Saturday, April 30, 2011

Money turns the world around.

I think...
draw the line between money and girls.

Note: The other day I was reading the newspaper and I came across this article where this guy exploited the girl and in turn she had received money. I was astounded since this wasn't a case of rape, but of prostitution. How can girls agree to sell themselves just for money? We've seen so many cases like this!
Through this black out poetry I mean, there should be a line drawn between money and girls. And this line should be drawn by the human race in general. 


What life means?

Life is beautiful,
It is good, bad and ugly
Almost it.

Note: This is my first attempt at blackout poetry. 
Its just three lines to define life, but yet its impossible to define life, because none of us know it entirely to define it properly.

8. Aaaaaah I'm so scared?!!

This post is going to be fun. (: I know. Haha :)

8. Cockroach: I cant stand them. They're so irritating, they move so fast, look so scary and are so weiiiird. In a bad way.

7. Flying ants: Who won't hate them? You cant even run away from they, they can damn fly and follow you around. So itchy and eeky. Baah. :P

6. Snakes: Okay, the thought of them can make me shiver. Theyr're so so so damn haunting, they gimme the jitters and cold shivers. Their long body sliding through. Aaaaack.

Fear is only in the mind. But we humans, just can't get over it!
5. Bees : Okay, they maybe pretty photogenic and give us honey and all, but they're evil. They sting you. Bees are like so cute, especially bumblebees but only in photos on google or flickr. Not in real. They scare me. Not much. But a little.

4. Heights : I have a light fear of heights, but I wanna do skydiving some day. Contradicting? I wanna get over my fear. I dont want my heart to skip 5 beats every time I'm on the 16th floor.

3. Losing people: I have this strange fear of losing people close to me :( I don't know why. As in not death, just not having them in MY life any more. I have strange feelings at times. Scares me. I fear it.

2. Did I mention INSECTS? :p Any sort. :P Scorpions. Tailed. Tail-less. Colour. Colourless.

1. Lizard: I can't talk anymore. I might just puke. End. :)


Hahaha, hope you'll have taken up the challenge. (: And are going strong. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

T-e-c-h-n-o Beat Babay! :)

Yeah Techno?
No not music. Technology Beat. The sound you hear in your head when you see these glittering things called gadgets. I'm not this technology or gadget freak, but we all have something we'd like to own some day don't we? Well, I do too. This weeks GT is about technology. Like seriously ;)

 I own essential gadgets. Ones required for existence. I love my phone, mp3 and lappie. They mean the world to me. I think I'd love to own a professional camera. But I'd take a long time to decide which one but for the time being I seriously want to own a Black Berry.

Yes, BB Bold 3. Who doesn't want to own one? But there are some gadgets that you can only dream of isn't there? (: BBB3 is like that for me. Everyone knows having a BB is like owning a pet, its like your own sibling. Its very addictive. But then, i don't want one now, cuz I have seen some serious BB addicts. And I wouldn't wanna go there now. But someday I'd like to be a BB owner. A BB Bold owner.

A professional camera. A DSLR. Its every amateur photographer's dream to own one. Isn't it? But I've been wanting it since like forever. I love capturing stuff. Be it a chaiwala, the lady on the road selling chains or leaves. I just love it. And a 12 megapixel cam is just not enough at times. It just doesn't capture the essence of the moment like how you want it too always. But who's cribbing? Im happy for now. But in the future I definitely want one. Currently I'm eyeing Canon EOS D550. And also Canon EOS 5D Mark II :)

So I'm not a tech freak but we all are things freak. And we wanna own something. Fact. Hence dear angel, please grant my wishes if you think I've been a good girl all year.  :) Haha so cheesy. Enough with it know? Okay. Till next time.


Girl Talk. :) Just makes blogging fun. (:

9. Loves *hearts*

9. Facebook: I totally think that facebook is awesome. Honestly, I am not kidding okay? It helped me reunite with many long lost friends. I was addicted to it. Facebook makes a life an awesomer place. But it also gets you addicted once in a while and the addiction is super intoxicating.

8. Blogging: Ive been blogging for two years and not once have I felt the need to stop blogging. Why? It gives me a medium to express my thoughts and feelings. Blogging is like writing a book. Except, you don't know if it will ever end. (: Blogging is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 

7. Writing letters: I have had the weird obsession with writing letters. But the fact being I've never actually posted a letter. So its pretty funny. I write so many letters in books, diaries, blog posts but I have never written to anyone. :) Hence I shall write. Soon.

6. SD: I shall not talk any more about SD. Everyone knows how much I love him, he changed my life, his academy changed my life.

5. Photography: Taking pretty pictures is something which makes your day. You feel so happy that youve taken such awesome pics and trust me you can go for hours admiring them, looking at them.

4. Books: You know right. Actually you know a lot about me, I louuuu books. I plan to own a library some day. And Sonshufact: I am called a mini library by my friends cuz I own more than 200 books already. 

3. People: There are certain people in my life whom I love more than anything. Who? Well thats a secret but yes, they are special because they mean the world to me. 

2. Writing: Writing is the one of the loves of my life, it just makes me a whole new person, takes me to a whole new world and gives me power.

1. Dancing: Obviously dancing comes on top of my list of loves. Nothing can beat it ever. Dancing just does this thing to you, it takes you to paradise, shows you that your the star, makes you feel happier, stronger, and keeps you smiling. It does so many good things to you. Its like air. Like oxygen. I really wonder how life would be without dance. I wouldn't wanna think. <3 


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Oh and 10. Secrets? was the first post in the challenge. Check it out.

Oh and Ive lately become obsessed again with posting hence so many posts so tune in soon :)

Btw, I challenge all of you to take up this challenge.
The Aspirant, Shawty, Zoe, Ayu, Blasphemous Aesthete, Pesto Sauce, Polo and whoever is willing to take it up :P

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10. Secrets?

I came across this random challenge online. You know how I love challenges dont you? Hence I took it up ofcourse. (: So I gotta post 10 days and write about the above ten things. :P 

Ten. Secrets? First promise me to keep shut. About my secrets that can change the course of the world. Kidding. Okay I'll stop being cheesy.

Like seriously, i found the pic cute okay. Now shhhh.

10. I love shrek. Though many of you think he's ugly and all, I have a soft corner for the ogre. Don't ask me why?

9. PDA is definitely not cool. It just is totally desperate, I mean all you wanna say to those people is Get a room. Like seriously, don't they have better places than public in front of thousands of people to romance? Haha, XD.

8. I'm obsessed with bags. All sorts. Dont ask me how many I own, seriously. 
I can totally give you million excuses and justify myself. (:

7. I want to dance all my life. As a career. I want dance to be my life. <3

6. Pink, its just ewwww. :P Except a certain shade that is super hot. 
And associating girls with pink is totally wrong.

5. I've always wanted to be a doctor. If not for chemistry, physics and maths, I would have even tried to be one. But I just cant stand those subjects.

4. I hate lizards. They disgust me to the core of disgusting-ness. Their yucky eyes. Creepy crawly tail and slimyness. Its just so yuck. I cannot stand them.

3. I've watched Step Up 2 -35 times, Harry potter and the philosophers stone - 20 times, Twilight - 15 times and I've read the Twilight Saga over 50 times. Fact (:

2. I would die without dancing, I stayed a whole month without dancing because of my injured leg and believe it or not, it was the worst month of my life.

1. I don't believe in fairytales anymore. Sad fact.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girls and Clothes. Friends forever (:

Girls and clothes. There's some connection. Its always been there, maybe we're born to be clothes obsessed.  This weeks GT topic was something you proudly own or something you'd wanna own. And I was so happy reading the topic because I have a major shopping for clothes obsession.
Of course, i'm totally obsessed with so many Gossip Girl clothes which I'd wanna own some day. But currently the stuff I need to buy asap and which I totally wanna own are.

1. Summer dress- Ever since summer began I've been wanting to get myself this cute little summer dress, you know the colourful oh so pretty ones. I so lack one for the time being, but I shall shortly get myself one. We al love to own a summer dress don't we?

2. Floral- The one in the picture's from Westside. I've gotten this sudden like for flowers and floral prints, i think if put the right way they look super super awesome. And this particular floral dress totally caught my eye when I was browsing the net last week. And since then, i've been going on and on.

3. Puffed sleeve dress - The blue dress in the picture isn't how I exactly want my puffed sleeve dress to be. I'd want it to be somewhat green, the cute green. And have a small belt sorta thing. Don't you think puffed sleeves are so amazing? They make a dress look more royal-ish.

4. White wrinkled shirt - Honestly speaking white, i don't usually like. But white is pretty hot and all and wrinkled shirts are even hotter, pair em with the right jeans and your set for a movie day out. I definitely need one of those as soon as I can lay my hands on them.

What'd you think?

Written for :

Sonshu. <3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Letter I'd Never Send.

Disclaimer: This post, is very opinion based. You may not like it. But sometimes we all like to talk and voice our opinions. All that matters is that at the end of the day is peace. love. happiness. 

Dear Whomsoeverthismayconcern,

I wouldn't know how to start this no matter how hard I thought, because this is so important to me. Why, you may ask? I'd like to start explaining a certain philosophy if I may call it, that I was told once. Scientific theories, technical glitches can all be explained, but there's one thing that cannot be explained sometimes not matter how hard you try and that is emotions.We feel so many things. We have so many emotions. We develop a million prejudices. I want to tell you about emotions, about our society, about what I've understood, and about what I'm yet to understand.

We all phase problems. All of you have gone through this phase in your life where you felt very down because of someone or something. Its only natural. But have you ever felt that this particular issue builds up on you and just over powers you? It begins to creep on you and rule your world? Happens. You feel agitated, irritated and more like punching someone so hard. It all just happens. But this stupid overpowering thing, should be nipped when its still not fully grown. Kill it, cut it, get rid of it. Show it that you are stronger.

This world is a male dominant one. Men are utmost important. In our society, a widow or a divorcee is always looked down upon. People don't consider what happens to a woman when she is put through so much torture. When she is looked down upon by the society. Men, get away with all the mistakes they make only because no one cares. Do they ever see, what it has taken the women to get justice? Do they try to understand why she did  what she did? No. Of course not. What if a lady makes the same mistakes? She'd be punished severely. That is the state of our society. And it always has been, it'll change, provided 'miracles happen'. 

Whomsoeveritmayconcern, I'm telling you, this world is a confused place. Its so damn confusing that one day you might wonder what your doing here. Everyone is selfish. Everyone is self centered in our world. People only care about themselves. But there is one person, I can tell you, who you CAN trust. She will love you to her hearts extent, she'll give you all that she has and still not want anything. She's your mother. Honestly, mothers are like a form of God on earth. They are probably the only politically right people as you may call it. You might say she loves your sibling more, or whatever, but actually she is capable of giving equal love to everyone. Value her. 

Recently a friend of mine, her mother passed away. And believe me, it was rather sudden. No one expected it. Its rather shocking. I had tears in my eyes when I heard the news. What I wondered was, how on earth would my friend be able to stand straight? How on earth would she be able to breathe when her mom isn't? I can't imagine. Its the world's saddest thing, and people who make it through are the strongest ones. Hats off. 

Okay, this letter wasn't meant to scare you away or anything. Nor is it depressing, its just facts. And things I wanted to tell you Whomsoeveritmayconcern. Its just how the world tends to be when you look through a magnifying glass. 

There are other sides to the world too. Happy ones. Sometimes it gives you all that you want. You feel overwhelmed, joyous, like the happiest person alive. For a kid, a candy makes her feel that happiness, for you it may be love and for some others it might be material. Happiness is subjective. What I may find happy might not make you happy. Just how in economics they say, what 'goods' I find harmful, you may find useful.

Now, how to achieve happiness. 

I've learnt, there are two types of happiness. 
-The small happiness
-The big happiness.
Explaining in detail, the small happiness is basically the momentary or short period of time wala happiness. It lasts for a small time. This type of happiness can be : the happiness we get when we buy a phone or when we eat our favourite food.
The big happiness on the other hand is this particular thing that gives you 'happy' (like its a medicine or something) so much that your world is made. Its like achieving this happiness is tough. Trust me discovering what can give you this itself takes ages, getting to it will take a few more ages. But its all worth it. Let me tell you a secret, we were all born to find this thing that makes us super happy and our aim in life is actually to achieve it. 

There are certain people that have achieved this happy, but are still not happy. Now lets NOT talk about such people (: Haha.

So let me conclude this letter by saying the world is a confused place. An this was just the beginning. There's a hell lot more I'd like to say. We'll see about that in the next letter to come.

Till next time.
Lots of Love,
Yours truly,

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kill It. Now. (:

10 Random Ways to Kill the Random Boredom.

1. If you shopping, go to shops that are meant for people like Shahrukh and Bill Gates and ask the shop keepers about something in that shop, ask him so much that he feels your gonna buy it, ask him about every hitch and every good thing about the product. At the end of it, walk out of the shop saying, you might come back later. (: Lawl.

2. Wave at random babies, strangers on the road. Its very entertaining.

3. Keep a target, which might seem impossible. Achieve it. 

4. Write blog posts about killing boredom to kill yours.

5. Cook a weird meal, with your own made recipe and your own ingredients 

6. Call people who are bored just like you and engage in random conversations about topics like existence of dinosaurs or maybe something like a pillow?

7. Play the word chain game. Say a word, the next person has to say something related to it for him/her. Once we began with potty and ended with taylor swift. Honestly, how'd it get there? (: Haha, 

8. Internet. Its a boon for say whaa? Make the most of it. Don't blame me if you havta wear chasma though (=

9. Draw on the walls of your house. Paint them. Needn't get your house painted, you can take over that job. And its a lot of fun. Trust me.

10.  Count the number of flowers in the neighbourhood.

Sonshu (:

The idea to write this post popped in when I was terribly bored to death today and was wondering what to do.

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Celeb-ilicious. (:

This particular celebrity, spells HOT. Major Hotness. 

Yes, I am talking about Ian Somerhalder. Omg. The first time I saw him was in a particular episode of CSI and ever since i've considered him hot. Then I started watching the Vampire Diaries saga and was like, this guy is just the epitome of hotness. Can anyone get any hotter? :P 

Damon Salvatore. He plays that role so damn well, jeez. His dialogues, the way he talks, the bag guy image, you can't help but think how hot he is and drool over him. And honestly every one of my girlfriends thinks the same. 

"I think he's sooo hot. And he acts fab! (: " - Ankita

"He's a god. God of hotness." - wishes to remain anonymous :P

Concluding, the celeb I chose for GT: Biggest fan was Ian, just cuz he gives me the chills, and makes me dizzy. :) Here's to the god of hotness, Ian :)

This is my first time at Girl Talk (: and i'm sure its gonna be a lot of fun. 


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Choices. (:

*Accio Clothes. *

If only Accio existed how easy would life have become?  


If Obliviate existed, imagine the state of the world, the state of us. We'd all be in a totally horrendous shape, with of course corruption at its peak. 

Dammit, why does everything have to have pros and cons. Why is it we have so many choices and we're expected to chose the right one? Recently, a few books I've read have taught me:

*Forgiving someone who's hurt you the most, is like climbing Himalayas, but at the end of it your a winner.
*Everyone learns something from each relationship. 
*People make mistakes. MANY. PLENTY. TONS. But, little do they learn from it.
*Humans believe a lot in what they "hear", than what they actually see. Hence gossip-mongers are successful. 
*Everyone lies. White or Black. A lie is a lie. Imagine the number of sins?!
*Determination leads to Success which eventually leads to pride. But what actually matters the most is remaining humble no matter what.
*Humans fear. They fear every single thing in their life.
*Prince charming - he doesn't exist.
*World = Cruel. People = Inhuman.
We gotta change that!

But he's family after all.
He never was, was he?
Biology speaks for everything,
Mistakes were made, some unforgivable.
All he wants is a second chance?
What if? , But..?
Just give it a try.
He spoiled your life.
People change. Maybe he has.
He'll just be the same old jerk.

Why are there two roads?
I wish they'd merge somewhere
Why should I make choices?
I wish there weren't options

If only my life hadn't turned upside down,
I probably would see what was right and what was not.
If only I had the courage to stand up against the world,
I'd show them that it ain't no tear
I'd show 'em all what I was,
I'd show them who I wanted to be.
I'd show them, I ain't scared. 
So let them come,
We shall see. 
For I have achieved closure

 Gyaan: *Achieving Closure : approaching a particular destination; a coming closer; a narrowing of a gap, solving of a problem, taking control of the situation.