Friday, December 23, 2011

Rockstar Giver. New Reformist.

Courtesy:, Courtesy: PeeVee :)

Hello there folks. :) 

Just to let you know holidays have begun starting today and I'll sadly for the blog and happily for me be leaving. Yes, I'm going out of station for a bit. Will miss you people like lots and your posts more. Oh and blog shop starting in Jan! How many of you'll are interested in buying accessories hand picked by me? And some of my DIYs too? At super affordable rates of course. Tell me if you are and what you'd like to see if any in particular so I can go shopping for you'll! I can't wait for it. You can mail me too if you want anything specific. But I already have a few items gathered up for grabs.

Now I'm working on a story that I thought I'll schedule but decided otherwise so wait for it, I'll complete it and then post it after I'm back. 

In other news, I haven't watched Breaking Dawn yet. Hides face in shame. (That was embarrassing.) Have got to watch Don 2 and Desi Boyz. I wonder when I'll stop being so lazy and actually watch something. Thinking about it college has been keeping me busy. 

Oh and let me tell you something. I kinda didn't make this a new year resolution but I did it. So I was one of those people who would chew and bite their nails. But voila, good news. I am a reformed nail biter. I have LET GO of that disgusting habit recently and have begun seeing the likes of nail paint on my finger nails! I've even started nail art and stuff. So hooooraaah. I'm really happy to be ending the year with such an awesome change. Don't you think? I used to hate that habit of mine, I'm done with it now. 

I haven't scheduled any posts but do keep reading if you haven't been doing so for the past few posts. I'm going to be back with a hell lot of outfit posts for sure and much more to share. 

Oh and I didn't reply to comments for the last two posts SO SORRY!!! Will do once I get back. :) 

See you on 30th people.  


This is a small random outfit that I's worn when I went out with friends, to McD in particular and a little roaming around that we do.  This was a month's back though :P Some of these just don't get featured on the blog you know.

Wearing: Denizen All We Need is Love Tee, Levis Jeans, Reebok Tote, Warmers - made by self, Loafers, Bracelets- local shops, Rockstar attitude: Self. 


  1. i love your bag in that photo--it's crazy cool.

    have fun on your little holiday break. can't wait for your return Sonshu!

    Happy Holidays! <3

  2. Eeee! vacation?! :D
    Merry christmas and a happy new year! :D
    And I love that look! :D
    And contest, hmm, still thinking! :D

  3. Sonshu,

    Have all the fun during these holidays. See you back on 30th, is it?

    Take care

  4. Went through your blog. You are super cute and artistic. I like your unconventional way of using your wardrobe!!! :)

    ♡ from ©

  5. @Oh: THANKYOUUU SO MUCH!!! :) <3

  6. @Jack uncle: Thankyou I sure did.

  7. @Tanvii: THANKS SO MUCCCCH TANVII!! :) glad you liked it.