Saturday, January 29, 2011

The 'Monster' from within.

Men may come and men may go, But I go on forever. 

So many people come into your life, you wouldnt even know. Honestly. Is there anyone who knows all the people that have been a part of your life? No. Duh. Often we forget that even the people who play least importance in our life are actually a part of it. From our house help to your van driver everyone is a part of that bubble we live in called life. :) But no one notices. Why? Because they don't give you material gifts right? And because you pay them. They work for you. But what if they didnt? Im often shocked at how humans can be so ungrateful for things you do for them. And i'm even more shocked to know the statistics pointing out that our overall literacy rate is only like a 65% and more literacy is amongst men than woman! (2001 Census) This also goes on to prove that besides all the developments we're making technologically we still tend to remain backward in our ideals. Why shouldn't a female be educated just as much as a man is? Why? Are we inferior?! No. 

Talking about all this just makes me realize what a cruel world we live in. Sometimes I fear that I may start liking unrealistic worlds more than what our real world is! Though there is no harm in it to a certain extent. But nowadays Ive started looking and understanding things differently. Ive begun seeing things with a different and more optimistic perspective. :) And I thank my ... *well let that be a secret* ;) 

Coming to the poem. Yes, Ive begun writing poetry after a long time. :) Here's one on cruelty of humans. I've written down an explanation but putting that up would spoil the whole 'how each one perceives' this. 

Inhuman Existence.

Peeping through that looking glass
Is that my plant?
What cruel thing could do such an evil deed
Oh tell me Lord, so I can put an end to all this knot

Is that a cat?
Now I can finally fix it
A poisonous trap will do the deal
But will my sins be forgiven?

The morning shines but not as bright
As if it mourns the death of a cat
Guilt burns the head of a killer
As the soul remains to haunt the demon...

*I'm giving myself a new challenge. - Poem a Day. :) Basically Im gonna post one poem each day so that I stop being lazy to blog and actually do something. :) You'll can take up the challenge too if you want. :) OPEN CHALLENGE. =D

*The title's talking about humans who pretend to be sweet things outside but are monsters from within. :P I just wish that the world could be a place full of good humans. From within. :)

Till Next time.
Sonshu. <3

Sunday, January 16, 2011

People disappear and then they Return. :)

No, it can't be. How could the year have gone past so quickly. I'm sure it was the fastest year in the history of years. And we completed another decade.

I'm blogging after a month and a few days. Why? Because of that huge overly excessively dominant lazy monster inside me. Every time I came online I thought I should blog, log into blogger, read but it all just remained a thought. I should start converting thoughts into actions. Now I'm talking like some adult. Ugh. So yeah I'm gonna leave all the missed you part behind. :)

New year was pretty normal. Seriously just usual stuff :) And the rants about re opening of college and again all the work pile.

How did you celebrate your new year? How's the year going as of now?

                 - A small writing by me, just a random thought.

I can't see who I was,
I can't see who I wanted to be
All I can see is this thing i've turned into
Who is she?
Definitely not me.
She ate up the good inside me
Left me with only some bad pieces
Now I'm broken
And all I can do is stand up
and fix myself
Fix myself, Fix myself....

Surprises. Omg. They are so perfect. Sometimes people tend to do such things for you that make you feel so loved. :) This birthday is gonna be the best eveeeer. I know it already. Its already been so awesome, by the time its over I'm gonna be tireeed :) I loveee all these special people. You mean a lot to me. <3  =) Haha.

My first year in college has gone like zoooom. It came and its almost over now. I mean why does time fly? Seriously. If it took stuff at a slower rate, we'd have the time to absorb stuff and retain them. But at the speed time goes we've to increase our omg, this is actually happening rate.

This post was totaly shit. Hahaha. Oh and thank you all for doing and taking up the santa challenge.

This one was a short post, because I've to rush outside. :)

Sonshu! :)