Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons of life.

Vacations are not all about fun and shopping. It counts for a lot more than that. It teaches you lessons and things about yourself and your lifestyle. 


I'm back from what seems like a short week because I've really had the time of my life on this short vacation that I went on. It was like a total stress buster, with so many exams that are waiting in the new year for me, I really needed a break. This trip though taught me so many things that I'd like to reflect upon now. Some of them have been great lessons and values that I've learnt and others some realizations I made. 

What touched me the most is seeing how some people get happiness and try to obtain joy from the littlest of things in life. They'll be happy swinging on two of their mother's dupattas, they'll be overjoyed playing with a can of oil using it as a car. And those people who are so concerned about every drop of water and drink it like its the last they'll get. Its all been such a lovely learning for me and I think from then on I have begun looking at the smallest things from a different point of view. 

Someone gives you two clips for Christmas, be happy because maybe that's all they can give you but the thought matters. It isn't necessary that everyone can afford to buy you a versace bag. Yes, I got lots of gifts this christmas, some in cash and others in material. Shoes, bags and what not. The two teeny clips that I got made me happy two because the person who gave them to me, atleast thought of me? And that makes me happy. I met this cheerful guy who survived on making Bhel Puri at the beaches, on asking he said that he earns about 150 rupees a day on an average and that too not every day, only during weekends. On weekdays its way lesser. But the way he found joy was in serving people, singing 'Main toh Bhel puri kha raha tha' and other such songs.

Another lesson learnt is the fact that people who live on roads and have minimum facilities are way better people and have a bigger heart than those who live in gigantic bungalows. The latter would never give a damn if you've hurt your feet and need to wash it off but the first would invite you in and even go along and get a band-aid. Its like that. The latter don't realize value of things, value of money often but the first they know the value of every speck of rice they eat. They are more humane. 

Having a bed to sleep on every night, tea that you drink in the evening, a hug you get every morning from your mother, a hand made card from your brother and so much more. It matters...

As I've mentioned, so much learnt, so much to say but I'm currently still retrospecting and its been a lovely procedure I must tell you. 


Moral of the week: Treasure every single thing you have, every person who's a part of your life and every hug you receive. 


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  1. I agree, the more we have, the more afraid, paranoid and possessive we become, and it is harder for us to enjoy things.. on the other hand, perhaps happiness needs to be cultivated as a habbit! :) Happy vacations et continuer à rêver!

  2. excellent excellent post. ll come back for more

  3. It's good to see yo post after such a long time.. It's strange that the things you've mentioned is known to all, but very few practice it.

    I totally agree with what you've said. Materialism doesn't count, it's the thought and the feeling that matter.. The one's who have little know the value of everything, because they know they have nothing to lose. While the one's who have everything still crib and complain. What a shame!

    Love too can be seen with the poor more than the rich.. Aah an eye-opener.. Thanks Sonshu for sharing this..

    P.S. I have totally subscribed to the newsletter.. Yes I know it's gonna be the craziest funkiest thing ever :D ... Happy 2012 love :)

  4. it's wonderful to be able to find true happiness in the little things!

    i got your newsletter by the way! :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Sonshu,

    Very apt lessons or realisations. Hope we all keep these in mind.

    Take care

  6. Lovely post! And, I agreed with what you wrote. It is true that people with less tends to have a bigger heart and sees small things with more meaning than people who are rich. (Or have more than the average person do.) It is great that you received a lot of gifts this year! (And, you had an amazing trip!) I always love trips that I can gain something out of. May you have a Happy New Year!

  7. we always learn from peopole in our life
    happy new year
    wishing you a great year ahead
    think positive