Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ruffle me down pink.

Have you heard of writer's block? Same old non sense eh? Well not really, usually a writer's block kind of inspires me to push myself to write more but this time it just isn't happening. So i've been complaining and trying to write a post ever since I woke up today. But in vain of course.

It was a chilly mundane Sunday morning and all I asked for was some quiet but the day was anything but that. Nonetheless as it touches midnight, I finally gather the courage to write a post when my writing is not at its best.  The whole day I roamed around, skipping and hopping with my camera. Old reunited with love. And if you don't know yet, let me tell you I am not writing a letter to Santa this time because everyone seems to be doing so, it becomes too boring you know after a while. :P I've hand written it though.

Coming to an outfit post, this was a random outfit I did.

Disclaimer: The 'Bun' Love doesn't end okay, bear with me. I promise to show you new hairstyles SOON.

Taking Red Handed's suggestion into consideration, this week I've been playing with layers. And I think layers is something that people assume doesn't suit all body types, but that's not the case. It all depends on how you pair them together. Wear 3 different tee's and a parka and you are bound to look like a ball. So what I've done here is done a 2 simple layer thing. 

Wearing:Black netted shrug, Ruffled tube top, Pink Spaghetti dress from Local Boutique. Multi coloured chain from Ayesha. Colourful bracelets all from Brigade road. Head piece made by self. Yellow bun band from Tibetean market. 

For people like me, on the heavier side, they say ruffles don't look good but when you layer it, always layer it with something contrastingly straight. So the ruffles and the straight work together to retain your shape. Also it's always advisable to wear knee length, but that doesn't stop us from experimenting with accessories and stuff. Now when you layer always do so like with a trench coat and a vest. I'd say a don't do would be an oversized tee and a blazer, that'll just bloat your image. So I usually avoid such combinations.

Now a commonly asked question is : 'Will I look plump when I wear dresses?' Well I don't believe so because I wear a lot of dresses. One good trick that helps is using a belt to accentuate your strengths. As I always say, showcase your strengths and keep your weaknesses in the shadows. 

This was just a basic on layering, I'll do more as I do more outfit posts. And for those who look forward to writing, I'm so sorry but I'll be back soon. Next post hopefully.

There goes. IGNORE THE SPELLING MISTAKE in the last pic. With the blogspot. I was in a hurry and I'm kind of sleepy. Have been down with fever the whole week so excuse me.

Love and more love

P.S: Any particular post you'd like to see?


  1. im liking the layering..and i think if done the wrong way..layering can look bad on anyone...

  2. I'm a fan, baby!
    Super dress! Loved the shrug!
    Only if you'd let your hair down!
    It would've looked great!
    You got awesome hair, we know! :D :D

  3. oooh voila! Thanks for this! I am going to wear a dress for my farewell, so wanted suggestion.
    Thanks babe!!
    And you do look super cute!

  4. Sonshu,

    If this is while having writer's block, I can well imagine what would it be like when your mind works on top speed.

    Take care

  5. i think the black shrug is awesome and works so well with your layering. and i really like seeing your hair in a bun. it looks fab!

  6. *pulls cheeks hard*
    Lovely post as youzhoowal =d
    Take care. N writing! soon *stern look*
    Much love my Sonshuuuuu <3

  7. I love the shrug :) PInk looks pretty on you :)
    I love tying my hair up in a bun too. But they always come out :P take care. Hope you're better now :)