Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday calls for flea market.

Hello Fantabulous readers.

Disclaimer: This is an image heavy post. 4 kgs to be precise. :P LOL.

Yes, It was a Sunday yesterday and you know we all love Sundays. You must be wondering why I'm stating the obvious? Well, have you ever felt like you are crazily high on shopping? All the time? We should totally form a group. [As I always say] Anyway, yesterday was one such day for me. Have you ever heard of Sunday Soul Sante? Its this awesome flea market of sorts. Music. Fun. Shopping. Art and what not. Before I say anymore you should have a look at this. 

I've posted a few of the gazillion pictures I took. Can you see what you missed out? If you weren't at Bangalore or if you missed out because of whatever reason, its sad. Really. 

I loved the variety of colours, vibrant people, lovely food, coconut express and the lovely fresh lime, tacos, lovely bands, great bags, good bargains and whatnot. It's one potpourri of craziness. Oh and if I forgot, the puppies. Adopt a puppy thing. I almost took one home, just the last minute thought of consequences and certain people's allergy and I had to leave the poor thing behind. Some day I will have you baby. And if you have a pet, Do Not Tell Me. OKAY? please. 

If you still are wondering what the Soul Sante is? Here's an insight, from their page: 

The first event was held on 19th September 2010, the brain child of Asha Rao, this awesome Sante is held on a second Sunday about 4 times a year in Palace Grounds (home to lovely flea markets as this). It showcases art, music and food. The very best in all you can ever ask for. 

Enough huh? Don't even ask me what I bought? Shopped like peanuts. Though it was all pretty small and compact hence it fit in the supposed eco friendly newspaper bag. Oops, you didn't see what I wore yet right? So here's the outfit.

Trend Tip: Red is totally the colour of the season. Buns are my favourite somehow and they seem to go with everything.

Wearing: Red Handmade band, Black and Grey turtleneck scarf, Hand painted metal necklace, Red dress worn as top, Blue Knee Length jeans, Black Zara shirt, Versace bag. :) My clogs didn't feature. How sad.

Random people sort of stopped me and told me they loved what I wore and many people loved the brief case like Versace bag. :) Ah, what lovely people at the fair. And just so you know, It was pretty cold but not over the top cold hence i didn't just want to wear a dress. 

[Will do a special shoot for the Versace bag soon.]

What do you think? Oh and I promise you'll see lesser buns. Sorry for the obsession but its very thrilling and chic. :)

So tell me what you thought of it and if you visited the Sante? I'll surely post a reminder next time it comes around. Tell me if there are any fairs or flea markets coming up in Bangalore soon? Pleasseee. :P

Till next time
Sonshu :)

P.S: Send me pictures of yourself to be featured in the Fashion Falooda Section. 


  1. OMG!!! I sawwww you there!!! :D :D ... damn! i so wanted t talk to you but i jus got help up with those puppies!!!! :D :D
    i Loveeeedd the Santhe!! :D :D

  2. oops! i meant held up with those puppies :) ... such sweet li'l cute hearts they were!!!

  3. you have truly captured the essence of the sante thanks for visiting our stall. hope you visit soon.


  4. Sonshu,

    Not in Banglore so did not visit. Thanks for sharing information and well taken photographs.

    Take care

  5. Sounds lovely!! and u look really great in that redness!
    Hey how about doing a post on dress designs for plum ppl like me? Knee length dresses with cute sleeves.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun. Sadly Sunday is working in this country so really miss that special day

    I was in Bangalore last month, do tell me more about this place

  7. now this looks like the kind of flea market with a lot to offer!

    you look so awesome!

  8. Like I told Viya, I have been hearing too much about the Sante to let it go next time they come back. Let me know willya?:)

    High buns make me look headmistress-ish, so I generally avoid, you seem to be pretty happy with it though:)