do that shall get rid of us, you may ask right?

And if thats not enough, apparently we drink chemical water too. Water purifiers contain some chemicals. But what chemicals, WHO TELLS US? No one. Who bothers to ask? NO ONE. People wake up. Fight for your rights. Each of us have to know what goes in those purifiers. Why the government is using high amounts of chlorine everywhere? Sure, soon enough there wouldn't be one drop of clean and pure water. 

The water you and I drink is hardly water. It is a liquid filled with chemicals. Both of us are getting cheated. Who can we trust anymore? Everyone is corrupt. Trust only yourself, go ask them what chemicals they use. How they are allowed to use it. Is the water safe to drink? 

What are water borne diseases? Diseases that occur due to unhealthy and contaminated water. Most of us fall sick on week to week bases. The only person benefited is the doctor. Not us. The cause for your sickness can be the water. The contaminated water we drink, bath and swim in. I recently came across the fact that taking bath in hot water is bad because our water contains chlorine and other such chemicals which will only increase in concentration if the temperature is increased. So we are being denied of a hot water bath only because proper measures aren't being taken to combat excessive chemical use in water? This is just not right! Why aren't we doing anything. Thanks to this campaign that people can be made aware of ill effects of chemical-ified water we get. And that in future we're prone to cancer, kidney failure etc because of this. 

Now, you just sit and relax okay? After all we all want to die right? Thats what we're born for?


Oh then you want to live?

Then do something. We all should take a step. I took my step by blogging about it, spreading a message, putting forth my points of view. What have you done?


Then do something. Now. Its never too late. 

Do you know what's going to happen?

We're all going to be sick people in a few years. So make a change. SAY NO TO CHLORINE WATER. WATER in which you don't know what chemicals are present. Ask YOUR PURIFIERS is they follow international standards of purification. 

Thanks to Mr.Bejon Misra, he's surely going to make a change. Support his campaign. 
Blog. Tell a friend. Spread the message.


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Sunday, May 1, 2011

7. Waaants are unlimited.

In economics we learnt that wants are unlimited. Human wants that is. But we get to satisfy our wants based on many things- priorities, economy etc.

Now, coming to the 10 day challenge, i skipped doing it yesterday. *Sigh*

7 Wants.

7. More Books: I can't ever stop wanting books. No matter how many I own, its not the greediness, its just the pride of owning a book. Its just book lovers, can't help but want to own a book than use the library. :P

6. Library: In continuation to the previous want, I love to own books also because I do plan to own and start a library some day :) Its always been a dream.

5. BlackBerry: As I said in my technology post, I want a BB. I mean, all my friends have one, why shouldn't I? And BBMing would be so cool, especially with this one particular friend. :) 

4. Writer: I want to become a better writer :) I think I have a long way to go with my writing. 

3. Writing a book: You all know I've wanted to write a book always. And I shall do it. Maybe not now, but then later in life. Once I'm more mature and once I'm done with degree. 

2. Meet Shiamak, Shahrukh and other people I waaaant to meet

1. Dancer. (Accomplished. Choreographer. Well versed in all forms of dance)


P.S: Oye. PEOPLE. Im stopping the challenge now. I really cant do it now, cuz I have SO MUCH to write (: Haha.